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It looks like NRA spokesman Wayne LaPierre is about to deliver a Valentine’s Day present to the gun owners of America. We’ll live stream it right here for you. Since this will undoubtedly auto-play once the thing starts, I’m going to pop the embedded video below the break. So make the jump to listen and discuss the NRA’s position on Obama’s State of the Union Address. We’ll bump it to the top of the page when it gets closer to the official start time.

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  1. Ug… here we go again. This guy is horrible at delivering speeches and his speech writers suck big time. Sure would be nice if the NRA would spring for somebody… anybody that has a 3 digit IQ for this stuff.

    • I’m glad someone else feels this way. This guy seems like an idiot when he speaks publicly, which in turn makes us look like an idiot. He should know exactly what the other side is gonna say since they always use the same arguments, but he can’t come up with a response without sounding like a teenager who just saw his first naked girl. There has to be someone better that the NRA can use that can answer questions, speak coherently, and not scare the general public(sorry Nugent).

  2. Oh good, I’ve got an hour’s head start on the drinking to help numb the inevitable disappointment of this guy’s speech.

  3. He’s not “with it” or “hip” but honestly from listening to him the past several weeks he’s not doing a horrible job at responding and testifying. The media really has to go out of their way to make him look or sound crazy. That is a good attribute in a figurehead.

    • I’m not worried about him sounding crazy. He does a pretty good job of avoiding that. What I’m worried about is him rambling and being (or appearing to be) out of touch. Maybe it’s a distraction. Maybe he’s crazy smart.

    • To me it isn’t non-hip, or anything like that. It is like a right wing Joe Biden. Just bumper sticker phrases and bungles. That and when he reads his already poorly written speeches, he can’t even deliver them right.

  4. Well he is their spokesman. It doesn’t matter to MSM. It could be anyone, and they will demonize it, call them out of touch with reality. Oh gosh they are killing our babies. You know the usual.
    I would like him to get better at public speaking though. Hopefully there won’t be any reporters in the room, no code pink etc. Get the message across and thank you..

    • I don’t care about MSM. They don’t need to do much with this guy. WLP sucks bad enough all on his own that I’ve yet to repost anything of his to my FB page for example. The guy is an embarrassment. NRA needs to either get with it, or GTFO.

  5. Ugh. That feeling in the pit of my stomach can only be linked to fearful anticipation of WLP brandishing his cane and shouting at the whippersnappers to stop playing them video games because they’re gonna go blind.

    • I have to laugh about that more now because I was flipping through an American Rifleman from the past year and there’s an article lauding the merits of Call of Duty because it teaches kids firearm identification, sight picture, etc. Hrm.

      • Yeah listening to him whine about video games earned him a special level of stupid. I mean clearly, playing a video game leads a normal person to want to kill people…

  6. I got a cold call from the NRA last night trying to scare more money out of me with DiFi’s AWB and the SOTU address. I HATE their sensationalized, yellow journalistic, smartypants fear-mongering and I’m sure it turns off millions of rational gun lovers and more importantly fence-sitters. Which is why I give my money to SAF, GOA and smaller independant groups. I told the lady on the phone all this, but I doubt they’re getting the message.

    • Why can’t their call centers, polls, and tv comercials be as rational and direct as this? If all their material had a reasonably complimentry tone I’d support them 100%.

  7. I’d like Colion Noir to deliver our speeches from now on. Al Sharpton and Rush Limbaughs heads would simultaneously explode. And he’s a lot better of a speaker. Win-win.

    • I won’t oppose them, but I won’t shy away from calling them on their BS. Quite recently and currently they are still running BS fear propaganda fund raisers, spiking otherwise valid court cases, and sounding like buffoons in public. They deserve a swift boot up the butt. Maybe not quite out the door, but they need to smarten up or get lost.

  8. Blah, it didn’t auto-play automatically. I didn’t tune in until 5:22. Guess I have to start it over when he’s done.

  9. I think the guy from “AmidsTheNoise” would be a welcome addition. We need more than one person. We’re not all the same and the sheeple take many different sizes and shapes as well. The more diversified our collection of spokes people, the wider the range of people we reach. Our opposition is diversified, a successful campaign would address that fact and offer a variety of pro 2a advocates for the undecideds to identify with.

  10. When I see Al Sharpton on television, I mutter, “Two words – Tawana Brawley,” and change the channel. When I see Wayne LaPierre or Ted Nugent on television, I mutter, “Two words – draft dodger,” and also change the channel.

  11. Alright. So SLIGHTLY more articulate…

    That is about as nice as I’ll get. The entire premise of this speech was BS. Did this moron really think saying that Obama mentioned nothing about the children would fly?

    “Of course, what I’ve said tonight matters little if we don’t come together to protect our most precious resource, our children.”

    Exact fu<king quote, but this moron must not have even watched the SOTU address.

    Then completely ignored that in the 23 excecutive actions was included provide law enforcement, first responders, and school officials with proper training for active shooter situations, and provide funding for additional resource officers (ie. armed guards in school).

    SOOOOOOO damn sick of NRA BS yellow journalism. Go screw and go home WLP.

  12. So far the ONLY thing WLP has been good at is being a low hanging piñata for left ad hominem attacks. How the hell does this guy help anybody when all he does is make an idiot of himself and the 5 million members he represents by tossing soft balls to the anti-gun media?

  13. WLP warned us that POTUS was a gungrabber and would try to tear down 2A in his second term. A lot of useful idiots scoffed. Oh, no, they said. Obama doesn’t care about guns. Gun control is the Third Rail of American politics; he would never touch our guns. A lot of those idiots were waving a false flag, and guess what? They’re not here anymore. Well, they were never really here in the first place.

    The NRA is our only hope, period. Whenever I hear a so-called “pro-gun” voice complaining about WLP or the NRA, I know that there’s a good chance that I’m listening to either a useful idiot, a liar or somebody who’s being played like fiddle.

    • There are groups far better and more capable than the NRA. Most of them joined up recently under FPC. WLP said Obama would be an anti-gun lame duck. No crap. Anybody that wasn’t trying to find an excuse to vote (D) knew that. If WLP would stop throwing low balls to anti-gun media, and making all 5 million NRA members look like jokes to any objective outside viewer, maybe I’d cut him some slack. If the NRA could ever join a legal case without spiking it, maybe I’d give them some slack. I’m an NRA member for the sole reason that it is required as part of a range membership. I’ll be looking into getting other groups accepted, because NRA is consistently being a waste of money.

    • I maintain that it’s fair to criticize the effectiveness of our messenger (WLP) while still supporting the NRA. I criticize because I care and want them to win, not because I’m trying to undermine WLP.


      Your Favorite Useful Idiot

  14. Eh, he did okay. He’s absolutely working the low-hanging fruit, but for 10 minute soundbites, that’s to be expected.
    He’s just not very damn charismatic. People here don’t think highly of Uncle Ted, but when he talks, it does seem like people listen. Wayne sounds like he’s arguing against a traffic ticket.
    Their PR commercials, though, are doing a much better job. Stick to those.

    • Yes he did ok, maybe he was listening to my talking points!
      The less he can give the MSM to defile gun owners with the better. Yeah it wasn’t blustery, but you know what he hit on the points and said thank you for your time..

  15. Crazy Wayne is not helping us, he is a caricature and he also he needs to stop getting plastic surgery and come out of the closet. That draft dodger, misogynist and pedophile Teddi Nug does not help us either. Both of their hair on fire antics are no better than the hair on fire anti-gun people such as Feinstein and Bloomberg. They gotta go quietly or kicking and screaming, but they gotta go.

  16. The NRA, and the gun-rights movement in general, has failed to follow Boyd’s OODA loop: Observe, Orient, Decide, Act.

    Self-Defense Tip: DABDA
    Posted on December 2, 2012 by Robert Farago

    Most gun gurus’ have a simple, mostly effective answer to the standing still problem: dial-up your situational awareness before the incident goes critical. Have a plan ready-to-go. If you’re prepared to move before you have to move you’re far more likely to move when you have to.

    This theory rests on the bedrock of Col. John Boyd’s OODA loop: Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. That’s how we all process information. If your OODA loop is faster than the bad guy’s OODA loop you might be able to knock him for a loop, and live to tell the tale. The key to OODA loop speed is practice.

    Whereas the anti-gun movement is always ready to “never let a crisis go to waste”, our side’s philosophy seems to be “fire, ready, aim”. I am hearing ads on the radio by Demand A Plan / Mayors Against Illegal guns — ads directed at my specific state.

    But no ads by our side. In a comment above, Ralph wrote that “WLP warned us that POTUS was a gungrabber and would try to tear down 2A in his second term.” Yet when the current assault against our rights came, the NRA was like a dear caught-in-the-headlights, without any coherent message or plan.

    And while I thinktheir latest ad against magazine bans — is this airing on TV or just the internet? — is a big improvement over their past efforts, they’re still struggling two months into this. Where are the ads against the “universal background check” and the other gun control proposals? They should have been thought-through and prepared and written years ago, ready to produce on short notice.

    Instead, by the time the NRA and other gun-groups get their act together, it will be too late.


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