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Wasting People in Comfort: Colbert Does CCW Clothes

We’ve been telling you about all the attention concealed carry wear’s been getting. Now Stephen Colbert gets in on the act – which is a pretty good indication that the whole thing has officially vaulted the great white.


  1. avatar IdahoPete says:

    New nominee for IGOD, if Colbert actually owns the pistol he was playing with. Let’s see, pointed it at the audience, pointed it at his ear….

    Yeah, that’s groundbreaking humor. As in 6 feet under. And what excellent safety training for his audience!

    1. avatar Van says:

      Or it could just be a prop, as is common in the entertainment industry.

    2. avatar Levi B says:

      You must get mad when people point guns at others in movies as well?

    3. avatar LT says:

      Can’t believe that was a real gun; no way the producers’d allow it. A replica, though? Certainly.

    4. avatar Phrederick says:

      With the camera angle you could see into the barrel, which was sealed.

      1. avatar soccerdad says:

        + 1 for paying attention

  2. avatar Esteve says:

    1. Not very funny.
    2. Don’t you have more viewers than he does?

  3. avatar CarlosT says:

    Agree about the IGOTD.

    But even though he’s trying to satirize it, it is true that if anyone clothed could potentially be armed, then the life of the criminal would become much harder. Those easy targets they so covet maybe wouldn’t be so easy anymore: they might have the ability to generate some extra holes the bad guy would rather not have. The average person would have nothing to worry about, of course. If you aren’t planning on assaulting anyone, then you won’t be getting shot.

  4. avatar "gunner" says:

    i don’t find colbert funny, but that’s not a surprise, i do enjoy a good joke, he just doesn’t have any, only rants.

  5. Com’on! Why so serious? That was hilarious.

    I don’t like Colbert either, but he made me laugh out loud a couple times.

    Make it work, people. Make it work.

    (Or am I the only guy here who watches Project Runway?)

    1. avatar LT says:

      I think (hope) you’re the only one – who watches Project Runway, at least.

      1. avatar jkp says:

        Obviously, you don’t have a wife.

    2. avatar soccerdad says:

      + 1 for having a sense of humor.

  6. avatar GS650G says:

    What do his body guards wear for concealed carry?

    1. avatar Bob says:

      CCW bikinis?

  7. avatar Don says:

    Colbert’s gun “sweetness” is a recurring prop. It doesn’t even make an attempt to look real. the barrel isn’t even hollow, it just has a divot in the end. It’s made of plastic and hilariously flimsy (probably by intent) which usually adds a bit of physical comedy to the act.


  8. avatar JR says:

    Nit pick all you want, that is just more proof of the normalization of gun rights and carry laws.

    1. avatar Ropingdown says:

      Exactly my reaction.

  9. avatar Mike2588 says:

    37? I believe it’s 49

    correct me if I’m wrong

    1. avatar Jay Dunn says:

      Probably closer to 37 if you only count “shall issue” states, but technically you are correct.

  10. avatar "gunner" says:

    it isn’t only “the gun thing”, the guy just isn’t funny, a good joke has a story line, and a punch line, e.g: up here in vermont a few years back we had a hunter go missing, after the search parties found no trace of him the coroner’s verdict was “something he disagreed with ate him.”

    1. avatar soccerdad says:

      while I’m certain you were not joking, you sir, made my day. + 1 for humor

      1. avatar "gunner" says:

        @ soccerdad,
        if that was a reply that’s an old hunting joke, a variant goes “so lady ashley-jones, you’re a widow, what happened to your husband?” “we were hunting in africa, and something he disagreed with ate him.” same joke, different setting, and if the +1 was for my joke thank you sir, the next round is on my shout.

  11. avatar soccerdad says:

    Not a big colbert fan, and clearly he was ‘mocking’, but guess what? As they say, there ain’t no bad publicity. 1) Getting the word out to all his lib viewers about the growing prevalence of CC across the country, and 2) possibly planting that little seed of doubt in any bad guy watching. Maybe they will stop and consider….”could this target be packing?” And for that, i give a grudging +10 to the Colbert report. .

    1. avatar Phrederick says:

      And another -10 for summing the whole thing as though it was a recipe for shootouts and blood in the streets with lines like “so long as anyone doesn’t make any sudden moves”.

  12. avatar Brandon says:

    Seems to me that he was making fun of The New York Times as much as was the CCW clothes.

  13. avatar Daver says:

    He’s making fun of companies trying to cash in on CCW. He’s making fun of the fact that some clothing companies want you to believe that CCW clothing is both “normal-looking” but at the same time, that the clothing might also spark fear in would-be criminals. You can’t have it both ways, and the fact that some clothing marketers think it is a good marketing strategy just shows how little they really care about CCW.

    Moral of the story: if you conceal carry, stick to well-established retention systems and avoid clothing gimmicks.

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