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Gear Girl Calendar cover/Chris CostaCertainly you remember yesterday’s post about the Gear Girl 2014 calendar. What wasn’t mentioned in that post, though, is that the calendar was “curated” (whatever that means) by Chris Costa. I’m guessing it has something to do with guns. Anyway, the picture on the left is the cover of the calendar in question, while the picture on the right is… well, Caleb linked to it over at ENDO, and I’m not asking where he got it. If you don’t like Chris Costa, the picture probably proves everything bad you ever heard about him, but for my part, I just think it proves he’s got a pretty wicked sense of humor . . .

Back in May, the city of Phoenix collected almost 2000 guns in buy-ups, planning on joyfully destroying them. Unfortunately, a new law going into effect in mid-September requiring them to sell forfeited firearms rather than melting them down gave them a difficult deadline to meet. Well, be not afeard for with the application of money, plus a little outside help from the US Border Patrol and BATFE, they managed to get them all processed and on the road to the smelter before the impending law could ruin their fun. It only dinged the taxpayers for 175 hours of overtime at a cost of about $10,000, and for that they returned four stolen guns to their owners and matched one shotgun to a 2010 shooting. Seems like a bargain. [h/t: Jerry K.]

You may recall the story from a couple weeks ago about Jon Lewis, the Iraq war vet/prison guard/convenience store clerk who actually stuck his gun into a surprised robber’s mouth. Well, Ryan G. sent a link to this CNN video which doesn’t really tell us anything new (although it’s the first time I’ve seen him on camera, and he comes off pretty well). The fun moment, though, is about halfway through where you can hear the reporter, Melody Pettit, giggle as Mr. Lewis recounts his actions. Happiness is made of girl giggles (and proned out girls behind high-powered rifles).

In the truest sense of “if you throw enough crap, some of it will stick,” a Florida Atlantic University communications professor, who previously claimed that Sandy Hook never happened and that the Boston Bombings were an elaborate mass casualty drill, is now claiming that the Navy Yard shooting was staged. His conspiracy ramblings contain all the usual ingredients, from “crisis actors” to articles dated the day before the incident. You can find his blog here if you’d like to follow him down the rabbit hole. [h/t: James]

One of those things that nobody ever really showed me, that I’d sorta (but not really) figured out by myself, was how to properly work a bolt without picking my head up. I ran across this video in the last few days and thought it might be helpful to some who haven’t quite figured it out yet. If you’re a HSLD Tier Zero operator who operates in operations, it probably won’t be much use to you, so go ahead and watch the video at the link in the first ‘graph a few more times.

I just wish the bolt on my Remington 700 moved as smoothly as this guy’s. Unlike his polished bolt, mine’s just plain ol’ black, the same finish as the receiver. Got any “on the cheap” suggestions to smooth out the action?


Urge California Governor Jerry Brown to VETO gun control bills here:

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  1. Yes i do Matt go to advanced auto or any parts store get some 2000 or higher grit sand paper and gently sand the bolt then go over it with metal finishing ( polishing) compound on a soft felt pad in your dremel

  2. Those of us that get into milsurp guns learned the Lee Enfield Mad Minute bolt routine. Rapid manipulation of a bolt action just requires a little practice.

    As for the conspiracy stuff, what needs to be said? You’ve gone past nuts and into full blown crazy when you start ranting about Fema death camps and Russian and Dutch troops training to help American troops bring about a police state in America.

      • Silly ain’t it? But I see references to dutch troops as being here and training to help overthrow our constitution.

        You get a guy sitting there in the dark in his apartment in his tin foil hat and streaked tighty whities drinking mountain dew and scarfing cheetos surfing the web 24/7 and he can come up with the most insane of theories. Beats me how they delude themselves so completely.

        • Oh geez. Now I have this mental image going.
          Thanks JWM.
          Quick, where the latest blue press catalogue. Better yet, where’s that link to the ladies shooting guns….

        • Do those conspiracy guys know that most of the modern European armies would probably lose going toe to toe to a boy scout troop armed with .22s?

        • Okay, no more cheetohs, well, except for the jalapeno ones, you didn’t mention them. Although I prefer olive oil and cracked black pepper triscuits with slices of summer sausage, cheddar cheese and coarse ground mustard.

        • What most people don’t know is that the Dutch military has a union. They aren’t helping overthrow a damn thing, much less our constitution, unless they are getting paid overtime.

      • As a shooter and a cyclist I’d love a chance to beat those bastard Dutchies at something for a change. Send some Belgies too! Easy pickins.

    • The Wife Acceptance Factor for the Costa Ludus carbine class I’m taking next month went up measurably after I sent my wife this pic of Costa. (Not kidding.)

      The funny thing is that the Costa pic came out *well* before the bikini-girl pic. I’ll leave it to others to speculate why this is.

  3. Lots of gay shooters our there, whether you want to believe it or not, and plenty of gay dudes who served honorably, maybe Costa is throwing them a bone… pun intended.

    Burt Reynolds ain’t got nothing on Costa! (Just please don’t do Play Girl Costa, don’t do it…)

  4. Costa has gone quite Hollywood it seems. He did that zombie thing, now this. I have not seen any such branching out by other well known trainers. I guess you can’t blame a guy for making a buck.

  5. The bolt techniques shown in the view were well known to any soldier of my father’s generation who were first issued a ’03 Springfield in the Army.

    Want a smooth bolt action? Winchester Model 70. Nice Mauser type action.

  6. The bolt video is interesting and makes me think, if only they could make some kind of device that can cycle the bolt for you . . .

    • Maybe have it use the energy of the fired cartridge to cycle the action? Whe truly live in an exciting age. First the steam engine, now this. What next? A machine that carries man thru the air?

      • Nah. Just stick with a lever. Smoother *and* faster than a bolt. I could get behind that flying thing, though. Where can I get me some wings?

  7. Maybe if they did more sexy men with gun’s calendars women and gay men would funnel into our cause! Sex sells. But so does food.

  8. After working for a guy who specialized in precision long range bolt guns I’m a huge fan of lapping the bolt and an oversize bolt handle. Check out some of the MidwayUSA videos Larry Potterfield does to see some easy ideas for a bolt that moves like butter on a hot skillet


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