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  1. Of all the beasts who came to Noah’s ark, it was the dogs that showed up proving, once and for all, that they deserved the title of man’s best friend.

  2. After the great cat-astrophe of the Labrador offensive, Miles and Davis vowed to never be outgunned again.

    • Bragging rights. At least until the next one comes along.

      Plus men will buy you drinks,women will throw themselves at your feet, and you get a flying unicorn to ride for a week, along with all the .22LR you can carry. . .

  3. After a spike in dog shootings, those clever Belgian Mastiffs took the offensive to the MAXIMum…

  4. After years of being called dog faces by their squad leader (sgt. Bob) pvt Carl and spc. Dave finally got their revenge by pulling this stunt during battalion maneuvers.

  5. Christ! I hope that thing isn’t loaded, why couldn’t they have pointed it the other way.

  6. Dogs are noticing SWAT teams habit of shooting dogs and have taken steps to correct the problem.

  7. In a cost saving measure, the Soviet Union tried many different plans to replace expensive horses with much cheaper dogs, but without sacrificing speed. They found with proper motivation the desired results could be achieved. PETA did not approve however.

  8. “OK” said the armament salesman. “I know the ‘Cerberus’ model is kind of pricey. We offer this alternative for 2/3 the cost.”

  9. Everything was going good till they crossed into New Jersey. Now they’re both doing 7 -10 in the pound.

  10. Although licensed to carry in Pennsylvania these dogs (identified as the Baddog brothers, Duke & Spike) mistakenly took a wrong turn and ended up on the Benjamin Franklin Bridge which took them into Camden NJ. Since NJ does not recognize a CCW from PA the dogs were last seen running like Hell trying to get back to PA. All cops in NJ have donned full battle gear and are working overtime for free to methodically go door to door and shoot every dog they see. A reporter located the dogs and found that, apparently due to global warming combined with mysterious vibrations caused by fracking they had learned to talk. Their only comment was they wished they had thumbs and a booger hook. Spike later added they could also use a tire pump and more ammo but only if they get thumbs and a booger hook first.
    The dogs owner is Shaneen Allen who is under arrest for a similar crime.

  11. Climbing trees is no longer a method of egress for the neighbourhood squirrels. Also, the local cats are a lot easier to catch now.

  12. Whoever rigged this thing needs a refresher coarse on muzzle discipline. Do we get hazardous duty food for this?

  13. We’re gonna water whatever fire hydrant we want to. You got a problem with that?

  14. We’ve had seeing eye dogs for a while, gentlemen, and we’ve got bloodhounds and police dogs and helper dogs of all sorts. It was only a matter of time before we perfected the fire support dog. Future plans include adapting the carriage to accept a 106mm recoilless rifle or 81mm mortar.

  15. “Say Han, have you seen the new M2-K9 units?”
    (yes I know its not an M2, but you try making an R2-D2 joke when you have star wars stuck in your head) 😛

  16. Pete’s neighbour told him that his Labrador needed a bigger muzzle.

    Pete: This big enough for ya?!

    But, seriously, that dog’s about to get a bigger asshole.

  17. “Dogs Demand Action for sensible warrants”


    “Open Carry Texas’ trials their new spin proof photo op. “

  18. “Well show that smart ass cats what`s what.”

    “Are you sure Michel Vicks house is on this block?”

  19. Rolling Stone’s 5 most dangerous cannons: 1. Big cannon. 2. Small cannon. 3. Cannon on a tank. 4. Cannon on a ship. 5. Cannon pulled by dogs.

  20. “Tonight, an open carry group practices Dog shaming. Even Bloomberg finds them too cute to disparage.”

  21. Anyone that carrys a gun around with them also carry a feeling of Empowerment. As a result they feel that it’s not necessary applying reasoning to a situation that may require just that. Most time what ends in a bad situation could have been avoided. A gun should be considered as a tool that can help in protecting your life and your family. Citizens with a resonable amount of intelligence, Home Owners, Busness Owners, Law Enforcement, The Army, and Scurity personnel should be allowed with a gun.

  22. No white tail deer in sight, no wild boars, no squirrels, not even a bird. We love our work. drmrs 7/19/2014 Rockville, MD

  23. Until it happens you don’t really know what it’s like to be shot by dog poop at 700 poops per minute. Just try to get that off your shoes.

  24. Mush!!! We still have 324 miles to Bloombergz house. If he’s not home…the cat gets it.

  25. Because……the boys in blue insist on using our kind for target practice. Bad cop…… donut.

  26. This early era SWAT equipment shows exactly how the LEO tradition of shooting dogs began.

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