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TN percent of women getting handgun permits (courtesy

God bless John Lott. We on the pro-gun side of the fence need to arm ourselves with facts with which to defend our natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. And by God, John Lott’s got facts. Admittedly, I no more made it through his stat-laden More Guns, Less Crime than I did Oliver Sachs’ jargon-filled The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. I find John’s blog a much happier hunting ground for anti-anti ammo. Such as the charts above and after the jump, that prove that the “share of permits issued to women is soaring [in] Tennessee and Texas.” The charts show women’s share as a percentage of the whole. Just to please JL, here’s some 2013 handgun permit stats from the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security

The state of Tennessee issued 192,613 handgun carry permits in 2013. Of these, 43.3%  were originals, 52.2% were either renewals or reinstatements, 3.9% were duplicates, 0.6% were free, and 0.1% were new residents. The most active month was March, with 27,283 handgun carry permits issued . . .

Handgun carry permits were issued to males at an approximate ratio of 2.3:1 (133,780 to 58,833), with the age group of 46-50 years being the most populous for females, 56-60 the most populous for males, and 51-55 the most populous for the combination of males and females.

I’m about as good at math as I am at getting a date with a nice Jewish girl, but I reckon all those numbers mean that sisters are doing it for themselves. Protecting themselves, that is. Ballistically speaking. As they used to say, you go girl! Meanwhile, down in The Lone Star state, same thing, only the women haven’t quite broken the 30 percent ceiling:

Texas percentage of women concealed handgun permit apps (courtesy

Again, I can’t compute. So the TX CHL application breakdown by sex and ethnicity found here makes my head hurt. Suffice it to say, take that Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America! It seems that Moms are taking action for gun sense in their own lives and, thus, America. Result!

Given that women tend to be the locus of human reproduction, we can further predict that the children of these gun-toting women will have a positive view of their gun rights. Is the battle over gun rights now a battle of fertility? Is this trend another good reason to court women in gun-averse states (e.g., Connecticut, New Jersey) and get the pro-gun message to the so-called Hispanic American demographic?

We report, you get the picture.

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    • And proof that those of us on the side of the constitution are not sexist either, nor racist.

  1. Now THAT’S good news for the gene pool. I just told my beautiful black wife she is the “new” OFWG. I guess I rubbed off on her after 27years with me LOL

    • Any man who tells his spouse that she’s the new OFWG is far braver than I am.

      I couldn’t even tell any of my (ex)wives that, yes, their new jeans did in fact make their asses look fat.

        • I don’t have to tell my wife she’s fat. She always asking ME! She’s getting a tiny bit of a “tire” around the waist, but why not, she’s 52, and has earned it. She looks better than me, at 4’11” 102lbs.
          If you tell a woman that weighs in the neighborhood of 250lbs. that she looks “great”, that might get you a nice dinner that night, but your going to be rolling over on her side of the bed at night, because they will never do anything about their figure.

      • Q: “Does this dress make me look fat?”

        A: “No, your ass makes you look fat.”.

        You’ll all no doubt be surprised to learn that I’ve been divorced for about 10 years. . .

    • That’s great. I hope we can get even more black and Hispanic gals to be the “new OFWGs”.

      • Last time I was at Ladies Shooting semiar at Cabelas there were a lot of black, hispanic, and some asian women there. Oh and some OFWC there as well.

        More a chick thing than race thing. Women are starting to figure out, only one immediately avaiable to save you is you. Also shooting a handgun is a ton of fun, there’s that too!

  2. Good to hear, women on the way up in 2 free States, comparatively speaking, but any inside skinny on some lesser States, like the divided one I reside in? (Washington.)

    • I’d bet the percentage looks a lot the same in Washington, and most other places we’d call “free states.” WA may be more politically liberal/left than TN or TX, but it does have good gun laws (far better than Texas) and a solid legislative respect for the Second Amendment.

      We’ll see about the public’s respect for the Second Amendment (and personal freedom in general) when I-594 comes up for a vote. I’m not so optimistic about that one…a lot of low-info voters and progtards out there, especially in the cities on the west side. Our best hope is probably that 594 and 591 both pass, and then the legislature or the state supreme court decides what to do with them.

  3. We can debate the merits of calling women OFWGs all day long. The abbreviation is sort of our firearms-carrying self-deprecating badge of honor, after all.

    The bigger question? the merits of calling ARMED women OFWGs….

    My wife would probably laugh and high-five me if I called her that after a range visit. But as she’ll be holding a Glock 26 at the time I’ll probably say “you look just great doing that, sweetheart!”

  4. My mother-in-law isn’t anti gun but rather no gun in her house, so my wife had zero firearms experience. Since we started dating, I took her to the range whenever I got a chance and since we’ve been married she now has two pistols and her own mini-14…..the best part is her mom is now comfortable with any of us carrying.

    • She’s a keeper – and good on your MIL as well for being open minded and accepting on the issue.

    • Mini-14 – right on! There isn’t nearly enough Mini love in the world. Get her a side folder, a GB, and an AC-556. She’s a keeper!

    • My first ex-MIL was fine with a gun in the house. It was me in the house that she didn’t like.

    • I think more like “potential urban prey” age. Out and about at the mall shopping and dining with credit cards and cash, and driving a decent car. Target on back.

    • Nope, expendable income thing. Didn’t buy first gun until early forty, after no more college expense for the kid.

  5. I’m sorry, I just can’t equate Kristen with OFWG. It makes the brain want to explode.

    And then there’s Dana Loesch. More “yum” factor. Actually, they were making jokes about Dana and – or should I say “in” – men’s boxers this morning…

    … I’ve got an idea brewing…

    … the next pro-gun fundraiser …

    How about a “real women” and guns calendar? You know… Dana in boxers and her AR? Kirsten wearing anything she wants — she’s just drop-dead gorgeous. We could get Charisa Argys, Kendall Jones, Axelle Despiegelaere, etc.

    All proceeds to go to getting at-risk women a gun, CCW permit and training. Talk about empowerment!

  6. Ah, the “tolerant” liberal progressives, except they are intolerant of many of the things that I love: facts, conceal carry permits, women shooters, and female CCW permit holders. I’ll post these facts to my Facebook. Thanks or sharing.

  7. kinda of off topic, but “the man who mistook his wife for a hat” is a fascinating look into what can go wrong in the human brain. incredibly insightful, and scary when you realize how the tiniest blood vessel breaking in your head can change everything. highly recommended. i have zero background in psychology and didn’t find it a difficult read. it also has the story of the autistic twins who Rainman was based on.

  8. I took my CCL class in March and more than a third of the class was female. I enjoyed that, but I didn’t enjoy the fact that some of them made tighter groups when qualifying.

  9. Here in Washington, we are seeing an increase in new women CCL’s as well. In fact, I might be getting a government, that they may want me to carry.

  10. Just shameful. It’s getting to where a violent offender can’t get away with a safe day of assailing helpless victims anymore. When are the champions of victim-hood, such as Nanci Pilosi, Martin O’Malley, Eric Holder, President Obama, Michael Bloomberg (and his Mayors Against Guns), Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein, Pat Quinn, Mike Miller, Brian Frosh, and Mothers Demand Action going to finally do something and disarm these women? Disclaimer for ignorant politicians: This paragraph is composed entirely of sarcasm.

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