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Adam Selene was the winner of last week’s contest. This week’s prize is a Battlefield Mixer courtesy of LaRue Tactical. Just enter the best caption for this photo in the comments before Sunday at midnight for your chance to win. So be creative.

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  1. All this complaining about revolver triggers being hard to learn. Some guys just need to hit the gym.

    Next thing you know, they’ll be warning about short shucking a shotgun.

  2. A battlefield mixer is that for spinnin records on the battlefield mix it up man or is that it alcoholic beverage mix mixer for the battlefield LOL.

  3. In the days before women rights and unions it was not unusual for bank managers to lock a few of the tellers in the vault on the weekend in case the alarm system wasn’t working properly.

  4. Sup ladies. I see your packing. How’s a brother like me go ’bout getting in the middle of something like that? Ooooo raaaaa

    • I’m shocked that it took 19 posts (16 if you discount the “congratulatory posts” about “Charley Chaplin’s Angels” [Which I think should win]) to get “Safe Space.” T’was my first thought.

  5. This is actually how people thought during the Great Depression, “all you have to do to be a hero is rob a bank!”.

  6. Looks like the Mom’s that Demand Action are calling the kettle black.

    Shannon’s secret service rush to protect their puppet master.

    There’s no way you guys are getting in this smelling like that!

  7. Sear Catalog caption reading: “The Tactical Dress and Pant Suit a winning combination. Whether you are going pick up the kids, cook a meal, or rob a bank. This outfit is for you.” and in small print in the corner it should read “Handguns not included.”

  8. “Mrs Watts……
    Mrs. Watts……

    ……………Please wake up!!!!”

    “SHANNON!!!!! Wake up!!!!!!”

  9. Gunwoman 1 “We’ll be safe in here.”

    Gunwoman 2 “I’m going to bank it off the receptionist.”

    Gunwoman 3 “You teller, sister!”

  10. These little women guard my wife’s vagina, I see them for a second before the vault gets locked every night.

  11. Back into the time vault, gals! We’ve lost this round to FDR and his NFA legislation… off to the 21st century to try again!

  12. “Rally sisters! Defend the vault! We cannot allow any of Victoria’s secrets to fall into the wrong hands.”

  13. John was quite proud of his new gun safe – if someone could get past the bank-vault-quality doors and locking mechanisms, he would encounter several innovative internal features sure to foil even the most determined thief.


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