“The product range is based on pigments naturally found in the human body for example the red shades of blood or the purple hues of a bruise,” thedieline.com informs. “Chrome was chosen to give the line a sexy and sleek look. Having always been fascinated by the practicality of military goods, Ellis felt inspired to create such usability in her line. The holder resembles a riffle [sic] being loaded with bullets as each torpedo shaped tool is placed in the unit. To add to the usability, Ellis developed the clips for a more compact and customizable way to travel with the products.” [h/t thefirearmblog.com]


  1. I’d pay money to watch some super model take this through airport security. I’m sure it would be entertaining as all get out.

  2. O.K., so call me old-fashioned, but why would any woman want to color herself the shade of blood or a bruise? There are too many people in this world who need a serious injection of good sense to get what life is really about.

    It reminds me of the line in Hamlet about how God gives woman one face and she paints for herself another.


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