“When a person has a gun, their mind automatically triggers the thought that this thing will win an argument, settle any dispute and straighten people out.” – Shaka Griffith   [h/t David Brown]


  1. TL;DR

    Guns are awesome!

    Guns are cool!

    People are concealing.

    Here are some names of different gun manufacturers.

    I like guns!

    People, please don’t use guns.

  2. Yes, irresponsible people do use firearms illegally. That makes them criminals. NEWSFLASH FOR LIBERALS: Most of us are not criminals. Really. Check with John Lott.

  3. Shaka must be speaking for himself. When I carry, I’m mostly uncomfortable and plan to avoid any confrontation I can, probably even at the cost of my silly pride. The gun is to prevent the unthinkable for myself and my family, or possibly some other innocent bystanders.

    Winning an argument isn’t that important. I know lots of people who can win arguments, and are still wrong.

  4. Typical liberal babble…..I fear what someone else thinks thus I will try to stop the object of my fear by making whatever that is impossible to obtain thus I will feel better by taking the rights away from someone else so I no longer fear what other think….but my thoughts are better than yours so listen to me. I am liberal so I can make laws that will legislate human behavior — or at least fool myself into believing I can.

  5. I always like hearing people who don’t know me tell me how I feel about stuff. There are so any opinions in the world and it’s nice when someone disqualifies theirs. I appreciate them saving me the trouble.

  6. I typically go out of my way to avoid confrontation with jackholes even more when I’m carrying. If I end up having to shoot someone I need to be able to show that I did my best to avoid the situation. I think that is the thought process of the majority of responsible gun owners. Shaka can suck it!

  7. “When a person has a gun…”

    History and statistics prove his claim wrong though there is a tiny percentage (less than <1%) that do think and act irrationally and irresponsibly with a gun in their possession. To ban or limit guns because of the <1% would result in the unintended consequences of a far larger number of people (than current statistics) being criminally victimized.

  8. I believe that if Shake was a resident of the East side of Cleveland, Ohio he could not be more right. I also believe that if he lived in the West side of Cleveland, Ohio he could not be more wrong.

    This isn’t racism, it is proven fact. If Cleveland, Ohio did not have an ‘East side’ we would not have four news channels.

    • Usually, this is the way it goes in metro areas. It does not take a Rocket Scientist to figure out where the hot and happening criminal areas are.

    • No offense, but if Ohio didn’t have Cleveland, I think the rest of us Ohioans would be a lot happier!

      • “Totenglocke says:

        May 19, 2012 at 15:06

        No offense, but if Ohio didn’t have Cleveland, I think the rest of us Ohioans would be a lot happier!”

        No offence taken…

  9. “When a person has a gun, they realize that they must take extraordinary precautions to avoid a situation where they would use that gun in a moment of anger.” Me.

    I guess I can project as well. The second amendment gives the responsible person the benefit of the doubt.

  10. He also applies his form of logic to all 900,000 Florida CCW holders. Blanket statements come from the mouths of narrow-minded bigots.

  11. This comment illustrates an enormous gap between the gun culture we of the Armed Intelligentsia inhabit, and that of those media-soaked culture that has no exposure to responsible owners of firearms (or responsible anything, I imagine).

    • The reason most people don’t have interactions with responsible gun owners is because THEY DON’T KNOW WHO WE ARE!!!

      Plenty of people have very pleasant experiences around me all the time. The lady checking out my groceries at Kroger did last night. I smiled and everything. Key thing is, she just didn’t know she had a pleasant experience around a gun owner because I was responsible. Everyone here is. It’s really too bad there is no way to inform these people, like an awareness day kind of thing, because they would all freak out.

  12. Yes, because the purpose of CCW is to win an argument. If the guy I’m arguing with also has a gun, do we both win?

    • Maybe.

      But guns do win arguments. Allow me to explain.

      A man walks up to you on the street and says, “Give me your wallet.”

      You say, “No.”

      He pulls a knife and repeats himself, “Give me your wallet.”

      As you begin to back away, you say “No” again and pull your piece. He lunges, and you fire, killing him.

      See, the verbal exchange constitutes an argument, the gun ends the argument, and you keep your wallet. Therefore, you win!!

      /sarc off

      Sadly, the satire will be lost on Mikeb####### when he gets here to state how some fat rapper in NYC, whose music likely glorifies gangbanging violence and disrespect for women (I had never heard of Shaka until this post, but we can all project BS, right?), illustrates how gun owners really behave and think. Meanwhile, the rest of us can get a chuckle (maybe) at a bad attempt at a witty anecdote.

  13. Isn’t he just re-saying, almost verbatim, what Bill Cosby said after the Trayvon Martin shooting?

  14. I think it was Ayoob who said having a gun doesn’t mean you don’t take shit from people, it means you take a lot more because you could end the argument rather quickly.
    Maybe he and his crew think differently.

  15. I just read the article. The question he was addressing was “Why is the 9-mm the preferred weapon of choice?”

    Because .40 and .45 are expensive. Duh.

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