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The caption contest is back after a two-week hiatus. Our previous winner of the Laserlyte pistol laser was Toby Johnson. This week’s winner will receive a package of Swab-Its Bore Sticks. Just enter the best caption for this photo by Sunday midnight to be eligible.

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  1. Hello my name is Ricardo Montalban and welcome to Fantasy Island tattoo the plane the plane boss.

  2. A hand made gold gun that works well enough for an assassin? And my bosses think you can ban guns? I need a new job.

      • In the books he started with a .25 Beretta. He was forced to take the .32 acp “which had the impact of a brick thru a plate glass window”.

        • You’re right, but in all the movies from Dr. No until he went all plastic-fantastic recently, it was a .380. PP in Dr. No IIRC, I think I remember the scene you’re referencing, and he does say 7.65mm, but the gun was a definitely a PP in .380.

          By The Man with the Golden Gun it was a PPK in .380 Just sayin’ pedantry and all that 🙂

    • Pull his teeth. Shave a flat spot on the top of his head for a drink holder. Teach him to breath thru his ears and you might have a decent manservant.

      • Always fascinating (in retrospect) how utterly civilized they generally were, compared to what we know would happen today…

  3. “You take the Springfield Armory offices, I’ll handle Rock River Arms and we’ll meet back here to wash the fudd off.”

  4. So, Mr. Bond: Do we turn and shoot when you start to say “ten”, or is it after you say “ten”?

  5. ‘The argument about whoever would pay the bar tab was turning deadly’

    I’m not in this to win I just thought it might be fun.

  6. “After I kill you I’m sending that gold thing of yours to TTAG for a review. Sure, the comment section will explode over the MSRP but I’ll bet it’s a better shooter than the last Wilson Combat JWT reviewed. Oh, and by the way, is that the Apex trigger?”

  7. “Personally, I would have ordered it in Foghat Grey…”

    “Bite my glorious golden gun!”

  8. “Okay. Ten paces, and then we turn and fire.
    One, two, three, … (BANG!!)
    Oh man, I can’t believe you fell for that, Mr Smart. It must have been the first time this month.”

  9. “For God’s sake, don’t shoot down! This inflatable isn’t bulletproof, and there are sharks out there!”

  10. Your single shot of 4.2 mm, vs my 9 rounds of 7.65 mm, and rather than just executing me, you are challenging me to a duel… wow, you really are crazy!

  11. “Did they take the damn press shot yet?”
    “I dont know. Lets just stay still and look good”
    “You’re gold gun is stupid”
    “You’re stupid”

  12. These photo still geeks don’t get done soon, I am gonna shoot one of them with this gold monstrosity!

  13. “You sneer at my golden gun, but what I’m about to do with it will cause all video games henceforth to revere it as the supreme one-shot man-stopper.”

  14. “Why is this leaking ink?…dammit, I grabbed the wrong pen again. Now I have to tip toe back to the lair while he’s counting.”

  15. In the opening days of society accepting gay marriages the rules had not been completely worked out. Divorces could be quite messy.

  16. Dueling is for schmucks. Just turn around and shoot the bastard in the head. It’s point blank range for crying out loud.

  17. Bond: After you miss me with that pea-shooter, are you going to take that thing apart, grab a blindfold, and light a cigarette?

  18. Dude from LOTR: “Prepare for my golden shower!”

    Bond: “Ooohh, I didn’t know you cared.”

    Dude from LOTR: “Bullets, shower of bullets you perv!”


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