Weingarten: We Must Repeal the Second Amendment and Disarm Americans

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It’s an epidemic that our great nation must solve. And how many lives will be shattered before we have the courage to do what Scotland did, what Australia did, what New Zealand did, what other great democracies do? We must solve this epidemic, and that’s up to us. 

— Tom Elliot via Twitter

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  1. Sorry to disagree, but we don’t need to disarm Americans. First and foremost, we need to enforce the laws that are already on the books and stop letting criminals go free. This perp in Nashville should not have had access to a firearm due to her/his mental status.

    • Hmmmmmmmmmm, the shooter in Uvalde only had one rifle and the cops stood outside for hours while he killed in the room, until an off-duty cop, borrowed a shotgun from his barber, walked passed the do nothing cops, went in the room and shot the shooter.
      Cops in Tenn. raced to the shooting and took out the shooter.
      Randi Weingarten a devout Jew, wants to make all Americans as disarmed as defenseless as 6 Million Jews were in the 1930/40s.
      ================= FJB, WEINGARTEN.

      • her religion has absolutely nothing to do with her stupid views, to bring up her being Jewish speaks about you and your attempt to make jews look responsible for gun control.
        I have seen this garbage when antisemitic clowns use this with upchuck Schumer and finstine pushing anti-gun laws, it’s not because they are Jewish, it’s because they are liberal democrats.

        • pretty sure he was illustrating how disarmament simplified atrocities and the cognitive dissonance that exists with people descended from genocide when they advocate for defenselessness.
          but knee jerk away.

        • No way this Whine Garden creep is a faithful practicing Jewess. If she were she would NOT be running the NEA like she does, AND she would know her Torah and what it has to say about being armed and prepared for battle, and the faithful defense of the ‘little ones” and the defenseless.

          NONE of the modern “jews” stumping to disarm you and I stay true to the faith with which they are associated.
          Their “jewishness” is social, perhaps economic, and cultural. NOT spiritual. Thus it is NOT a “religion”.

        • i think the religion might have been brought up to empathize the irony of hitler disarming the people and they learned nothing from it. if the ghettos were armed, the nazis should have had a much harder time. the left wants to disarm us so they can become a totalitarian government…plain and simple.

      • All of the shootings at schools ever combined don’t even come close to one of the best days of the EINSATZGRUPPEN

      • I wouldn’t refer to Weingarten as a “devout” Jew, that’s borderline anti-semitic and absurd. She is nothing more than a devout communist trying to destroy America. #SOCIALISMKILLS

      • Tenn was clearly “death by cop”….the shooter engaged them as soon as they drove up and remained there until being put down…

    • “When she was elected president of the American Federation of Teachers in 2008, Randi Weingarten became the first openly gay leader of an American national labor union.”

      I will say it because no one else will. A childless h0m0sexu@l wants to make sure that children are not protected away from their parents. This woman may or may not have her own children. I don’t know. But if she does? Did she run out and get some kids to be used as “camouflage” for her anti-civil rights position?

      Like Rosie O’Donnell. G@y married with kids, and an anti-civil rights lzsbi@n. But she does have guns. But not for you.

      • Tucker Carlson says the quiet part out loud. Let the accusations of h0m0ph0bi@ begin.

        “Tucker: The trans movement is targeting Christians”
        9 min long

        • that was a pretty good segment from Tucker…highlighting how the left support gun control for everyone but the trannys……

      • To a faithful and true Jewish person, bug gury is an evil punishable by death, by stoning. No way this critter would uphold that principle.
        Not an authentic jewess.

    • and obviously anyone who can stand in front of a mirror naked and be confused about their gender are NOT mentally competent to handle or own a firearm

    • To be fair she is loopy and unhinged even here in NY. Sucks that she keeps representing PEF despite being the head of the teachers union but they have that setup for their reasons.

      • That’s right weingarten…Disarm America like the Gun Control military wing of the democRat Party known as the kkk disarmed Black Americans and prevented Blacks from owning firearms so to keep Blacks defenseless and easy to terrorize, lynch, etc. And then there were Gun Control nazis rounding up defenseless Jews for packed freezing train rides to concentration camps, gas chambers, etc.

        Once Again…History Defines Gun Control and Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is an agenda rooted in racism and genocide.

        The weingartens of the world succeed when Gun Control is not defined by its History of Rot…That failure lands at the feet of zipped lipped self described defenders of The Second Amendment.

        You might assume other Gun Owners know how to define Gun Control too. Man up and ask the next 10 Gun Owners you encounter to Define Gun Control and see if they get anywhere close. My money says the ignorance you are most likely to encounter clearly provides the podium for weingarten et al.

        • Gun control:
          The regulation of the selling, owning, and use of guns.

          This is the definition (or some form) given when you google the definition of gun control. It doesn’t mention race, Nazis, or the KKK because those things are not in the laws proposed to take guns away from everybody today.

          Even people that know the racist history of gun control are smart enough to know that things are much different today.
          Unlike you, they know there are no new proposed gun laws based on race. Name one proposed gun-grabbing law that will take guns away from non-whites only. You can’t because there are none.

          Your constant simple-minded screeching about race is asinine. It fails to acknowledge what is happening today and it does absolutely nothing to help stop gun grabbers. It makes gun owners, and you in particular, sound stupid.

          You have some kind of demented OCD illness that makes you see everything as a racial/racist issue.

          Get help.

        • cato. Her point is a simple one. Gun control was founded in evil. Now they have expanded the evil to include all but their armed enforcers.

          The party that fought a war to keep slavery. Founded the kkk. Gave us American apartheid. Rounded up American citizens based solely on race and put them in camps. This is the party that wants gun control.

          Any questions?

        • Jethro

          Her point is simple minded. Are you and Debbie so fucking stupid to believe that calling Democrats (including black democratic anti-gun politicians) racist, based on events that happened decades ago, they will see the light and stop their gun-grabbing programs?

          Any questions?

        • including black democratic anti-gun politicians

          Yeah, I have a question. Are YOU insinuating that a Black, Democrat, anti-gun politician CANNOT be RACIST? News Flash, ANY person of ANY race and ANY political persuasion/ideology CAN and probably will be racist or bigoted or prejudiced toward someone OR something… It’s human nature and yes even Black, Democrat, anti-gunners are susceptible…

        • Good question. There may be some black politicians that think inner city black-on-black crime is a problem and that is their motivation to take guns.

          I don’t think any laws they propose will single out blacks only and I don’t think calling them racist will change anyone’s mind.

        • Missed it completely, didn’t you, cato. Gun control, regardless of race or gender of person promoting it comes from a place of evil. Period. Full stop.

          Letting the black or jewish person pushing gun control know that they are supporting the same evil that would see them in chains or worse is just being honest.

          What they do with the information after that is on them.

          You folks that believe you are the ‘left’ are delusional. Your movement was bought out by corporqte billionaires like soros, gates, bloomberg and many more. They are currently pushing, with your help, a fascist agenda. You may not believe or accept that but the truth is still the truth.

        • There may be some black politicians that think inner city black-on-black crime is a problem

          So, YOU are obviously either avoiding the 500 lb gorilla in the room or you are purposely obfuscating the FACT that BLACKS can be RACIST toward people of another RACE… Yes EVEN Black, Democrat, anti-gunners…

        • Jethro

          People know the history. They don’t need you to remind them. It’s not stopping them from trying to grab everyone’s guns. They don’t believe they are being racist by taking guns away from everyone.

          They don’t care what you or I think and calling them evil won’t change their minds. They believe gun nuts (and I’m including myself) are evil because we allow/condone gun violence to kill thousands each year. It’s a stupid argument that won’t make anyone give up their guns.

          And I’m conservative, not left.

        • MAXX

          Blacks can be racist, you’re right. That doesn’t mean mean they are trying to craft anti-gun laws that only affect white people. If they see black on black crime, they may think they are saving blacks from gun violence by taking guns (all guns from everyone) off the streets.

        • Southern Cross

          No shit asshole. I don’t think blacks want to disarm blacks (and everyone else) because they are racist against blacks.

          Do you think the laws they are proposing only disarm blacks?

          Get it now dumfuk?

        • Everyone is sick of your one trick pony racism claims. Fear not, nobody will be taking guns from the inner city youts. Give it a rest Debbie.

        • Cato, While Debbie is going to an extreme, here in NYS they have passed a law where all of your social media posts are supposed to be able to be accessed by the “pistol licensing officer”.
          Debbie’s posts about Blacks not being allowed to own a gun dates back to the post reconstruction era when many “Jim Crow Laws” were passed in the South. Here in NYS, they passed the Sullivan Act around 1908 or so to prohibit Italians (because of the perceived Mob) from owning a firearm by requiring each pistol or revolver owner be licensed by the State (or City of NY).

        • Walter

          Jim Crow ended with Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Sullivan Act was over a hundred years ago. Italians Blacks can buy guns now. Gun grabbers want to take everyone’s guns away now.

          I know the history of this country and gun control. We need to deal with issues and people in 2023, not 1865 or 1908.

        • Cato to Walters point we are STILL dealing with 1908 with regards to the Sullivan act and they did use the prohibition of arms for Catholics and Natives for the post Bruen text and tradition arguments so it very much is a 2023. The rest is a bit more removed from current use for the moment but we will see what they go with for future arguments.

        • I understand the history and I understand how the Bruen decision looks at the tradition/history of gun control.

          My argument is that current anti-gun proposals are not based on race. I don’t think any new gun laws will be anything like the Sullivan Act or Jim Crow. ‘They’ will try and take away the 2A rights of every person.

        • Cato, if you truly think that Jim Crow magically ended with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, you are sadly mistaken. The Sullivan Act of NYS was only recently OVERTURNED by the Bruen decision. I do not think that “current laws” are based on race, but that is the historical reference. Clearly you have forgotten or ignored these very pertinent facts.

        • Functionally the Sullivan act is still in place and used the above mentioned arguments in the prior litigation before it hit the 2nd circuit court last week as the CCIA. It is a different focus but the bigotry behind it was on full display in open court. I agree it is no where near as much of the focus as tyranny is more equal opportunity now in our enlightened age with all non elites being equally worthless but be it anti native, catholic, black, or just peasant it still is at heart based on some form of class discrimination.

        • Walter

          Not magically but legally.

          I have forgotten nothing. I clearly stated my thoughts on the past. THEY ARE THE PAST. It is you and dumdass Debbie that think believe the past guides what is happening today.

        • SAFE

          SCOTUS in the Bruen decision stated the history of all gun laws was suspect. The racist laws and the NFA laws passed to stop mob violence are all in question now.

          It has in now way stopped the anti-gunners from their mission to take away 2A rights from all Americans.

          It’s not bigotry or racism that drives them now, they are way past that. If we stay stuck in the past and not fight the fight the anti-gunners are fighting, we will lose.

        • Got it you are not really reading for comprehension just scanning to get the last word in. Yeah bud way ahead of you on that and several of our current crop of lawsuits cover a wide variety of issues that are seeking to keep the status quo an option for either coast. Really the main factor now is time in how long each case can be delayed vs when judges can be replaced to twist outcomes to favor more restrictive nonsense.

        • “Not my problem not my purpose…”

          And obviously not your ability to understand or stay on topic.

          “Really the main factor now is time in how long each case can be delayed vs when judges can be replaced to twist outcomes to favor more restrictive nonsense.”

          You start out discussing race and then move to this bullshit when you can no longer keep up.

          Nice try, better luck next time.

        • What is there to keep up with? The rooted in racism genocide and tyranny is spot on. Still being used in court to defend old practices and the range of people it is being applied to now includes everyone not connected to the right power structure. Are you slow or just disingenuous like Miner?

        • “**Still** being used in court to defend old practices…”

          Where? Quote a current court case where racism is the goal and who it affects. If it includes everyone it can’t be racist. What race is the “right power structure”, certain Dems? Dems isn’t a race.

          That’s not disingenuous or slow you moron.

        • Cato, If you think that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 magically did away with the Jim Crow laws, you are either mistaken (I hope) or delusional. It took another 20 yrs to bring about the end to Jim Crow and it was done with court action. For your edification what happened in the past is still FACT and one what many of the gun control laws were based on.
          To think or say otherwise is to put your head in the sand.

        • SAFE

          You are a fucking dunce. NY is saying they can control who gets guns. They may be saying it is a historical right of theirs based on prior racist laws, but they are in no way saying race is the deciding factor today. Big difference. They want their prior laws that were used to deny certain people gun rights to be a historical precedent to deny ANYONE of ANY RACE 2A rights. They are trying to use the historical reasoning in Bruen against Bruen.

          Dumb it down as much as you have to get it, you are still not there yet.

        • Walter

          “ For your edification what happened in the past is still FACT and one what many of the gun control laws **were** based on.”

          No shit. Racist gun laws of the past **were** based on racist things that occurred in the past.

          Thank you, Capt Fucking Obvious, for clearing that up.

        • Cato glad to see we have a better pilpul troll, welcome. As to the rest the splitting of hairs of based off of racist laws vs using racist laws is about as relevant as the difference of democide and genocide to the victims as the end result is still unjust infringement. Either way it was a practice that is unacceptable now and would violate several laws to use today. Racism, theism, classism, or whatever ethnic cultural socioeconomic divisions that are present are always used to divide and ultimately control for the benefit of whatever passes for the ruling class and no I doubt most democrats qualify. Politicians are ultimately tools of those with greater power who largely seem to want us disarmed for some strange reason. But then you already know all this so what is your purpose here

        • A lot of deflection ah well back to bitching about Debbie’s opinion for you I guess.

        • Cato, no, “sir’, the dunce is you. You on one hand say that there is historical precedence to the NYS gun laws and then deny that it’s not there today. Gun control laws today are aimed any anyone who wants to purchase a firearm.
          You point out that the Left is attempting to use “historical precedence” to fight the Bruen decision. Their blatant attempt is fraught with unconstitutional laws IF WHAT YOU ARE SAYING IS TRUE. I’ve personally seen no such attempt. They are reaching far further back than the Sullivan Act.
          As to your comments to me, your ignorance is showing.
          Your use of the screen name of Cato is an insult to our Founding Father who wrote using the ghost name Cato.
          On one hand you deny that gun control laws were based on racism, and then finally admit it and then go back to your original position in a vain (sic) attempt to be “right”. Take a chill pill and back down while you can save what little face you have.

        • Walter

          My dog’s name is Cato. He’s insulted that you are such an asswipe.

          Reread my dunce comment to SAFE, it clearly and accurately explains how (IMO) NY is trying to use historical precedent to control guns for everyone when the laws they are pointing to were racist and were crafted to control guns for some. It’s an interesting argument that I believed will fail.

          Gun control has a history of racism, I’ve stated that many times. Today’s gun grabbers are not interested in race as a requirement to disarm everyone.

        • SAFE, (High Five) Seems “Cato” the Wannabe has been bested even if he refuses to admit it. He challenged you and when you proved the validity of OUR claim that gun laws were based on RACISM, he acquiesced and then denied again by modifying his disproven statement.
          Cato has a deep seated ego problem.

      • SAFE

        Anyone that can read knows what my purpose is here. I’ve explained it to both you and Walter. Unfortunately you are unable to grasp the concept and instead change the subject or go off in tangent about splitting hairs, theism, classism, ethnic cultural socioeconomic divisions.

        “ Politicians are ultimately tools of those with greater power who largely seem to want us disarmed for some strange reason. ”

        Like George Soros and his “strange reason” he wants to take guns away? Soros has been after guns for years, his reasons have been reported all over and are known to anyone with a brain.

        His strange reason/s haven’t included race. If you could read you would know that.

        • CATO, We total grasp the real concept. Unfortunately, apparently English is not your primary language. The guy who is splitting hairs (if you have any) is you. First you DENIED that the gun control law were based on racism, then when you are proven wrong you begrudgingly admit and then reverse yourself again claiming that the gun control laws are not “racially enforced,” just to make yourself “look correct”. Sad!
          Again, you are an insult to the Founding Father who used the pen name Cato when he wrote the AntiFederalist Papers. And I feel exceptionably sorry for your dog.

        • Walter

          Now you are a liar.

          I’ve never denied the racist PAST of anything including gun control. To say todays gun grabbers want to ban guns based on RACE is stupid. That has always been my position.

          BTW My dog is proud of his name (Roman origin) and still thinks he’s smarter than a douchebag like you.

        • Cato, NO, you are the liar. You certainly did deny that the gun laws were based on racism. While it is true that the Leftists want to disarm everyone whether they are white, chartreuse, indigo or violet, you certainly did deny that the intent of the gun laws was racist in nature. Then when SAFE provided absolute proof positive, you modified your statement and admitted that you were wrong. Now you are back peddling yet again? I pity your dog have a lying wannabe such as yourself. And AGAIN, your use of the screen name Cato, regardless of your claim that it is your dog’s name, is STILL an insult to the Founding Father who used the pseudonym Cato when he wrote the AntiFederalist Papers.
          Now be a good little troll and tuck your tail between your legs and skulk away.

        • WALTER

          Quote me where I said there was no PAST history of racism. I asked SAFE to provide proof of “a current court case where racism is the goal and who it affects.”

          The NY case SAFE quoted in no way says race is the deciding factor **today**.

          This is from my very first post on this story:
          “Even people that know the racist history of gun control are smart enough to know that things are much different today.”

          You are a lying sack of shit.

        • Why don’t you guys get a fukkin room… You sound like bunch of third graders… YOU are… NuhUhhhhh YOU are…. NuUhhhh YOU are, been going on with the SAME back and forth bullshit for days, give it a rest, somebody put on their big boy pants and just cut it off, who cares?…

        • MAXX

          Obviously Walter and I care. We care deeply and passionately, getting a room might be a good idea….

        • Cato, how about this diatribe?
          “Gun control:
          The regulation of the selling, owning, and use of guns.

          This is the definition (or some form) given when you google the definition of gun control. It doesn’t mention race, Nazis, or the KKK because those things are not in the laws proposed to take guns away from everybody today.

          Even people that know the racist history of gun control are smart enough to know that things are much different today.
          Unlike you, they know there are no new proposed gun laws based on race. Name one proposed gun-grabbing law that will take guns away from non-whites only. You can’t because there are none.

          Your constant simple-minded screeching about race is asinine. It fails to acknowledge what is happening today and it does absolutely nothing to help stop gun grabbers. It makes gun owners, and you in particular, sound stupid.

          You have some kind of demented OCD illness that makes you see everything as a racial/racist issue.

          Get help.”

          Seems it’s you who needs help, desperately You might WANT to get your head out of your arse.

        • Walter

          I like what I wrote and I think it’s more of an explanation than diatribe.

          It describes how I think about the subject and still proves you are a lying sack of shit when you said “you modified your statement and admitted that you were wrong.”

          Repeating my brilliant oratory on Debbie’s racist screeching douchery doesn’t make you look smart, it makes you look pathetic and unable to keep up.

        • Cato, the Dummy, No one here said that other than Debbie. I said that the gun control issue was originally based on race or ethnic origin.
          Get a grip, boyo!

    • Cato,
      Your position is understandable, but the infringements being costs (permits, regulations, approved handgun lists, mandatory training classes) continually effect the poor, I.e. minorities. Ask Maj Toure, it’s still racist. They know it…got to start with low hanging fruit.

      • And California are the absolute masters at keepng the cost of gn ownership as high as possible. I’ve read recently that the permits Mother May I Cards, tests, training, fees, exrra taxes, etc, raise the entry level cost to possessiong a firearm legally in that state approach a thousand dollars. Last week I spent five hundred on a very clean lightly used handgun, out the door. My Mother May I Card renewal every 4 years costs $65. Sales tax on the pistol was the standard ten percent every other item in the state is taxed. No training or testing required.
        I know folks in California who either are being careful where they take their “unregistered guns” that they’ve had since back when a fifteen year old kid could buy a revolver at Western Auto and walk out with it right after he pays the requested $125 for it. They live in corrupt counties where the sheriff refuses to grant Mother’s Yes You May approval to carry concealed.
        In that state the system is definitely rigged to limit those who possess arms to those who are not livong hand to mouth, thus have the easily disposable income needed to acquire a firearm in that state.
        Such lws and practices ARE racist. And blacks are not the only folks affected by this.

  2. Anyone else notice the symbiotic relationship between unions, politicians, socialist/communists, and money laundering kickbacks?
    If it isn’t obvious, you aren’t looking and it’s simply coincidence.

      • MADDMAXX March 29, 2023 At 11:04
        Your comment is awaiting moderation
        Soshullists and kommunists aren’t the same thing

        Yeah, but a Soshullist IS a kommunist in training… The differences are very small…Russia, the world’s first soshullist state was founded explicitly along Marxist lines and would later become a one PARTY Kommunist state…

        YEAAAAAA, I get to go sit in the corner for citing fukking HISTORY!!! You go algo…

      • Yes they are, anyone that says otherwise is counting on your lack of willingness to read 19th Century economic philosophy. These people want you unarmed and ignorant to gain power.

        You can get a leg up in their game by not only reading a book or two but by walking a few miles and shooting your guns accurately every week.

      • While Socialism and Communism are two different philosophies of government and economics, they are allied. It seems that socialism is the prelude to Communism as perceived by Karl Marx.

    • The worst of the unions are the public-sector unions. The government is actually funding these socialist organizations and their agendas while the members have no choice but to be members and pay dues.

      • unions are supposed to look out for their members on economic issues, working conditions, etc….not climb up on a soapbox when it comes to social issues and espouse views many of their members may not share…

    • edward kenway:
      “Anyone else notice the symbiotic relationship between unions, politicians, socialist/communists, and money laundering kickbacks”

      In a word, YES!

  3. Or, hear me out I know this sounds crazy, we don’t treat the entire nation like an open-air asylum and separate the criminals, schizos, incels, dysphorics, violent, suicidals, self-medicators and diddlers from the rest of us? Shouldn’t be too hard. They have entire online communities where they coddle each others mental illness and encourage violent action.

    I know, it’s just easier for the state to treat us all like psychos and criminals. Gotta do what’s easier for the state. They have it hard enough already what with collapsing the economy and ramping up WWIII and all.

    • First of all, the thing that needs to be banned to save America is all public-sector unions must be eliminated completely.

      From the Teacher’s union to the Police unions these organizations have done more harm to our country than any other institution. They are a cancer eating out our civilization Teachers have an outsized influence on our kids and because of government schools that are basically mandatory for our kids unless someone has the cash to pay for private schools or the patience to jump through all the hoops to get away with home-schooling.

      busting these public sector unions will be a goor start before we figure out a way to deal with the cancer that is government schools (reeducation day-camps.)

      • Nikita Tesla:
        I’ll go you one step further. SCRAP the public school system. Government has no business running schools in a free society. Nor does Government have any business dictating what will be taught in schools. Education is the prerogative of PARENTS.

        • You can always get a real job in the private sector. I’ve got no issues with unions in the private sector as long as people have a choice not to join them and work non-union. if unions are actually worth joining then people will join them without being forced to.

          In the Public sector they are nothing but a parasitical cancer destroying our nation and our society.

        • Wages haven’t budged for over 50 years. Some calculations show wage stagnation going back to great depression if take into account women diluting the labor force.

          The American worker has been spinning their wheels and going nowhere regardless of unions, regulations, welfare or anything else.

          Now that pensions are pretty much a thing of the past expect real wages to decline. Sure, your check has more zeros but those zeros are worth less and less.

          Unions are just a grift. The workers get nothing. Just ask the pipefitters.

          Making government support your returemwnt and healthcare just means your takehome will be even less. Maybe you’ll get lucky and live a long time while having a lot of health issues and get your money’s worth. Most everyone else will pay out more for all goods, being home less and work more hours because that’s the way it’s always been from the rise of unions to the fall of unions and at every point in between.

        • Nikita, you have no problem with unions in the private sector? I guess you consider a government employee to be a second class citizen to work as your slave for pittence?
          If you think you can do a better job, take a test and get the job if you can pass the background investigation.

      • Move to a state where educating your own children yourself at home is legal. Any state with such laws will be far more conservative than the union headquarters states like Ill Annoys, Noo Yawk, Trash a Chussetts, Joisey, etc. so life in general will be more relaxed and wholesome.

  4. I suggest idiot Randolph Weingarten mover her dumbass communist corpulent self to emigrate to Russia, China, Cuba, Brazil or Australia, New Zealand as they all have her lust for gun control already. She can then be stabbed, bludgeoned, battered to death and the sooner the better.
    She leads the largest communist sympathizing anti American collection of malcontents in the world.

    • Those countries, particularly Russia, China and India, wouldn’t have her, but she, and her minions are certainly useful idiots for their regimes and stated goals of world domination. They expect and demand that their educational systems actually teach marketable and instructive information to their masses, and maintain research without a primary concern for green or gender equity, so they can continue to progress towards a dominant position in the world pecking order. The American education system, not so much. DEI uber alles.

      It’d be far better if our government began treating formal education as a matter of national security like it did after the commies beat us into space back in the late 1950s. Weapons systems won’t matter much if they can be shut down or controlled by someone else’s technology, and that is a real threat today. A stat I saw years ago, before retiring from the educational system, was that China had more people with an IQ above 130 than the entire US population. I figure today that our kids are actually losing intelligence by being subjected to the drivel and propaganda most public schools place as primary.

      • check out what happened to the USS Cook after it was overflown in the Black Sea…32 sailors requested transfers after that incident…….

      • not to mention the “devices” the schools are shoving into the faces of so many kids. Can’t really LEARN when those things own you

    • No one, and the only people that would be disarmed, would be those that willingly surrendered.

  5. Can’t we just get rid of her? She is already proving that she wants to be the next Hitler.

    • Not really that shocking. Everyone can see the steady decline plain as day. But even without it, Big Wigs generally have someone to hold their hand through stuff like this at every event.

      • The handler could have successfully briefed an 8 year-old with that level of information before they walked out of the building. “Down here?” Where else was he going to go?

        Most people understand there’s some level of decline, but not the extent of it because the MSM ignores it. I’m sure we don’t even know the extent of it. We only see highly scripted and supervised situations. I’m sure it’s much worse than what we see.

  6. Weingarten is not only an idiot but a card carrying communist and her own words prove it. The Second Amendment can not be repeal. It is an inalienable right and doesn’t do anything other than tell the government that it doesn’t have the power to touch it. The 2A limits the government, not the people. Weingarten’s ignorants is a prime example with what’s wrong with public education. Two quotes I live by:

    “The very text of the Second Amendment implicitly recognizes the pre-existence of the right and declares only that it ‘shall not be infringed.'”
    Justice Scalia

    “Between two groups of people who want to make inconsistent kinds of worlds, I see no remedy but force.”
    Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr

    • But if you repeal the Second Amendment, although you maintain your right, the restriction on governmental interference has been removed. No one seems to notice that doing so also disrupts the balance of power implicit in the Preamble that the power to govern resides in the States and in the People, not the Federal Government. (Then again, this power shifting has been going on since the Civil War.)

      • No the restriction on gummit innerferents will NOT be removed. Remember.. the one thing that is useful for the security of a free state can never be removed. Some folks might try and convonce us it has been, but WE will always know that’s a lie.

        Don’t ever forget the last order General Thomas Gage;s men gave to the Colinials was this: LAY DOWN YOUR ARMS AND DISPERSE. they only responded to the “dsperse” command, but refused tolay down their arms. fter they buried their eight dead that morning those same men took up their arms again and went out to “see what might be done”. They KNEW Gage’s men would have to come back along that Concord Road later that day, or be massacred in the fields. So they laid an ambush right along the Concord road. Perhaps forty of them laid and sprang the trap for Gege’s soldiers. That day half of Gage’s officers and a third of his foot were taken out of action, most permanently. This AFTER given the command to lay down your arms. Gage was naif enough to think that ordering them disarmed would….. disarm them. Just like these knuckleheads think “issuing the order” would “solve their problem”. It did not in April 1775, it WILL not in April 2023.

  7. This dumb bitch went to Ukraine for “solidarity” as they were literally trying to arm their citizens to “do their part for the effort”. No mention how the shooter was a product of the fucked-up “education”, or more accurately “indoctrination” system that she is the overlord of?

    • “This dumb bitch went to Ukraine for “solidarity” as they were literally trying to arm their citizens to “do their part for the effort”.”

      What possible reason is there for the head of a school union to visit an active combat zone?

        • You hadn’t noticed? All teacher’s unions in the US, afaik, are controlled by Democrats, and in some places such as California, radical socialist democrats whose aims are not limited to representing teachers in contract negotiations, but encompass a whole litany of socialist goals.

        • All teacher’s unions in the US, afaik, are controlled by Democrats,

          Worse yet, we have actual, REAL life, self avowed Soshullists in the US Senate and House that continue to get reelected in spite of their openly embracing Soshullism while amassing personal fortunes for themselves in direct conflict of their alleged beliefs… That is why Soshullism fails because those at top become greedy and will exploit their position for personal gain while preaching restraint and EQUITY to the masses…

      • Ukraine is a cause celebre for the left who hate Putin and his policies in regard to the alphabet conspiracy…..

        • I hate Putin, have for many years, because he is a dangerous murderer and kleptocrat, the God Father of Russia whose geo-political aims are not limited by Russia’s borders. But I can’t say as I have any idea what the “alphabet conspiracy” is. Nor do I identify with the left.

        • I think their statements about the alphabet conspiracy are amusing but concerning about the mental reasoning applied.

          Their commentators keep mentioning “existential” threats to Russia and trying use this to justify nuking various European capitals. I wonder how they would respond to cubist threats, modernist threats, and impressionist threats?

    • we’re producing a generation of fucked-up kids…who will eventually hate us for it….

  8. To stop this force it needs to be met with equal and or overpowering force.
    Not tucking your tail between your legs and hoping it doesn’t happen again.
    How many times are we going to let these criminals choose soft targets.
    Shame on the school for not being hardened in this day and age.
    All the schools in my area have on duty police officers assigned to the schools. They also have teachers who are allowed to carry concealed who have gone through training. They have one access point and all other doors are locked with no access from the outside. You have to go in the front of the school and pass through metal detectors. You have to be buzzed in. Why are schools not taking this threat seriously, STILL?
    You ever see school children in Israel out on the playground? Their teachers are armed with Galil rifles to take them out to play. That is security. Not a sign that says “Gun Free Zone”. That sign reads, “Fish in a Barrel” to prospective shooters.

    • The one thing that could have stopped the Nashville attack was bullet proof doors. She shot her way through two sets of glass doors with her AR.

      • The one thing that could have stopped the Nashville attack was bullet proof doors. She shot her way through two sets of glass doors with her AR.

        And apparently killed the custodian at the same time…

        • same thing happened at sandy Hook…normal glass doors stop no one…you’d think they would have learned that by now….

        • I’ve got better doors on my shop and it’s in the back yard surrounded by an 8 foot double-sided stockade fence… Front door is four inch thick insulated roll up with 150mph hurricane bracing and the side door is steel filled with reinforced concrete with a digital security lock… Where I keep my toys is more secure than most schools…

      • Nope. Bad idea. The ONE THING that WOULD have stopped this nutjob in HER tracks is this: ARM the older now dead, gentleman who stood, unarmed, as the first line of defense for that school. Had THAT MAN been armed, he’d have dropped the nutbag right onto her dainty little tush. Next, ARM the woman who was in her office. SHE had heard the previous gnsots and SHOULD have been ble to meet her adversary with lethal force long before the perps had located her that morning.

    • I seriously doubt her ability to teach a goldfish to swim.
      Those that can, do.
      Those that can’t, teach.
      Those that can’t anything, administrate.
      As with any union that comes to mind, including the one that I was a member of, they are headed by the most useless and incompetent souls that truly sucked their way up the ladder.

      • edward kenway:
        “Anyone else notice the symbiotic relationship between unions, politicians, socialist/communists, and money laundering kickbacks”

        In a word, YES!

  9. I ripped this off from another website and dont know anything about the author, but made sense to me.

    “The Second Amendment is a doomsday provision, one designed for those exceptionally rare circumstances where all other rights have failed – where the government refuses to stand for reelection and silences those who protest; where courts have lost the courage to oppose, or can find no one to enforce their decrees. However improbable these contingencies may seem today, facing them unprepared is a mistake a free people get to make only once.” — Alex Kozinski

    • Kosinski was a judge on the 9th Circuit until he resigned in 2017 after more than 15 women accused him of sexual harassment and assault.

  10. Scotland, Australia, New Zealand didn’t have an inherent natural guaranteed right to arms based in the absolute unalienable rights of life and liberty and the means to protect and defend those. SCOTUS has alluded to this many times with saying self/home defense was a right.

    What those countries and every country that has enacted a ban had was what their governments had granted them, basically, government permissions – what government grants it can take away, so it was easy for them because they already live in a modern day version of feudal tyranny and its all their people know as their people are born into having the government decide what rights would be so its normal to them. Their ‘rights’ were not and are not based in absolute unalienable rights. Ours is the only country and constitution in the world in which our rights (the first 10 in the Bill of Rights) are based in absolute unalienable right.

    It is not a hallmark of a “great democracy” to remove rights based in absolute unalienable rights, in fact, its called tyranny to do so.

    So Weingarten’s argument is a false logic argument, its not comparable or correct and is wrong about “great democracies”. Ya would think a teachers union boss would be educated enough to know this.

    The problem is not law abiding citizens owning guns, its mental illness and crime which care not for laws or restrictions. Even on a basic logic sense it doesn’t make sense to remove rights from the law abiding that are the only ones obeying the laws.

    What we need to repeal is Weingarten. Its her type of ‘stupid’ that is distracting from, and redirecting resources and time and attention needed for, handling the real problem of mental illness and crime.

    • They are also islands. It’s easier to control borders and reduce smuggling on an island. The US border is as porous as a sieve. Gun bans would work about as well as the drug bans. The result of a gun ban in the US would be more similar to what they have in Mexico, which also has a Constitutional right to bear arms. The Mexico gun ban is a laughable failure and leads to human rights atrocities on a daily basis in Mexico. Gun banners will say it’s a different culture or economy or whatever but that’s just them being racist again.

    • we’re the “great democracy”….they’re only minor players highly dependent on us to maintain what they do have…

  11. One could apply those comments of hers to abortion, but we all know they would never oppose that, for they are all in for the murder of helpless children.

  12. Get rid of public schools. Many problems solved, including stupid obese women flapping their gums about stuff they don’t know about.

    • Every red state should have a working school choice system. It’s slowly but surely catching on. We know blue states want to reserve the good schools for the wealthy.

    • how about just sticking to academics…and leave the social engineering to someone else?

  13. Look on the bright side: finally, a Democrat admitted that the 2nd Amendment actually exists and that it prevents gun confiscation! That’s a first.
    Compare that to other politicians like Beto O’Rourke saying, “Hell yes I’m going to take your AR-15,” or Joe Biden saying he was going to confiscate everyone’s “AR-14” (yes, he said “AR-14,” not AR-15).

      • Yeah, as long as it is chocolate chocolate chip… I like a variety of ice creams and they are ALL my favorite at that particular moment… I prefer to make mine at home…

  14. There is a process for amending the Constitution and the political left should try doing so. It will clearly illustrate the level of popular support for their views.

  15. The whining bitch is supposed to be teaching about American history in class,
    Not tearing it down.
    This is why if you have kids, DON’T send them to public schools,
    Their NOT the schools of past. They have been taken over by extremists.
    I hope the next real president dissolve’s the incredibly sick teachers union & make sure the so called teachers have their useless credentials destroyed so they can’t pollute the minds of the young again.
    & you’ll never get my weapons of any kind without a response.

    • Treat every school day as an intelligence op in occupied territory and debrief your kids every evening. Ask questions, be involved.

  16. Firearms should be completely unrestricted for everyone. As the nation goes down the toilet, the free-for-all would sort out many issues. Let the chips fall where they may.

    • Which toilet are you talking about, the ones made before government regulation on toilets that actually used enough water to complete the job with one flush. Or, the govt reg toilets that use about one gallon of water that you have to flush 3 times to get the job done. My friend when remodeling his house actually drove to Canada and bought 3 of the unregulated toilets which he smuggled back into the U.S. All because he wanted a toilet that worked. Do we want a govt that regulates toilets regulating firearms? Something to think about. Yea, I know, but just had to comment when I read about toilets.

      • There actually are some new low-flow toilets that are well designed and work better than old-fashioned high-flow ones. There is a good independent testing standard that uses the number of ping-pong or maybe golf balls that will flush down successfully when a toilet is tested. Most new toilets have a rating for this test given to them by independent testing agencies if they are any good. Pick one that has the highest rating. I think the last one I bought was the top-rated at the time and it was rated at 12 or so. If you crap more than 12 ping-pong balls worth then you need to see a doctor and perhaps re-evaluate your diet.

        The best new toilets have two flush buttons: #1 & #2 -which should be self-explanatory. You don’t need nearly as much water for #1. Saving water is not a bad thing. Water isn’t free, nor is sewer. Even if you have your own well & septic there are costs involved both going in and coming out.

        • The two button solution is a good idea. Even with the occasional multiple flushes on the newer style toilets, you’re still using (and wasting) less water overall.