Not the funniest video ever. In fact, a bit of a damp squib, really. I mean, it’s not like the guy can’t RUN; the baby seems fairly incapable of covering him with his or her firearm. Still, that’s one cute baby. And we can use this video as a jumping off point for the whole Glock vs. 1911 thing if you like. Or not.


  1. I just got tired of the whole Glock Vs. 1911 argument and went straight HK across the board. The P30 and 45 models with LEM triggers are excellent… the only thing I miss from my 1911 is a nice beavertail. I could get a Sig if the mood for a beavertail ever struck me, but their DAK trigger is not my cup of tea, and I’m with RF that manual safeties are the devil. Add to that goofy decocking levers. I’ll go with my nice, simple, no safety, same trigger squeeze every time HK. I really do like Glocks and for the price and reliability I wish I was a Glock guy. But the Glock is not a natural pointer for me… the front sight ends up being too high and I have to do what in my mind I call the “Glock bump,” where after I punch out I simultaneously pop my wrists/forearms up ever so slightly. That cants my knuckles down just enough to lower that front sight post onto the target. My HK is a natural pointer for me, probably because Larry Vickers insisted on a 1911 grip angle.

    Does anyone else have this issue with Glocks? They must point naturally for most shooters because they’re so darn popular. Maybe it’s just how my body ergonomically interacts with the Glock grip angle. Thoughts?

  2. I was left with a different thought: thank goodness (for the baby…. with a gun) that the video didn’t star Charlie Sheen.

    and on an even farther note, with the upcoming political theater preceeding the presidential election, perhaps we’ve come upon the greatest politicians accoutrement to date

  3. Well kind of cute, however what fool would point a gun at a baby? I realize this is satire, however, I believe this is the kind of thing the gun grabbers would use against us.

    • Watch the behind the scenes video linked to at the end of the video. He never points the *prop* gun at the baby.

    • What the gun grabbers, or really anyone, could illegitimately use against you though is your horrific website design.

  4. I think Glock was making plastic child-proof bottles before the got into firearms so it should be cool.

  5. I viewed the video,and I’d say the creators saved themselves the airfare to Cannes.

    So, how about treating it as a 2nd Weekend Photo Caption Contest? Here’s my submission:

    “Who’s MY daddy? Why Gunny, of course. Who’s YOUR daddy, maggot?

  6. Both Glocks and 1911’s tend to go bang! when you pull the trigger and any reasonably competent shooter can use either pistol efficiently.

    Glocks are still ugly, though.

    Also, what’s with putting a revolver style trigger on a semi-auto? Yeah, I get the whole DA things, but still, you’ve got a modern firearm mated to a trigger style that’s been around for a 200+ years.

    At least JMB (PBUH) and the 1911 went all the way with a new trigger to go with the new firearm design.

    And let the flaming begin….

  7. IGOTD. I am not going to watch this video because I find the image used to sell it to be the most reckless disgusting thing I have seen in a long time. I can only hope that it is a photoshop image. As a father, albeit one who is an avid target shooter and self confessed lover of all things 2A, my stomach turns incredibly sour at the sight of the image of that baby in that image.

    • my stomach turns incredibly sour at the sight of the image of that baby

      I don’t know why. I thought the kid was kinda cute, and never once urped on the guns.

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