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After recent mass shootings, I’ve seen a particularly unhinged request in comments sections: publish images of the dead. It seemed for months like nobody was going to answer that ugly call, but after warnings from some of the victims’ parents, the Washington Post ran a non-paywalled post yesterday doing just that. I will not be sharing links to it, but it shows a lot of bloody images of school shootings and other attacks. One photo included showed bodies left behind after the Las Vegas shooting.

The media, of course, has every right to do this. The images are mostly taken from law enforcement evidence and those that were published were obtained by WaPo lawfully.

But just because you can legally do something doesn’t mean it’s morally right. Particularly when you do it as selectively and cynically as the Washington Post has. The Post has published only photos from shootings carried out by killers with AR-15 rifles. It’s chosen images designed to shock in a clearly politicized attempt to whip up opposition to “assault weapon” ownership.

The fact that shootings with ARs constitutes a tiny minority of all shootings in America — even using the inflated numbers cited by the WaPo from the debunked Gun Violence Archive — didn’t warrant a mention by the paper. The implication here is that that the aftermaths of shootings committed with ARs are somehow more bloody or shocking than those carried out with other weapons like shotguns, handguns, knives, or bombs.

That, of course, is false. But the Post’s editors had a cynical political point to make and didn’t care about the effect the published photos might have on victims’ families or survivors.

Parents’ Opposition

The only reason we knew ahead of time that the Washington Post was going to publish this activist stunt was that many of the parents and relatives of the shooting victims expressed their opposition on social media.

Here’s a tweet from Kimberly Garcia, a parent of a child who died at Uvalde, begging social media users to not look at the images and to not share them. I chose to honor her request and did not include links in this article.

Here’s another tweet from someone who lost a loved one, warning people about what was coming . . .

Phillips revealed the date of publication and said she knew why WaPo intended to do it. They supposedly want the public to “better understand the trauma” associated with these shootings so that the public can know what it’s like to be a victim of them or a responder who has to deal with them.

As a Post editorial claimed . . .

A responsible newspaper does not publish such upsetting images lightly, but doing so showcases the destructive force of the AR-15 in a way words fail to do.

The fact remains that the Washington Post knows that the families and friends of the dead will suffer emotional harm from the publication of these photos. That’s clear from their attempt to reach out to give them a “heads up.”

But none of that ultimately mattered. The Post concluded that the political and potential anti-gun benefits of publishing the images outweighed any trauma and harm they might do to the shooting victims’ parents and survivors.

People Already Understand

Make no mistake…these images were released under a false pretext. Just about everyone knows the pain of losing a loved one. Almost everyone has lost a loved one, whether it was a grandparent when you were a child or a parent when you were older. Whatever age you might be, you’ve probably lost friends and family to accidents or illness. . Some of us have witnessed death first-hand.

The Post’s editor, Sally Buzbee attempted to justify publishing the images this way . . .

But because journalists generally do not have access to crime scenes and news organizations rarely if ever publish graphic content, most Americans have no way to understand the full scope of an AR-15’s destructive power or the extent of the trauma inflicted on victims, survivors and first responders when a shooter uses this weapon on people.

Releasing gory images, however, doesn’t improve our ability to empathize with those who’ve lost their loved ones. We already know what it’s like to lose people close to us. That pain runs just as deep whether the cause of death was old age, cancer, or a deranged killer who took them from us.

That I had to take a break from writing after typing that last paragraph (and you may have needed a break after reading it) is proof enough that most of us know what it’s like already. We get it. We understand completely.

In the end, we decided that there is public value in illuminating the profound and repeated devastation left by tragedies that are often covered as isolated news events but rarely considered as part of a broader pattern of violence.

The goal here, however, wasn’t to increase understanding or empathy, let alone illumination. The Post didn’t include photos of the aftermath of the Virginia Tech shooting (32 dead, handguns), an average weekend in Chicago (scores shot, double digit fatalities, also using handguns), or the University of Idaho stabbings, or the Wisconsin parade attack (SUV).

The goal here was to shock people into supporting gun control laws, possibly another “assault weapons” ban. The bloody images were published to get people in a mental state where they suspend their critical thinking skills and are open to the idea that limits on gun rights will solve the problem. It’s an intentionally deceptive, manipulative assault on the human mind and soul designed to create a political opening that statism can exploit.

This Is The Behavior Of Vultures, Not Humans

When a death happens in the desert, it isn’t long at all before the ecosystem gets to work recycling the materials that once enabled life. Why? Because nature is a brutal place. If an animal doesn’t take advantage of every opportunity for sustenance, that animal will themselves be dead before too long. Vultures specialize in this, and have excellent vision in order to spot such opportunities from high in the air.

But, as humans, this is not our way. We aren’t made and/or evolved to seek out the dead and take advantage of them. It’s in our nature to care about each other, even after they’re gone. We honor our dead and remember them instead of looking for ways to use and take advantage of them.

The fact of gun control’s failure has driven the so-called journalists at the Washington Post to this kind of ghoulish desperation. They’re behaving more like members of the Donner Party, using the dead to benefit themselves and further their own interests. They’re so invested in civilian disarmament that they’ll do anything to try to revive their cause, no matter the cost to the people who were affected or their own humanity.

We shouldn’t share the links or the photos, but we should definitely let these people know what we think of them.

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    • “Washington Post In Full Politicized Vulture Mode With Publication Gory Mass Shooting Pictures“

      Fascinating, you folks are outraged because the WP chose to publish the photos of the mass shootings, it seems y’all are coming down squarely on the side of censorship.

      So it’s an evil liberal conspiracy when the mass shooting manifestoes aren’t immediately publicized, but the photos of the actual event should be censored.

      There’s a word for that.

      • Miner, there is context. The WP deliberately only showed events where a AR-15 was used and then also deliberately ignored events where pistols and other weapons were used.

        • “The WP deliberately only showed events where a AR-15 was used”

          So the WP intentionally limited the photos they published, wouldn’t that be a good thing?

          If memory serves me, I recollect many folks on this list demanding full transparency regarding these mass shootings, diaries, videos photos, etc.
          So why the censorship of the actual crime?

          Some here say they worry about copycats being encouraged, wouldn’t printing the diaries and videos from the killers also encourage copy cats?

        • Again, you missed the context of deliberate bias showed by only presenting photos where one particular firearm was used while ignoring all others.

          Close range pistol and shotgun wounds can be a lot worse than a .223 projectile. Close range shotgun wounds are downright horrific in comparison.

          Even knife wounds can be very messy affairs but none of those were shown either.

      • MajorLiar,

        I’m sorry, total @$$clown, but I missed both the part of the article, AND any reference in the comments, to PROHIBITING the WP from posting those pictures. Discretion and good taste and manners =/= “censorship”, you complete buffoon. Not ONE line in that story, or one commenter, has suggested forbidding that, you idiot. Do you even know the definition of the term “censorship”, you drooling moron??

        You remain too stupid to insult.

      • There’s a word for your thought process, too. It’s called “Straw Man”.

        Just because I think you should shut your pie hole doesn’t mean I want the jackbooted Democrat thugs to silence you.

      • Minor49IQ – must suck that all of these deranged killers are leftist Democrats huh? How’s that’s working out for your narrative?

    • Actually you would see an American soldier with his M1 rifle guarding the former prison guards. Who committed those murders. It’s always been a good guy with a gun that stops bad people with guns.

      The media will never post the pictures of the good guys who stop these murders with their guns. And the media will not post the pictures of the bad guys who run these government agencies, that allow bad people to get guns in the first place.

      The Air Force chain a command that failed to notify Government agencies about an abusive military individual. Who later shotup a church. Their pictures should be posted.

      • “The Air Force chain a command that failed to notify Government agencies about an abusive military individual. Who later shotup a church.“

        Now hold on just a minute, I thought you guys maintain the second amendment has no limitations and that withholding firearms because of domestic abuse charges was unconstitutional.

        So now they should ban the subjects of DVPs from possessing firearms, that’s quite the turn around.

        • Wow, miner. I know you’re stupid enough to back anti semitic thugs. You do not have to prove any further how stupid you are.

          But you do you, boo. It helps sell guns.

        • They can’t ban a sporting or another firearm (unless it’s “dangerous”) that’s the most popular and in the widest legal use in the entire country PERIOD. No matter how many America hating lefty’s think otherwise…

        • MajorLiar,

          NO, you drooling moron. I have ALWAYS agreed that a VALID (i.e., due process properly observed) conservatorship or restraining order, AFTER proof at trial of actual violence in mental incapacity, is WHY “Red Flag” laws are bullsh*t, not needed, and not Constitutional. (I know the whole concept of ‘due process’ just p*sses you Leftist/fascists off, because it won’t let you jail your political ‘enemies’ for nearly two years for completely non-violent conduct (while your Antifa/BurnLootMurder thugs regularly burn property and buildings with no consequences).

          That was a swing and a miss, dumb@$$. Don’t pursue a career in major league baseball; your batting average would be zero.

          Y U always B lyin’, MajorLier??

        • So domestic violence accusations = hearing voices and having homicidal intrusive thoughts? Getting lost out in the corn fields bud?

        • I can tell by your comments and twisting of truth that there is no value in answering. There is part of a saying that “you can fool some of the people ALL of the time”. You definitely fit into that category! Sad!

    • My father in law was one of the troops at Dachau. And that is all he would say about it. Plus he harbored a life-long hatred of Dobermans and German Shepherds. All of the guard dogs at Dachau were shot. Plus a number of former guards.

        • I’ve heard that the liberation of Dachau was going relatively smoothly, until the GIs looking through the warehouses of clothing found the bins of baby shoes.

      • “Those GI’s must not have been as hard hearted about killing babies as you, miner”

        Yep, being only human, I would probably commit multiple war crimes were I placed in that situation.

        But I would hope I could keep my head and not shoot the dogs.

  1. The anti-gun nuts keep thinking mere legislation can override the Second Amendment, despite Bruen. Actually, the anti-gunners keep hoping Thomas will die in office, during a Dimwitocrat majority in the Senate.

    • Yeah, I was thinking about when theBiden wins again in 2024 and then how the Supreme Court Judges start having slip and falls and hunting accidents.

      • “Supreme Court Judges start having slip and falls and hunting accidents“

        Already happened, Justice Scalia was killed at a Republican hunting camp.

        And Justice Thomas had better watch out taking those luxury bribe-cations from billionaires…

        “Cibolo Creek Ranch Begins To Look Like A Payoff To Antonin Scalia
        FEB 17, 2016by
        Republicans like to describe the recently deceased Justice Antonin Scalia as a principled conservative who repeatedly ruled in favor of big businesses who had cases before the U.S. Supreme Court because of his “originalist” legal principles.

        That’s not what it seems was going on with Justice Scalia and John B. Poindexter, the owner of the Cibolo Creek Ranch where Scalia was found dead last week.

        Last year, the Mic Group, a subsidiary of a company owned by John B. Poindexter, was facing a discrimination lawsuit before the Supreme Court. Under circumstances that are not yet fully understood, the Supreme Court refused to allow the case against Poindexter’s company to go forward.“

    • Most, if not all, of their ideological tenets fall into the “if you believe it hard enough it’ll come true” category.

      • “Most, if not all, of their ideological tenets fall into the “if you believe it hard enough it’ll come true” category.”

        Same crowd who thinks that if endangered by an active shooter, if you cover your eyes, the shooter can’t see you.

      • This was an attempt at ‘shocking’ the public with graphic images.

        What they fail to comprehend here, is the stark reality that their own creature, Hollywood, has been doing this for *decades* now.

        They are so immune to it (and the public has become immune to seeing it) that they actually celebrate and compete to win ‘awards’ for having done so. (I’m referring to the annual Oscar Awards in technical competency).

        The shock value is *gone*. Websites like the old ‘’ and ‘’ showed the real thing, in full 1080p glory, all the gore there.

        This would have been effective had it been something never seen before, but the Hollywood effects companies (Known as ‘FX’ in the trade) have had these images for decades, and have replicated them in all the gore for the movies they have made.

        It’s too little, too late, Leftists, your own sycophants have immunized the public all too well with blockbusters like ‘Scarface’, starring Al Pachino…

        • They are shocking more people into buying more guns. Ever since the miner49er supported massacre in Israel and this last shooting here I have been flooded by non gun owners here in the bay area asking how they become gun owners.

        • “Ever since the miner49er supported massacre in Israel”

          Nope, the Hamas terrorists have committed war crimes against innocent civilians, just as the IDF has committed war crimes by bombing innocent civilians.

        • Terrorist or freedom fighter, miner?

          You getting nervous? It’s not like you’ll ever face justice for your crimes, professor. Relax and let you inner not-zee out. You do it so well.

        • MajorLiar,

          ” . . . just as the IDF has committed war crimes by bombing innocent civilians.”

          MajorIdiot, tell us you have NO FREAKIN’ CLUE of the definition of “war crime”, without using those words. Oh, you just did, didn’t you??

          Hamas committed the PREDICATE warcrimes of co-emplacing their facilities, armories, bomb factories, and headquarters with civilian facilities, specifically including building them UNDER hospitals and mosques and schools (that is defined, in actual international law, as a warcrime, you complete lackwit). Israel gave almost two weeks’ notice, told civilians in Gaza to GTFO (which Hamas then deliberately PREVENTED the civilians from doing), and has STILL not bombed Al-Shifa hospital (whish sits on top of the tunnel complex most intelligence analysts consider the operational headquarters of Hamas).

          Whereas Israel has used “roof knocks” and sound trucks to warn civilians to GTFO (which the Hamas-holes STILL won’t let them do). You know no facts, you know no law; all you know are your Leftist/fascist talking points and narrative.

          Y U always be lyin’, MajorLiar??? “Thou art a mountebank, MajorLiar; thy would perform the most absurd, japish simulacra of comedy and wit in lieu of actual thought. MajorLiar, thou art a clown and a mountebank. Thou art a coward and a slinker, MajorLiar; thou come around with your clownery, making the most absurd claims, and when confronted with it, thou slinkest away like the coward thou art, lest ye be shown as the clown thou art. MajorLiar, thou art a coward.”

          Certainly, I can understand why you have no wish to engage in actual discourse; every time you’ve essayed that, I’ve proven your idiocy, slapped you around, given you a couple of swirlies, and sent you crying back to your mommie’s basement. And I shall continue to do so, MajorLiar, because you disgust me, I find your faux erudition and ‘research’ intellectually and morally offensive, and . . . I like playing whack-a-mole with inept idiots such as yourself.

          Run away like the little coward that you are (it’s about all you’re capable of), but I shall still continue to visit logic, facts, and scorn on you when you come here posting your lies. EVERYONE on this board (except your butt-buddies, dacian the demented, jsled, and Prince Albert) KNOWS you are a partisan, Leftist/fascist clown.

    • Yep. Israel should release worldwide the GLEEFUL murder,decapitation of babies,burning alive and documented rape of Jews by Hamas scum. RE: the dead tree mafia Er media. Didja include Chiraq in your dumbazz “expose”. Oh yeah the Vegas mass shooting was covered up at nearly JFK assassination levels🙄

    • Now they are overtly supporting the 9/11 attacks. “Skulls full of mush” seems to fit these gullible people quite succinctly.

  2. These would be the same people who tear down photos of hostages taken by the terrorist group Hamas or show pictures or videos of the terrorists shooting unarmed innocent civilians.

    • Edit, “or who will not show pictures or videos of the terrorists shooting unarmed innocent civilians.”

  3. I wonder if these imbeciles be willing to publish actual photos of wounds from twenty-two caliber, AR-15 rodent rifles while also publishing photos of wounds from 12 gauge shotguns loaded with slugs, “harmless” buckshot or even birdshot to put the photos in context?

  4. The fact that something is legal to do, it doesn’t necessarily follow that such a thing should be done. Morality comes later.

    This is true with everything in life. Not just guns. Sometimes, it needs to be done but at a different time.

  5. OK, I’ll agree that the WaPo is making political points. We know that gun control activists dance and wallow in blood at every opportunity.

    However, I also think Americans are too sheltered from reality. Because the medial long ago decided they won’t show graphic images, many Americans simply can’t comprehend what a disaster is. Americans think Hollywood is real. You shoot a guy, he claps his hand over a microscopic hole, with a little spurt of pretend blood, and falls over. Worse, someone like the Punisher gets shot every other day, and doctors himself back to full health and full strength, along with a camera shot of a female accomplice’s cleavage.

    Americans should be exposed to reality. WaPo has the wrong reasons for their shock treatment story, but I can’t condemn them for reporting facts.

    Bullet holes are almost always messy and gory. If anyone here fails to understand that, I shot a deer with a .308, smashed a leg bone, and the haunch and leg were only attached by a few shreds of hide and muscle. Destroyed most of that hindquarter, no one wanted to eat that.

    Americans really do need to understand that. Sanitized pablum doesn’t make for informed citizens.

    • “However, I also think Americans are too sheltered from reality. Because the medial long ago decided they won’t show graphic images,…”

      Wrong, they show it all the damn time in ‘slasher’ horror movies the teenagers now see regularly. Aren’t they up to ‘Scream 37’ by now? (*slight* sarcasm).

      How do you think they made it look so real? The Hollywood ‘FX’ companies have been fed real-deal crime scene photos by the police agencies that took those photos, on the down-low.

      This might have worked if it was truly new, but the shock value is *gone*, and it’s the Left that did it for us… 🙂

      • “they show it all the damn time in ‘slasher’ horror movies“

        No, people understand those are just movies and not reality. Most moviegoers don’t have any trouble differentiating between the illusion of violence on the screen and photographic evidence of actual humans being killed.

        I think violent video games are much more of a problem, they require the actual participation of the gamer as opposed to the passive observers of a Hollywood film.

        Folks watching a Hollywood movie never pull the trigger, as opposed to gamers who enthusiastically participate in the mayhem and violence.

        • No mystery, jwm,

          If Leftist/fascists like MajorLiar didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

          Ask him how many of the VIOLENT rioters outside the DNC and House Office Building should be arrested and held without bail for two years, in solitary confinement.

          MajorLiar is a lying liar who lies.

        • “You must be calling for censorship“

          No, I said I thought video game violence is more of a “problem” than movie violence.

          jwn, I will admit, West Virginia elementary schools are not the best, so it’s not really your fault that your reading comprehension seems somewhat challenged.

        • “…your reading comprehension…”

          Funny you should mention that.

          “jwn, I will admit, West Virginia elementary…”

      • “Funny you should mention that.“

        Yep, WV is rather rural but we’ve had elementary schools for decades.

  6. “After recent mass shootings, I’ve seen a particularly unhinged request in comments sections: publish images of the dead.”

    That’s because there is a sick loosely organized obsessed left wing liberal cult ‘following’ of ‘mass shooter/killer’ worshipers. There’s at least one such worshiping cult following for every ‘media sensationalized’ ‘killer category’. They are always younger left wing liberals today, usually in the age 18 – 30 range. Its nothing new really, for example, Son-Of-Sam had such worshiping cult following for him as did the Zodiac killer, Jeffrey Dahmer had a small worshiping cult following.

    They always troll the media outlets trying to get dead victim pictures. They visit the scenes of the horrific events and leave flowers somewhere near by in remembrance of the killer on the killers birthday, they try to get together with others of the same inclination and sometimes have a celebration party on the killers birthday. They have ‘remembrance days’ in honor of the killers. They try to collect anything that might be associated with the killer, sometimes they quietly stage limited ‘walk through re-enactments’ at or near a scene where an incident happened. They go so far as to try to dress like the killers did and eat the foods the killer liked or drink the same beverages, have their hair styled the same, try to imitate their mannerisms and the way they moved or talked, they are obsessed with everything about the killers and worship them, they pay homage to them by trying to do these things.

    Its extremely ‘segmented’ into distinct followings. For example; There’s a separate worshiping cult following for mass shooters but its got those who only follow the mass shooting killers for schools (e.g ‘school shooters’) and those who only follow the mass shooting killers that did not happen in schools, and there are those who only follow killers who used knives (e.g. Richard Speck had his following).

    They are .

    • “They always troll the media outlets trying to get dead killer diaries and videos”

      Oh sorry, was I not supposed to mention that?

      • You can mention any out of context cherry picked thing you want to, doesn’t make it true.

        there’s a big difference between wanting to publicly glorify or sensationalize pictures of the slain for an agenda because ghoulish interest by publishing them or collecting them for purposes of worshiping a killer, it further ‘victimizes’ the victims …. and … wanting to know what the killers motivations were and why in their writings.

        Of course I don’t expect you to understand this… you are a moron that cheered hamas terrorist for slaughtering babies and other innocents.

  7. They should send a photographer into Chicago south side if they want pictures of bodies. Of course the photographer might not get out alive.

  8. I never understood the fascination some have with crime scene photos. I winced when I had to take them. Nothing entertaining about people killed wrongfully.

  9. The Washington Post will never display the unedited pictures of dead Israeli civilians murdered. Because they were disarmed by their own government.

  10. The only thing articles like this and the breathless coverage given to spree killers does– the only thing– is show potential spree killers that what they are planning works and achieves the goal they have.

    The media itself share much of the blame for the increase in (actual) mass shootings over the past two decades.

    • “The only thing articles like this and the breathless coverage given to spree killers does– the only thing– is show potential spree killers that what they are planning works and achieves the goal they have“

      Wouldn’t that same concern apply to the killers’ diaries and videos, which most on this list are clamoring for publication?

      • Most in this comment section are only clamoring for the writings of the *one* trans mass murderer. They’re not really interested in reading the manifestos from the hundreds of guys whose politics might hit a bit too close to home.

        • “They’re not really interested in reading the manifestos from the hundreds of guys whose politics might hit a bit too close to home.“


      • MajorLiar,

        Because, you total quarterwit, the pictures tell us little or nothing about the planning, execution, and motive of the mass shootings (and they display gruesome pictures of innocents, to the further suffering of their friends and families); whereas their actual ‘manifesto’ will at least provide some operational information (your complete lack of understanding of tactical and counter-terrorist doctrine surprises me not at all). WHEN we get the Covenant shooter’s manifesto (and we WILL), it allegedly contains rather detailed descriptions of HER planning and tactics . . . which an INTELLIGENT person (leaving you out) could well use to prevent or at least render more difficult the next such attempt.

        If you really can’t see both the moral AND practical distinctions, you are even more stupid than I thought (and at this point, I think you’re pretty stupid).

  11. Quote——————–The implication here is that that the aftermaths of shootings committed with ARs are somehow more bloody or shocking than those carried out with other weapons like shotguns, handguns, knives, or bombs. That. of course, is false———–quote

    Wrong and a complete falsehood. 60 Minutes showed them firing an AR15 and a 9mm handgun into gelatin that is used by law enforcement to test ammo and the horrendous damage the high velocity rifle bullet caused was sickening even when viewed only in gelatin. I can just imagine how horrifying the Washington Post pictures were. I am not sure I even want to view them especially when they were little children.

    When Stephen Paddock fired from over 400 yards away if he had had only a handgun many more people would have survived and many would not have been crippled for life. I remember one girl who was shot in the head from 400 yards away and ended up being a vegetable requiring permanent hospital care around the clock care costing her mother millions. I never heard if she later died or survived.

  12. The irony is that all the Post’s attention to this carnage plays right into the desire for attention and the copy cat impulses that fuel these mass murderers. Rapid fire, high capacity firearms have been available for over 150 years now. A Model 1873 Winchester may not be as capable as a modern AR-15, but it is more than capable enough to have achieved the same results against soft defenseless targets, like the victims at Sandy Hook, Parkland and Uvalde. The old Winchester is far closer to the lethal capabilities of the AR-15 than a 19th Century printing press is to those of modern digital and broadcast media in satisfying a would be killer’s desire for notoriety!

    • Remember the attack on the Canadian Parliament done with a lever-action rifle?

      The perp did shoot a guard for their weapon but found the guards were not issued with ammunition.

  13. Since the Washington Post and other media outlets are so giddy about publishing photos of ‘gun violence’ victims, why don’t they publish photos and videos of all the Israelis who were massacred during the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks THAT DIDN’T HAVE ACCESS TO ‘ASSAULT RIFLES’ TO DEFEND THEMSELVES? Do we want to wind up like those Israelis and other victims who were totally defenseless because of ‘gun control’? Never give up your guns.

    • CNN did publish a blood-soaked bunk bed in what is very obviously a young child’s room. Your imagination can do the rest. (It would be disrespectful to show the child.) The moral equivalence idiots think that’s the same as Hamas being attacked while they’re intentionally hiding under civilian areas, using their own children as human shields. Both of those situations are specific war crimes committed by Hamas. The entire reason for having rules of war is to limit civilian casualties. If Hamas is allowed to get away with this, then why wouldn’t every military follow their lead? Every single moral equivalence idiot currently spouting off is the reason we have groups like Hamas. Hamas thrives in this environment. We have made billionaires (yes, really) out of their leaders, currently living in the lap of luxury in Qatar. They laugh at bleeding heart liberal enablers.

  14. And yet another revelation of the great Double Standard.

    When pro-life folks show the ignorant public what an abortion actually entails and looks like, they are called all sorts of vile and disgusting names, and accused of attacking people’s “rights.”

    But no amount of “gruesome” is too much when it comes to taking your guns.

  15. What would they do without their beloved mass shootings? I would be furious if they published my child’s lifeless body for any reason. I would be doubly furious if they did it for one of their little political crusades. I don’t need to see that in order to understand how tragic and traumatic murder is. The problem is, this isn’t some righteous campaign against murder. It’s a disarmament scheme being pushed by the Regime, abetted by the media.

    Keep in mind these same people are fine with a doctor carving up a perfectly healthy, viable baby. As a matter of fact, they celebrate it. Why don’t they show pictures of that? Why don’t they show one moving around during the procedure? Why don’t they show the aftermath of a late term abortion side by side with a delivered baby? Does that one hit a little too close to home?

    P.S. I’m sorry for your loss, Jennifer. (you taking a break after typing that paragraph)

  16. Remember that about half of the”voting” public don’t know that Hunter Biden was indicted but they sure know that Trunp was. Today people don’t like to inform themselves about anything that’s not in their direct path of life. The only thing worth the thought is for their own desire or maybe a way to live to a ripe old age. ( believe me it ain’t so great).

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