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“When carrying in public, you can stand with your arms folded across your chest, holding the shooting hand under the carry bicep on the grip of the handgun without drawing any suspicion from anyone. On condition orange, you can loosen the strap and ease the handgun partially out. From this position, drawing and firing is actually faster than clearing your jacket and drawing from the waist. Even for folks who don’t carry concealed in public, you can conveniently carry in an ArmsBand® Concealed Carry Holster at home. This should be of particular benefit for single women.” So sayeth [h/t American Handgunner]

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  1. i think this comes under the heading og “gimmick”. maybe “danferous gimmick”. muzzle of your weapon up in your pit. only place worse would be your nutsack.

  2. WoW! I don’t know what is more incredible. That someone spent bucks to manufacture and promote these, or that people use them. Watch for them on Fatal N/D of the week.

    • A step up from the rubberband forearm carry depicted in the “bad example”concealed carry training video you shared a few days ago. Great find!

  3. I thought the idea was to muzzle as few people as possible (aside from pointing at all sorts of fun places on your own body). In that picture alone, it looks like the muzzle is pointed higher than even a shoulder holster. Add in flailing your arms around for any number of reasons or even walking fast with arms swinging and you’ll be pointing at any number of people behind you.

    Also, that looks like Lycra or nylon or something similar, and I don’t want my handgun to smell like my sweaty pits! Faux pas!

  4. This thing makes no sense…did they have a gun owner design this thing, or some design school dropout? In the bottom right hand picture that gun is pointed at his chest…not something Id want to do with a loaded firearm on a daily basis, but that could just be me.

  5. i already had used something similar in a jacket, which the “barrel” of the revolver gone through the arm hole, but was too uncomfortable…

  6. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t a berns-martin holster carry with the muzzle pointed at your pit? Twas good enough for James Bond before the PPK had a firing pin block and it wasn’t even built for a semi-auto.

  7. Got to clean deodorant residue out of your muzzle daily. What? Not if you don’t wear deodorant?

    • If you dont wear deoderant you will get highly corrosive human sweat down the muzzle of your weapon and its inner workings and end up cleanig it 5 times a day to keep it from rusting.

  8. That looks more annoying to wear than an ankle holster. Too loose and it slides down your arm, too tight and it’s uncomfortable, maybe cuts off circulation…

  9. “This should be of particular benefit for single women.”

    huh? What is it about this design that will be of particular benefit to single women? What about married women? What about men? Life must have been so nice and straightforward during the settling of the West when a holster meant a piece of good leather holding a Colt six shooter attached to a leather belt wrapped around your waist.

  10. lets see here… L/R frame head shot to who ever is behind you…..R/R another hole for you to breathe out of ???? am i right ???

  11. Next time MikeB visits America he’ll probably go around asking people if he can feel-up their arm pits.

  12. Setting aside where the muzzle is pointing, it just looks uncomfortable as heck. I can see my fingers going numb on that arm if strapped tight enough to securely hold a loaded pistol.

  13. I have to admit, this is funny… until someone gets shot in a major artery and bleeds out long before paramedics can arrive.

    I put this holster right up there with the increasingly popular appendix carry holsters. There’s nothing like carrying a pistol with the muzzle pointed right at the largest artery in your body. What could go wrong with that? Many that use this method of carry claim it’s faster and easier to draw from the seated position in your car. Right. Throw a Glock, XD or M&P in the mix and you have a recipe for massive good guy blood loss when s**t goes sideways.

  14. For anyone using an ArmsBand®, it is important to follow the directions to avoid pointing the gun at your own body. There is a recommended sequence to avoid this mistake. Still, it is possible to mount the weapon incorrectly, but there is no need either when mounting or drawing to point the weapon at yourself. To those who think me a fool for pursuing this method of carry from idea to product to market: You may be right.
    The orientation of the handgun in a properly mounted and carried ArmsBand® is a little better than the most popular shoulder harnesses with regard to flagging others, and better than the popular appendix carry, but it is still possible to have the muzzle pointed at someone behind you if they are close enough or tall enough. One LEO user says he can no longer lean back at his desk with his feet up without drawing comments.
    We’ve had favorable comments about ArmsBand® Carry by drivers. Having the gun up and away from the seat and seat belts is an advantage as is the convenience and safety of the draw, for right hander’s.
    The ArmsBand® is not recommended for people with circulatory problems that would make wearing the ArmsBand® a poor choice.
    Among users of the ArmsBand®, sweat problems are surprisingly few, but it is a concern. Probably less so than IWB or appendix carry though.
    Running and even jumping with ArmsBand® carry works reasonably well but brawling is not recommended as even with the band fairly tight after delivery of three or four blows, the band can slip down the arm and the gun can come loose. (See the Concealed Carry Magazine review by Bob Pilgrim for some negatives relative to this)
    I will include a recommendation to leave a little protective fluid in the barrel to avoid ruining the rifling for those with particularly prevalent and corrosive sweat.
    We offer a refund to anyone who is unhappy with the ArmsBand® for any reason. The ArmsBand® is a new product, we think it offers some advantages to some people but realize it will not appeal to folks who only carry large guns and recognize that it is normal and right for folks to be skeptical. Maybe some of you could go to the website and offer comments that would help me improve the instructions, cautions, etc.
    Thanks for your interest and by the way the dude in the pictures is unfortunately Scotch Irish and never tans even when living in Tahiti and diving 4 hours a day. Maybe soon we can get a decent model.
    Bill Davis

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