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Gun Tweet of the Day: The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Blames Gun Lobby for U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s Murder



  1. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

    Interesting. The Brady’s managed to cram blood-dancing and an outright lie into one tweet. They’re getting better. And by that I mean “worse”.

  2. avatar CGinChicago says:

    Despicable… yet oh so typical

  3. avatar RuffRidr says:

    Liars gonna lie. What else do you expect from those hypocrites.

  4. avatar Boris says:

    Illegal cartels with illegal guns provided by an illegal govt means more laws are necessary to protect the children

    1. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

      Don’t forget to place more restrictions on those shoulder things that go up.

      1. avatar CGinChicago says:

        The most deadly of all firearms accessories

        1. avatar LongPurple says:

          I thought the deadliest thingee on an “assault weapon” was the evil bayonet lug . . . or was it a stacking swivel?

        2. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

          No, no. The deadliest of all firearm accessories is the barrel shroud. The shoulder thing that goes up is a close second, though.

  5. avatar Parthenon says:

    So if the government agency responsible for preventing gun smuggling facilitates the smuggling of guns the only solution is to ignore its activities and give it more power (and funding)?

  6. avatar Rydak says:

    Opinions are one thing….but dam, you are not allowed to have your own facts.

    1. avatar Pascal says:

      The anti-gun lobby only knows to make up facts because that is all they have left is propoganda and emotion. Hard to fight the truth which is not on their side. Sadly, many drink their cool-aide

  7. avatar Roll says:

    The “Gun Lobby” IS NOT responsible for Agent Terry’s death, your BFF Eric Holder, WHO IS UNABLE TO CORRECTLY MANAGE HIS OWN STING OPERATION IS RESPONSIBLE…typical anti gun BS…they dont want to take responsiblity for their own screw ups and try to pass the blame on someone else.

    1. avatar Qajaqon says:

      The only person responsible for Agent Terry’s death is the person who shot Agent Terry. End.

  8. avatar Bob says:

    That is the worst of the worst lie ever from the Brady Campaign,
    – not because it slanders millions of respectable citizens (the members of the “gun lobby”)
    – not because it will be seen by millions of poorly informed people, and convince them of something that just isn’t true
    – not that it implies that a politically motivated, completely illegal, gun-running operation done with the full cooperation of the Executive Branch, was caused by the gun lobby.

    No, it is their worst lie ever, because it is so blatantly false in so many ways, and it is so easy to prove that it is false.

  9. avatar Bill Baldwin says:

    I didn’t realize that ATF was part of the gun lobby. I thought AFT is a federal agency that answers to Eric brainwash people against guns Holder.

  10. avatar Ralph says:

    The Brady Campaign are idiots! Everybody knows that George Bush is responsible. George Bush!

    Sheesh, I wish they’d get their story right.

  11. avatar Sanchanim says:

    LMAO I am blocked from even reading or posting to them on Twitter.. OMG my first block!!! yipee…
    Oh yeah I wasting being mean but I guess they didn’t want me rebuffing their lies lol

    1. avatar Silver says:

      More often than not, you can always tell who is truly in the right by how freely they allow opposition. For instance, TTAG freely allows opposing viewpoints and contrary posting. Why? Because we are truly confident in our stance’s truth. Our position isn’t based on mental and emotional fragility and deficiency.

      The Bradys, gun-grabbers, and their kind in general will ALWAYS censor and never want a truly open discussion because, deep down, not only do they know they’re wrong, they know that their stance is based on their own mental issues and projections. They’re like children. The second you start treating them like mature humans, you’ve gone too far.

  12. avatar MDC43 says:

    It reminds me of the time the Man gave toddlers all the small toys they wanted, then let them wander off. When the little kids started choking to death (not just little Mexican kids, but some of the Man’s kids, too) the Man began preaching about the evils of fun, going so far as to blame the Fun Nuts for the problem…

  13. avatar Silver says:

    So, “nuh-uh, YOU’RE the poopyhead” basically.

    About the intelligence level I expect from them.

  14. avatar Don says:

    These people are scary insane. There are so many crazy ideologues out there. I think i am going to mount a sign over the interior side of my front door, “now entering the asylum”.


    1. avatar Barbicane says:

      +1 (yes, I am really going to do this)

  15. avatar Don says:

    These people are scary insane. There are so many crazy ideologues out there lately. I think I am going to mount a sign over the interior side of my front door, “now entering the asylum”.


  16. avatar Aharon says:

    They’re really losing it. The Brady Cult is becoming so yesterday.

    1. avatar Don says:

      An ideological movement is craziest right as its extinction becomes inevitable. Anyone with any hope has wised up and left at that point, and those that are left are driven nuts by the paradox of their own existence.

      1. avatar Aharon says:

        A very interesting point to consider. Thanks.

  17. avatar Roadrunner says:

    Sometimes I think the best thing in the world is for them to keep yapping. Everytime they do, they show how precious little they care for what happens to actual people, and that every drop of blood spilled anywhere is simply for them to splash around to con people out of their liberty.

    1. avatar Greg in Allston says:

      RR, you hit one of the nails square on the head when you said; “to con people out of their liberty.”. That’s exactly it, it is a con. In the sense that if one says a lie long and often enough in becomes some sort of truth or perceived wisdom, people with limited critical thinking skills accept that so-called wisdom or common sense and allow it to guide their thinking and decisions.

      The modern Left, in many ways, can be viewed as evangelical missionaries not unlike those of the last three centuries. They often see their mission as one of guiding the great unwashed heathen masses to the light, and righteousness and a new heaven here on earth. They are the shepherds and we are their flock. Intelligent, self reliant and well armed citizens are anathema to their mission’s goals; and boy does that get them worked up in a lather.

  18. avatar Greg in Allston says:

    Despicable only scrapes the surface, ugly goes to the bone.

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