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Questions to ponder while Michelle substitutes Brussels sprouts for marshmallows in the President’s air gun:

Why did Rahm stop at only $65 per gun for his proposed new gun registration fee? And how long do Illinoisans think it will stay even that low if it’s ever enacted?

Is .45 really the right caliber to take a Toshiba laptop off line?

Where can the Army sniper team order some of those .50 cal rifles NBC found that shoot five miles?

Is willful ignorance really the solution to the problem of gun violence?

What will be Google’s next politically incorrect target for advertising exclusion? Fatty foods?

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  1. 1. $6500 per gun would not pass constitutional muster. $65 may get by as it is not “infringing” too much. It can always be raised later.
    2. .45 cal is best for pistol ammo, but those laptops have dangerous chemicals in them that should not be breathed after shooting. Just to be safe I would recommend shooting it from 5 miles away with a .50 cal.
    3. Let me know when you find out. I could use a couple of those for plinking and varmint control.
    4. No. My children were taught in school that if you see a gun do not touch but tell an adult. Guns are dangerous and kill people. How will our little ones know not to mess with a gun if public education doesn’t teach them?
    5. The next time the Obama administration brings suit against Google and they have to make a back room deal to get Eric Holder off their back, Google may make concessions because of Michelle Obama’s eat healthy kick. Fatty foods and salt will be next. If only the Democrats would ban Kool-Aid drinking….

  2. If only the Democrats would ban Kool-Aid drinking….

    That would be racist. Wait, is noticing that racist? I’m so confused.

    There was a radio program around here (I live in the greater Chicago land) a few months ago and one of the call in themes was “Don’t tell Rahm” The premise was Chicago is broke so Rahm has been trying to pass all sorts of new fees and registrations so people would call with radical ideas other cities have fined people for under the premise of “Don’t tell Rahm” or he’ll pass those too.

  3. 1. Rahm stopped at $65 because $64.99 looked too much like a Walmart price.
    2. Yes, .45ACP JHP is correct for Toshiba shooting based on optimum game weight, but remember…accuracy is everything.
    3. Any .50 cal will shoot five miles, but it helps if you make five miles stand on his head in front of a plain background at 10 meters.
    4. No. Willful ignorance is the solution to questions about women. Blissful ignorance is the solution to Chicago. Having a gun is the answer to gun violence.
    5. Obviously the next food Google wants to ban is apples.

  4. 1. Rahm stopped at $65 because there are certain alleys in Chicago where, for only a buck more, you can get a whole gun. With fries and some coke.

    2. .45 is the wrong caliber for shooting a Toshiba. I suggest that the 7.7mm Jap would be more appropriate.

    3. The Army can get those 5-mile rifles in the same place where NBC reporter Rossen got his degree in journalism.

    4. Willful Ignorance isn’t a solution; it’s a garage band from Harvard.

    5. Goggle’s next exclusion target will be Yahoo.

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