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Whether you’re an NPR radio show host or, “TV’s top lefy” as Rolling Stone calls MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Manhattan’s West Side Rifle & Pistol Range seems to be the place to shoot for Gotham proggies who want to get their inner gun on.

Money quote: “Everybody here’s really nice and there’s, um, really amazing rules here.”

Nuff said.


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  1. I hope the ventilation system there works really well……Otherwise the cloud of smug around Rachel might be too much for the other shooters to bear.

  2. Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot… Over. I could start commenting about how wrong renting a 10/22 with 50 rounds for $65 is but enough said.

    I’ll just say that I find this whole debacle nauseating…

    • That’s the same price I’ve payed to rent an AR-10 with 50 rounds.
      Those bastards are making a killing.

  3. I thought we had agreed in an earlier article (several weeks ago) that we would try to be a little more tolerant of leftists that support gun-rights, not driving them away by attacking their other progressive attitudes. Rachel “Mancow” does not support the 2A, so she is fair game for our attacks, but let’s try not to alienate our allies that happen to come from the left.

    • The same “allies” that want the government to force all sorts of collectivist social engineering programs on us at gunpoint? No thanks.

      • +1

        Liking guns is not the same as respecting all the rights and values that the 2A eas meant to protect.

        • That’s a ridiculous statement to make, akin to a “no true scotsman” argument. Respecting the individual right to self-defense in no way obligates a person to support your world view, morals, or values.

      • Alienating people who could otherwise support one of your causes is a bad idea, especially when so many elections are narrowly decided. Support for gun rights could get up to around seventy-five percent, if the issue is played in a smart manner. That may not fit with ideological purity, but the pure in heart and mind don’t often win public office.

        As distasteful as it may be to many, framing the gun rights debate in terms of the ninety-nine percent vs. one percent could win people over. Michael Bloomberg already represents Wall Street in the minds of the Occupy movement. Why not also get them to see him as an opponent of personal liberty?

        • Except they don’t support our rights. Just as anti-gun politicians have no problem walking around with bodyguards armed with machineguns, but will happily deny a 70 year old woman the right to carry a .38, many celebrities feel that guns ownership is fine for them, but not for the little people.

          These people are not your friends, nor the friends of the 2nd Amendment. They are elitists.

        • Jason, those aren’t the people that I was talking about. I meant the ordinary citizens who support gun rights, but also are left of center on other subjects. Gun owners and gun rights supporters are not exclusively found in the right wing.

  4. So you just shoot out eyeball holes on either side of the X ring on a bullseye target. Same difference, right?

  5. I’ve been to the West Side Range, all seven lanes of it. Keeping a shooting range in New York City is like trying to shovel sh!t against the tide. I wish them well, and also their clients who consist of LEOs, hedge fund employees enjoying big whoops with their target license and .22s, and mere citizens who are not allowed to touch a pistol under penalty of imprisonment. As for Ms. Maddow, I guess she’s not a regulation target.

  6. As a left handed shooter, I expectantly opened this thinking that they had devised a way to make my life easier…

  7. This whole thing is just depressing: exorbitant range fees, crappy ammo, unnecessary classes, ridiculous background checks, and lefty masochists just itching to have excessive rules forced upon them by arbitrary authorities…

  8. And despite all of the silly rules, expense and inconvenience, I’m still glad it’s simply there. If it helps introduce your typical NYC lefties to shooting opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t bother with, then I’m all for it.

    • Except that then they’ll see the ludicrous ruleset and restrictions this range is forced to put in place and think it’s the norm, or that it wasn’t so bad. And remember, when a leftist thinks “that’s not so bad,” that translates in their sick minds to “everyone should be forced to abide by that.”

      • “[…] and there’s, um, really amazing rules here.”

        Really. Amazing. Rules.

        That right there folks is the the key – the Rosetta Stone, if you will – to the leftist’s mind and world view. As long as there are rules, things can be great. Without rules, well….

        What are those, um, really amazing rules?

        *Standard pistol calibers only (.22 .38 9MM .40 .45)
        *No magnum, hardball, steel jacket or military ammo allowed
        *Upon entering range, handguns and rifles must be unloaded with actions open
        *Keep your guns pointed in a safe direction
        *Horseplay/unsafe firearms practice is not allowed
        *Spectators are not allowed on the firing line

        Wow. Really, um, amazing.

  9. This reminds me why I love my favorite range. It’s found throughout the West, and goes by the name public land.

  10. Westside Pistol and Rifle is a pretty nice range. The only reason I didn’t join them was because they were a little more pricey than the range by my house. They also do Appleseed shoots pretty regularly.

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