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Oleg Volk may well be the web’s best gun pornographer—although our Jeffrey Lynch knows how to make a gun look more desirable than Keely Hazell. As you might expect for an art gun photog guy, Oleg occasionally sacrifices the tactical for the magical. Tsk. Tsk.

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  1. Oleg Volk has superhero superpowers. Fortunately, he chooses to use them for good and not for evil. For which we are all so very thankful.

        • Have you ever ridden a horse while carrying a gun? That’s about as far from the recommended procedure as you can get without putting a J-frame under your hat. Just sayin’…

          • Speaking of J-Frames, I once met a guy who Mexican carried one with a 2.5lb trigger, no holster, just a little clip that was built into the grip. Yeah, nothing could possibly go wrong with that….

            At least he wasn’t on a horse at the time.

          • I have indeed ridden a horse with a gun, now granted I might not carry the gun as I am in the picture, but hey art is art right? lol

  2. Holsters are (relatively) cheap people! Seriously, get a little clip on or something and you’re good to go!

    She’s hot now, but she wouldn’t be as hot after she’s bled out. And if you think so, you’re pretty sick.

  3. Lighten up guys, the whole gunnie PC things gets a little much sometimes. In this case Oleg is making ART (I know it when I see it) or some such thing, he’s not doing illustrations for a CC instruction manual.

  4. Oleg, I like your art but I don’t really like the handgun you picked for this composition. I plunged into your archives (um..) and enjoyed your other compositions more. I guess it’s just that I don’t really like tiny guns.

  5. I first saw Oleg’s work on this site and now I visit his site everyday. He’s very talented and has some real hotties.

  6. i actually saw some of his steam punk photos first and then found out he was also an awesome firearms photographer, so win-win?

  7. Oldest Daughter rides and trains horses. Things can get very interesting very fast on a green horse. The helmets are not for show. I think for her line of riding, the guns may not be the best idea.

  8. It is a wonderful portrait and Oleg is a well respected firearms photographer. Mixing the two together (girls & guns) doesn’t make it “gun porn”, just good marketing. The auto industry did the same with muscle cars back in the 60’s and early 70’s and many companies do the same to this day (razor blades, deodorant, etc.).

    As for gun safety in the studio and on location, I’m pretty sure Oleg’s business insurance carrier has the same rules as mine; negligent discharge of a firearm during a photo shoot is not covered at all. Which is why the firearms I photograph are never loaded with “live” ammo during the session. Dummy rounds are cheap. Lawsuits are expensive!

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