1. Something not politically correct….but I do see a “vest” in the picture though.

  2. I know little buddy… I hate that you’re limited to a fixed 20 round mag too… but hey, at least it’s piston driven right?

  3. This isn’t in any way funny… not because it would be politically incorrect to say otherwise but because it is seriously messed up. I genuinely feel sorry for that poor kid.

    • It is the culture he lives in. What we would consider sociopathic behavior, is normal for them. These poor kids are brainwashed at an early age. In a few years this kid will either blow himself up on an Israeli street or be shot trying to blow himself up!

  4. No dad I don’t wanna blow up infidels and collect 72 virgins I wanna watch blues clues

  5. Of course I’m crying. I want a real gun, not one with the orange plastic tips!

    • But…did you have an explosive vest, prayer beads, religous figure T-shirt, olive drab uniform, and a head scarf like he has?

      I had a toy M-14 and a WWII helmet liner. But…I did have a toy M2 .50 caliber machine gun with a tripod.

  6. Is his vest a typical tactical combat one or a suicide vest that is designed to explode?

    • M4s are trophies for them. Basically the toy AR says “I’ll pry one from an infidel’s cold dead hands.”

    • Mattel used to make the pastic parts for m16’s in the 60’s and 70’s. They had the equipment for injection molding on a mass scale. GI were freaked out when they noticed their equipment was made by a toy maker.

  7. I may get flamed, but man this picture is disturbing. This is a picture of a toddler in Gaza or the west bank dressed up as a Hamas suicide bomber. It is the epitome of why young innocent children grow up hating and wanting to kills Jews. Jews die as a result of this type of indoctrination. These children grow up to become terrorist. There is nothing funny about it and nothing to caption. It is just offensive and sick, plain and simple and should come down.

    • He might just be tired, or most likely, he’s overwhelmed by a mean environment. Kids just want to have fun. They are always 100% victims. We grown-ups are supposed to see this meanness ain’t inflicted on them.
      But I would rather see this image and your response, than not. I hear what you’re saying but expect more/other views. How would I consider all this if it weren’t displayed here? Still, he might just be hot, tired and thirsty.

    • This boy is too young to comprehend what’s going on, but it’s true that the Palestinians raise their children up with their highest goal to be martyrs. That’s a basic premise of the Qu’ran.

      “We will have peace with the Palestinians when they love their children more than they hate ours.” Golda Meir.

      • Found the quote: “God is our objective; the Quran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and death for the sake of God is the highest of our aspirations.” From the Muslim Brotherhood’s web page, per Wikipedia, but no longer available (but often repeated).

    • Well I have seen what their fathers do first hand.
      People don’t believe me when I tell them that the kids play kill the Jew in kindergarten.

  8. This is unfortunately not funny at all and is quite tragic. I can’t find the potential humor in it.

    • I can! Hell, any day religious psychopaths want to reduce their own gene pool is a good day by me.

      • The problem is that he’s a child. If a Jihadi bomb maker blows himself up on accident I’ll be right there chuckling with you. They don’t do that often enough, however.

        This boy is innocent and having his mind filled with dangerous hogwash that may one day inspire him to kill himself and other people. Look at the look on his face. He’s quite clearly scared. This is child abuse and psychological terrorism.

  9. Stranger danger .. Stranger danger .. !!!

    “.. but woe to the person on whose account or by whom the offence comes .. “

    • I thought the kid was just upset that his shoulder stock didn’t have a thing that goes up.

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