We Shot A Thousand Rounds Through An Unlubricated Beretta Nano Just To Prove A Point . . .


Which is what exactly? That the Beretta Nano is the perfect carry gun for trigger-happy lube-o-phobes? Burying a gun in the mud. Rolling it in the sand. Submerging it in the sea. Throwing it against a wall. Dropping it from a motorcycle. Never cleaning it. That I get. But denying it lube? That’s just cruel.


  1. avatar 2Hotel9 says:

    OK, I give. Where is the video about the Nano?

  2. avatar MikeSilver says:

    1,000 rounds without lube ….. wussies. My competition glock is run dry and hasn’t been cleaned in 5K rounds (honest). It keeps working like a Michelle Obama at the buffet table.

  3. avatar Ralph says:

    1000 rounds through a Nano and it still works? Wow. I once shot a thousand rounds through a target and it looked like sh!t.

  4. avatar 2Wheels says:

    Doesn’t really impress me. I’ve seen one too many torture test videos to care when a modern gun does what it’s supposed to do.

  5. avatar RKflorida says:

    I was gonna do a Barny Frank joke, but didn’t want to get in trouble. I was very strong in resisting a smarmy remark that writes itself.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Good on ya mate!

  6. avatar Dave J says:

    So its put together loosely…..is that the point?

  7. avatar Tam 212 says:

    Hmm. Maybe it proves you don’t have to spend $700 on a Kimberly Solo. Which may or may not work. With your ammo. Even after “break-in”. 😀

  8. avatar Don says:

    Ahhh, but will it work if you strip all of the springs out of it? If not it is clearly a worthless pos.



  9. avatar Chuck Burns says:

    “Hmm. Maybe it proves you don’t have to spend $700 on a Kimberly Solo. Which may or may not work. With your ammo. Even after “break-in””

    I’ll have you know that I own a $700.00 “Kimberly Solo”. After two trips back to Kimber and now ready for a third trip back I can tell you that it may or may not work with THEIR recommended ammo as well.

    I’m very interested in the Nano. I like that it was designed to be a .40 SW but will be released as a 9mm. Seems to me that it will be a very durable and strong little pistol. But whether I buy it or not depends on the trigger. Not interested in another Ruger LC9 trigger. I have one of those already.

  10. avatar Jason says:

    Tiny pistols are very timing sensitive. With less mass in the slide, spring rates are critical. And with less travel, you have a very small margin for error. I can believe that they might have tuned one to run appropriately with no lubrication, and plenty of fouling. But now what happens if you run it clean and lubed? How much faster does the slide operate? How much harder does it end up bouncing off the frame at the end of its travel? Does the magazine spring have enough force and time to present the next round for feeding under those conditions?

    Maybe the Nano has a fairly wide envelope of parameters it will function in. But I want the way I carry it – cleaned and lubed – to be in the center of that envelope. If it functions well under conditions I’ll never subject it to, it makes me wonder where that center really is, what the gun was really optimized for.

  11. avatar syd says:

    The part that matters most to me is that a lot of blogs said the Nano wouldn’t operate properly with 115g fuel. That happily turned out to be fopa! My Nano put the rounds down range in a very respectable manner, and I was surprised at the grouping, considering I hadn’t fired a weapon in about 15 years. However, be ready for a jumpy little imp. You folks that have more practice probably have better recoil recovery than I do. Overall, I’m confident I got my money’s worth, and would recommend you get the extended mags for better control, even if you don’t load them all the way.

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