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Ever since I first noticed the media noticing Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, I’ve complained of carefully chosen camera angles. It’s the Moms’ media enablers’ attempts to hide the fact that MDA events are sparsely attended. Well, here it is again. Except this time, Dallas’ WFAA used editing to hide the fact that the police-averse Huey P. Newtown Gun Club consists of six – count ’em six – members. The written version of the story is similarly bereft of numerical context . . .

They are armed with rifles and clips, and ready for action.

“We felt it was up to us to patrol our communities — especially since a number of police acts of terrorism have occurred in Dallas,” said Eric Khafre with the Huey P. Newton Gun Club.

This is an organized force; a recently-formed group made up of several paramilitary organizations in Dallas. Their mission is to become a regular presence, and they are recruiting . . .

They are calling themselves the Huey P. Newton Gun Club. One of the factions involved is the controversial New Black Panther Party. They say they are for gun rights and the right to openly carry guns, but make no mistake, the group doesn’t like law enforcement.

“Police are running rampant in the community, and they say police are to protect and serve, but basically they are gunning down our people,” Khafre said.

The Newton Gun Club is a bigger group, perhaps, but it uses the exact same rhetoric used by members of the New Black Panther Party. That group has protested Dallas police-involved shootings for years. They protested in 2005 in front of DPD headquarters.

Hey WFAA, how about some numbers? How many armed followers assembled for the carefully orchestrated, gratefully received (by the TV station’s producers) Huey P. Newton Gun Club media event? How many African-Americans are part of this “recently-formed group made up of several paramilitary organizations in Dallas”?

Don’t get me wrong. All Americans have a natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. But as a Jew, as a Texan, I’d like a little intel on the unabashedly anti-semitic (not to mention racist) New Black Panther Party.

To its credit, WFAA shares my disquiet. At the same time, they want to exaggerate the threat to public safety to cast aspersions on all armed Americans. Hence writer Rebecca Lopez’s closing question: “Is this a positive force, or is it creating the potential for violence?” As if any armed group is a bad thing, right?

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  1. The cynic in me wonders if the drug dealers and thief body counts starts to spike it might not be a bad thing…

    (Drug dealers and thieves of any color or creed)

  2. WFAA is owned by BELO corp., a company that also owns KHOU in Houston and a bunch of other news outlets, The Dallas News was spun off to Gannett Corp. I believe.
    The Dallas News, formerly the Dallas Morning News is a liberal piece of crap that follows the typical liberal story line. They were caught a few years ago lying about circulation numbers in order to screw over advertisers.
    Since no one reads their piece of crap newspaper anymore, they deliver the paper for free to everyone. That allows them to lie even more about their circulation numbers.
    It is unbelievable to me that a news organization in one of the most conservative metropolitan areas of the country acts as if they are the propaganda mouthpiece for the Obama administration.
    I can only stomach the weather on WFAA because the rest is pure garbage, not unlike the rest of the ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Al-Jazeera news outlets.
    Every night, it is the same ole bunch of minorities whining about how they are being mistreated.

  3. Interesting name for a gun club given that Huey P. Newton was one of the founding members of The Black Panthers.

  4. I’m happy to see black men taking responsibility for the security of their own communities. I don’t blame them for not trusting the police.

  5. A couple of those firearms they are sporting had me cracking up, particularly the .22LR AR15.

      • No doubt about it. At least my chances of surviving to laugh about it later would be good. Especially after I returned fire with a .308 AR.

  6. “They are armed with rifles and clips, and ready for action.”

    Hair clips? Freetos bag clips? I didn’t see anyone with a Garand, so I was wondering what kinds of clips you carried to be “ready for action”. Paper clips? Oh wait, maybe tis was just another ignorant comment by a talking head media puke who has never handled a firearm n his/her/its/whatever’s life.

    • Yeah, I think the “clip” thing is hilarious. I used to compete with the M1 on a Navy shooting team. Anyone who has had their thumb smashed learning the hard way how to reload an M1 with a clip would never confuse a clip with a mag ever again!

      • One experience of “M-1 Thumb” is usually enough to get your mind into the proper method. Have you ever noticed that all of the pre-loaded DCM/military Garand clips have the top round on the right side of the clip (looking down as you load it) ? I think I discovered why a few years back at a January “frozen Chosin” military rifle shoot at the Nampa (ID) gun club’s range. (This was a timed shoot at movable paper silhouette targets at 200 yards – firing as many aimed rounds in 2-4 minutes as possible.) I had several clips that I had loaded with loose ammo myself, and when I was loading them with a bare right hand at 25 degrees F, my thumb started feeling the pain of the sharp edge of the clip – I had loaded the clips with the top round on the left, and that put my thumb into contact with the metal edge of the clip as I shoved it into the well. If the top round is on the right side, your thumb is pressing down onto the rounded surface of the brass case of the topmost round. Works a lot better when you are loading 20 clips in a row, fairly quickly, at low temperatures.

        Your Garand Geek tip o’ the week.

  7. I think it’s a cheap, racist shot to try to scare John Q. Public with images of black people with guns, whether it’s six or sixty of them. I am not for the Panthers, but if the Newton gun club obeys the laws, they have just as much right to OC and assemble in public as any other group. If they are patrolling the streets, that’s fine too. They are just being a militia. Heaven knows, the cops can’t keep some black neighborhoods safe, let these guys give it try.

    As far as them being anti-law enforcement, I generally don’t agree, I am an LE supporter, but I wonder how long I, or many gun owners, would stay pro-LE if cops started violating our rights. Remember, when confiscation starts it will be cops that come to take your guns. If you accidentally cross over into a commie state with your CW and non-recognized permit, it will be a cop who starts you on your road to prison.

  8. There were sure a whole lot more of them at the last video’d event. Im curious to see some stats about shootings in that part of Big D. lolz @ the end when she asks him if no cops would turn into anarchy.

  9. I’m scared of the Black Panthers!

    They have the blessings of the current administration!

    Once blacks stop being African Americans and just start being Americans most of the relevant diatribe goes away.

    Dr. King was against judging others by skin color, but in most neighborhoods it is blacks performing a crime in his remembrance.

    The Ferguson Effect has brought the St. Louis area to it’s knees involving crime of all types.

    Blacks need to ‘police’ themselves, but not with the [shoot on site] Black Panthers!

  10. Gun control is racist period. And law abiding gun owners are not perfect in other aspects of their lives. I do not care if they scream black power. I think it is a good thing. I understand if certain groups of people are uncomfortable hearing black people say it. Check out the Reason TV segment on this black gun club. A black man with a gun ( not that guy) is very scary to some people.

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