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This story’s a bit elderly by TTAG standards, but I’m trying to clear my inbox, which has never looked so empty. Not that it’s empty. Just relatively empty. Unlike the guns of the¬†Waukesha Police, who returned fire on a domestic beef gone bad with 26 rounds. A fact that the TMJ4 TV reporter somehow forgot to mention; the headline writer at their AM sister station provided the round count. But really, is that so many? If five officers let loose the lead, that’s only five shots apiece. Plus one for good luck. Besides, no cops got lead poisoning and no innocents were caught in the crossfire and that’s all that matters, right?

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  1. OMG.. I used to live right across the street (in another condo complex). In 25 years of living in Waukesha, I had never seen a local LEO pull his firearm in public. For that matter, I don’t recall seeing any at local ranges, either.

  2. Restraining orders really aren’t meant to stop crazy people from being crazy. They are meant to give extra prison time to guys who are gradually becoming crazy, hopefully before they go completely off the deep end and try to kill someone.

    It’s a tool, nothing more. It’s not a magic shield, but when the courts give weak sentences for all the crimes leading up to the felony assault, it can help. Call it a band-aid on a broken system, but if used right, it’s better than nothing.

    I sometimes combine advice to get an order with advice to consider a gun.

  3. Reminds me of the time three Iowa City cops unloaded their 15-rounders on a perp they cornered who reached for his gun, and scored no direct hits. The only reason the perp went down (and didn’t kill all three officers) was because he caught a ricochet off the concrete in his shin.
    Cops’ aim sucks. Terribly.


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