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Enjoy this while you can folks.

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  1. good to see the lad developing proper safety skills with firearms. only point the rifle at something you’re willing to destroy. seems right in this case. on a side note, i do support making weed legal. but stupid is still stupid.

    • +1. Weed isn’t what we should be spending billions on preventing. But you’re right. This kid is crafty, but god he’s stupid.

  2. that is … like …. sooo cool, man …. like … ya know …. and … like …what is this “Darwinian selection” stuff … like?

  3. Some people march in the parade, some people watch the parade, and some people say “Was there a parade, man?”

      • I’m actually not. I just recognize that people own their own bodies and are free to ingest whatever they want even if I don’t think it’s good for them. As long as they’re not infringing upon anyone else’s inherent rights, why should I care? Get a clue about liberty, please.

      • Yeah, well I’m getting tired of paying to warehouse people like this in cages because they chose to exercise their freedom to treat their body as they see fit without harming others.

        Smoking weed? BFD. I think this country and its inhabitants have bigger fish to fry right now on the things-to-worry-about list.

  4. Great job! One of these days you might clean your act up and get a real job instead of puffing on a gun barrel all afternoon.

  5. He actually machined something on a lathe to make this happen? At least this isnt as bad as smoking pot out of a apple.

  6. that’s not a bong. and gunners always go apeshit over every time the media gets gun terminology wrong. clip, assault rifle, shoulder thing that goes up etc.

  7. This kid might have some great ideas once his buzz wears off. I mean he machined that hole on a lathe, has an interest in guns, give him a job at some gun manufacturer in their R&D Department. He already has the video portion of his application completed.

  8. Under Obobo Care what he puts in his body Does hurt me cause he is for sure not paying for his yearly “Health Fee/Tax/ shoulder thing “

  9. This guy is inventive enough and creative enough to do this project. Imagine what he could do if he put down the pipe and applied himself in the real world.

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