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Jared — who owns a bar, in case you were wondering about that bottle opener — sums up his EDC philosophy by saying his gear has a “splash of old and simplistic yet Elegant pieces to make a simple life a little more simple.” Check it out at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. A “splash” of old? Looks like an old watch, two old pocket knives, a bunch of old keys, an old fashioned Cross pen, a money clip with a Kennedy half dollar, leaving only a car key and a pistol as being new!

  2. Something old, something new. Something borrowed and something blue.

    He’s ready to walk down the aisle.

  3. Interesting little warded key. I wonder what it opens… and how often it gets opened without the key!

    • slip joint knives are only for restrictive jurisdictions. they are a great way to chop off your own fingertips. But two of them? thats six blades and none of them lock. yea, whatever.

        • You won’t catch me in a bar without one.

          Of course the people at the bar have never caught me with one either…

        • that’s zero to felony in one beer.

          Pull it. Go to jail.

          Pull it. Lose firearm right for life.

          Pull it. Get shot by another good guy with a gun.

          If you need to carry in a bar, then avoid the bar.

        • I’d take your comment to heart there Splitlip… except for the fact that quite literally everything you just said is 100% wrong where I live.

          Before you piss and moan about whatever bullshit you feel is necessary to pull out your ass to defend your absurd accusation here’s the skinny: In Colorado, my state of residence, it’s 100% legal to carry in a bar. It’s also legal to drink while doing so. It becomes illegal if your BAC is over 0.08 or you’re intoxicated on narcotics, in which case, it would be illegal to possess the gun in your home too. On top of all of that just being in a bar with a gun doesn’t mean you’re drinking and in states such as Ohio that would also be legal.

          So no, one beer isn’t a felony. I wouldn’t go to jail and I wouldn’t lose my rights for life. Further, were you right, anyone else, staff included (who regularly have a drink bought by a customer btw) wouldn’t be a “good guy”, rather they’d be in the same boat. If you were right that is, but you’re not, you’re a dipshit trying to tell me what you think might maybe, possibly apply because you think it might be the rules in your state.

          Now, take your dumbass internet lawyer bullshit and fuck off.

          Further still; “If you need to carry in a bar, then avoid the bar.”

          Are you actually retarded? Like no, seriously, it’s a real question. Completely, like, totally paint chips with every meal fucking retarded?

          This is the kind of stupidity that should earn you a good, solid backhand slap to the face, a kick in the dick and a dunce cap. That’s grabber logic right there you dumbfuck. “If you need to carry in [insert here], then avoid [insert here]” is exactly the argument that grabbers use to say that no one should ever carry under any circumstances unless they’re a .gov employee.

          Just do us all a favor: Pick a method and end it all. You’re a fucking waste of resources.

  4. Splitlip says: “that’s zero to felony in one beer.

    Pull it. Go to jail.

    Pull it. Lose firearm right for life.

    Pull it. Get shot by another good guy with a gun.

    If you need to carry in a bar, then avoid the bar.”

    …I think you started drinking early.

    Unless you’re prone to having beers poured down your throat against your will, there is no special risk to being armed in a bar. In my state and many others it is perfectly legal to carry in a bar.

    And who is just “pulling” guns for fun? Certainly not legal concealed carriers.

    And If faced with a threat of death or great bodily harm it would be perfectly legal to draw your weapon and defend yourself- whether in a bar or not.

    Also, almost nobody *needs* to carry in the USA- we carry to have the peace of mind that we can defend ourselves in the small chance we are faced with the need to do so. This “need” argument is that of a dishonest anti-gunner. They will say “do you really need to carry a firearm to go to Walgreens?!” – It’s a bullshit statement. I could say, “why do you need to take a 4×4 SVU with 12,000 pound towing capacity to go to Dairy Queen?” . You don’t. The answer is I carry my gun through my day, I don’t “take a gun to Walgreens” specifically, just like you drive a 4×4 SVU and happen to go to Dairy Queen.

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