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(AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd)
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We’re not bringing back a weekly photo caption contest (at least not now) but we ran across this AP photo that was taken when a Ukrainian soldier took a break for lunch outside of Kyiv…and we couldn’t resist.

Enter the best caption for this photo in the comments below by midnight Sunday and you’ll win a pair of Howard Leight Bluetooth-enabled electronic earmuffs courtesy of Honeywell. Good luck.

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  1. Her: “Honey, you know what I’m really craving right now?”
    Me texting all my friends: “It’s a boy!”

  2. You got Russian in my peanut butter.

    On another note,, what is that brown stuff in the jar.

  3. Her: “You promise that you ate pineapple to make it taste better?”
    Him: “Of course I did….”

  4. “Ukrainian Guerilla Tactical is proud to announce the release of our newest product, the Infantry Dual-Purpose Ration. It’s the AK cleaning kit you can eat.”

    • Russians have always had a drinkable low temperature gun lubricant. It’s called Vodka.

  5. It would seem these also shot Russian invaders just as well, then we celebrate with a light snack.

  6. Vladimir seems certain that if they’d given him a proper hunting rifle, the rations wouldn’t be so slim.

  7. Gherkins, frickin gherkins, 60 miles from the Polish border and we’re eating gherkins.
    Inga ,have you noticed these care packages from the USA lately just aren’t what they used to be? I guess we’ve got the dirty Russians and they’ve got bare shelves Biden, god I’m glad we dont live there.

  8. When you don’t have ice cream and your AK can’t persuade your husband to go out after curfew…

  9. 1) “Here, Ukranians eat pickle. Russians eat lead”

    2) “In Ukraine, lunch and revenge on invaders: best served cold”

  10. Picture of menu selection seen on door of Anotoly’s Waffle House in Kyiv, Apr 1 2022.

  11. “Gun Jesus’ (Ian at Forgotten Weapons) offers the following for contemplation :

    “What Does the Invasion of Ukraine Mean for European Private Firearms Ownership?”

    • Ian WTF?

      At 3:04 you’re talking about significantly increased chance for private firearm ownership as a result of the conflict with NATO…I believe you mean RUSSIA.


  12. No one NEEDS a high capacity pickle holding device. Or a shoulder thing that goes sideways.

  13. When your expectant Ukrainian wife tells you what she’s craving, you had better not question her…

  14. He will be shooting bullets out of the rifle and flames out of his arse.
    1 belch will stop a tank platoon in it’s tracks.

  15. If you find yourself in a jam or a pickle, remember your AK. They work, they’re not fickle!

  16. Excerpt from a Ukrainian army private’s letter to home, roughly translated:

    “Dear Mom,

    Remember how they gave us no-doze for sentry duty? Well, Sarge says we’re fresh out, but they did find some of this. And we thought those pills gave us heartburn, phew! And no bread around here, hope you can find some for yourself today.

  17. No, seriously I’m not pregnant, just hungry and craving a good homemade meal. Those MRE’s just ain’t doing it.

  18. Inventory of confiscated items from a Russian Tank Unit…
    Sir, this is everything they were sent in with by Putin to fight in the War

  19. Lunch table at school…”Trade you my cheese and crackers for the AK!”

    One can wish.

  20. Ukrainian officer to Ukrainian infantry soldier: “I love the smell of pickles, peanut butter, jelly, and cosmoline in the morning.”

  21. Our European NATO allies have urgently begun field trials of Ukraine’s favorite snack.

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  23. This being Ukraine, the brown substance in the jar is probably sunflower seed butter, not peanut butter.

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