ralph northam gun control ceremony
Courtesy Governor of Virginia Twitter feed.
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So this happened today. Virginia Governor Ralph “Blackface” Northam held a celebratory bill signing ceremony for all of the gun control measures the Virginia legislature passed in the previous session. Listen for the very loud boom and watch the reaction of the assembled “dignitaries.”

Here’s another view from Northam’s tweet of the ceremony (the boom comes at 14:27).

That’s Virginia House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn doing the disarmament victory dance when she was flustered by what sounded like a gunshot during a gun control bill signing ceremony.

As nbc12.com details, the restrictions on gun rights signed into law by Governor Northam include:

Senate Bill 70 and House Bill 2, which establish universal background checks in Virginia
Senate Bill 240 and House Bill 674, which establish an Extreme Risk Protective Order, allowing authorities to temporarily take guns away from people deemed to be dangerous to themselves or others
Senate Bill 69 and House Bill 812, which reinstate Virginia’s one-handgun-a-month law
House Bill 9, which requires gun owners to report their lost or stolen firearms to law enforcement within 48 hours or face a civil penalty.
House Bill 1083, which toughens the penalty for leaving a loaded, unsecured firearm in a reckless manner that endangers a child
HB 421 allows localities the authority to regulate the possession, carrying, storage or transport of firearms, ammunition, components, or any combination of those things.
HB 1004 makes it a Class 6 felony for someone subject to a protective order to knowingly possess a firearm. The law will give 24 hours for a person covered by a protective order to sell or transfer their gun, and requires the subject to certify that they do not, or no longer, possess firearms within 48 hours.
Senate Bill 35, which gives local governments more authority to ban guns in public spaces, like public buildings, parks, recreation centers, and during permitted events
Senate Bill 479, which bars people with protective orders against them from possessing firearms and require them to turn over their guns within 24 hours

We haven’t been able to find any reference to the whatever went boom in the media. If you know anything about what happened, please let us know in the comments.

virginia northam blackface feat
Courtesy Facebook


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  1. How is Virginia going to enforce the background check law? If I have a gun that I purchased from a private sale, how will they know if I went through a background check? Or if it was purchased prior to the law going into affect? I read the bill on their site but it just says the state police will set up a process to do the checks.

    • Does the background law require transfers to go through an FFL? If it doesnt, I would agree, very little teeth UNLESS they are recording the serial number of the weapon being transferred.

      There is no excuse for having a weapon that isnt in your name (assuming they have a mechanism to check serial number against name) EXCEPT if it was purchased from an FFL prior to the law taking effect. Unless people are stupid enough to do Bill’s of sale, the state would have no way of knowing that the transfer didnt happen prior to the law taking effect.

      • First off, “universal background check” really means “ban on private sales”, because the FBI won’t even take your call for a NICS check. That said, I suspect the goal here isn’t to prevent private sales so much as to reverse the onus and make gun owners prove they purchased a gun through an FFL (transfers included, because that’s the only way to comply with “universal background check” laws) by producing a copy of the 4473 or else be prosecuted.

        • Really it’s a “ban on private transfers” such as handing or loaning your firearm to your adult children and back after hunting season or at the range. The law only impacts law abiding citizens, as criminals were already in violation of weapon possession. Same BS the popular vote on direct to the ballot initiative achieved in Washington State. You still have anti-freedom idiots in Washington calling to “close the gun show loop hole” and “stop internet gun sales” after voting to make private transfers Illegal in Washington state. And, they redefined ALL semiautomatic rifles, including .22 rimfire with fixed tubular magazines of any capacity and traditional fixed stocks with no muzzle devices or pistol grips as “assault rifles”. After redefining modern firearms they continue to call for a ban and confiscation. These idiots don’t even understand their own laws and they want more done, because the pro-freedom POTG are “irrational and lack common sense, offering no real solutions to gun violence”. They the defunded school safety officers at public schools. These left, democrat, progressive, socialist, communist, anti-consitutionalist, un-American idiots will keep going until they wave they’re magic wands and all guns magically disappear. And, when the guns don’t disappear, and crime stats go through the roof in spite of their foolish laws, they will send the police, that they defunded, to hunt down the POTG, kill them, and confiscate any remaining gun thingy remaining. They will do this because a violent, repressive tyranny is a myth and you don’t need to hunt deer ‘cause you can eat textured bug and soy protein that looks like ground beef.

    • Wanna bet State Police will come out here in the very near future and basically say “nah”? I mean, there will be groups of tyrants doing tyrant things as usual, but most LEO’s won’t risk their lives to do this shit. Those that do deserve what they get. The problem is we are too “law abiding” and instead of allowing Virginia to dictate the terms of things, Virginia gun owners need to start using force, otherwise they are going to lose it all. At least in that aspect, it won’t be about race, or communism… it will be about freedom.

      • Given the widespread sanctuary city movement earlier in VA, I don’t get the impression LE is particularly interested in enforcing any of this garbage. They have much bigger fish to fry.

        • “Given the widespread sanctuary city movement earlier in VA, I don’t get the impression LE is particularly interested in enforcing any of this garbage.”

          True, *up to a point*.

          With the law now signed, someone in VA found in possession of a gun manufactured after today will have some explaining to do if they aren’t the original owner or seller…

        • But do they really? None of the Democrats seem terribly interested in enforcement of any of the existing laws.

          Unless it is prosecuting people who want to use logic and analysis in public decisionmaking. Those folks get prosecuted for “hate crimes.”

      • I have seen police giving tickets and arresting people that did not have a mask or were sitting in a park, outdoors, with nobody around. Yes there will always be some that are robots that will do anything to keep their jobs whether they are enforcing illegal edicts or unconstitutional laws.

      • I’ll bet that the police will say “we’re just following the law” as they arrest you for being unable to prove that your purchase was legal.

        Dental plans are more important than your rights.

    • Didn’t all the Sheriffs in VA come together and say they weren’t going to enforce these laws a while back? So this all really doesn’t matter right? RIGHT?
      Never quite know who the cops work for today.

    • How about 2 years from now I buy a gun in Texas, then 2 years after that move to VA? Have they got their systems all up and running to force registration of my gun in VA? What are the costs? What are the penalties? I don’t think Coonman has thought this through.

      • It’s even better than that. I Oregon we have universal background checks. If OSP ever came to my door with proof that I possessed a firearm that was purchased without a 4473 I could tell them that I didn’t violate Oregon law by purchasing it and suggest that I had purchased it in WA which is right across the river from me. So then, is it an OR case? A WA case? A federal case? I don’t know any LEOs who would consider wading in those waters at all. So really, it doesn’t matter where you lived you just need to make a suggestion that there might be a jurisdictional issue which would predicate a higher authority than the guy who they send to knock on your door to even determine if a law was broken.

    • A lowlife demented infanticide democRat Gun Control Gov. pictured in blackface and very little was made of it and no connection made with Jim Crow Gun Control. Another missed opportunity to hang an agenda rooted in raicism and genocide around the necks of gun control zealots. Enjoy your Gun Control VA. Next time fight fire with fire.

      • Don’t hold back Debbie, tell us how you really feel… 😉

        • No. Please don’t. We’ve heard it a thousand times. It’s literally the extent of her knowledge

    • That thumping sound was one of the men behind those podiums popping a huge b0ner into his podium at the thought of all those new laws restricting our right to keep and bear arms.

      • Or it was one of the “ladies”. Who are we to judge what’s boinging from their beltline.

  2. Yeah there was a negligent dicharge. When gov. Coonman’s daddy knocked up mom…😃😎😋😏

  3. Next Spring, Democrats will go all in on gun control and it will spark the first serious secession movement since 1860. Heard it here first, folks.

    • Yeah, you are the first person to ever predict another internal war. “I was there when cgray fired the first keyboard commando shot” we’ll all tell our grandchildren.

      • And you’re the first person I’ve ever encountered who appears to be genetically incapable of detecting even the most obvious sarcasm.

        Good….good luck with that.

        • Except it’s not sarcasm lol. It’s bound to happen sometime. We just think it’s funny because it will be democrats that try it, just like they did before, and their states will burn internally. The union won’t even bother this time. In the meantime, just sit back and let the left continue to show their true colors. /not s

        • Who needs luck when there’s preparation. We’ll deal with all this as some point.

    • Won’t need to wait till spring. Notham’s got all the bills that didn’t pass lined up up for a special session of the state legislature in August!

      • Talking about the federales. I was giddy when the Soviet Democrats won in Virginia because I knew it would be a preview of coming federal attractions. Power tripping Democrats can’t help themselves, and they live in such a bubble they think that tens of millions of gun owners will meekly hand over their gats to the local police.

  4. 10 seconds of listening to that harpy (Corn “filling her” Pop) had me clawing at my ears, the poor soul there obviously shot themselves to make the pain stop.

  5. Must have been a Sig Sauer P320 going off in one of the security guards holsters. /sarc

    • IIRC there was two Va. sheriff’s dept.s that have had that occur with their Sig 320’s,
      word is the lawsuit was settled just today, wonder if that includes the U S military.

      • Not a pistol. If anything that was an AR. Listened several times. Sounded just like mine when shot indoors. Same resonance in the shot signature. Did anyone else notice the only two people who flinched or even acknowledged the shot were Fulla corn and the lady on the right. Most people would at least flinch at the sound. Unless of course they were expecting it.

        • I am wondering if it wasn’t a gunshot at all. If someone had discharged an AR-15 indoors, most people would kind of tuck their heads and move their hands up toward their ears. And even a handgun is loud enough to make people cringe. Plus we have to add the fact that Democrat politicians in this day-and-age would immediately panic at the sound of gunfire and probably start screaming and running away — which did not happen at all.

          I am guessing that something a bit less sinister happened, like a heavy post-and-base (holding up those pretty red velvet soft “railings” which cordon off areas) was almost horizontal and then snapped back to its normally upright position. Or ushers could have been bringing out new ones and dropped one from a couple feet up in the air.

        • It’s REALLY hard to accurately differentiate gunshot reports indoors based on audio not specially made to level it correctly.

        • Hannibal,

          I totally agree with your statement, which is why my commentary was almost exclusively based on the visible reaction (or lack thereof) of the people in the room.

          (Hint: I may or may not have exercised a huge interest in extremely accurate audio recording and reproduction starting in high school and extending to present day.)

        • Keep in mind what is the first thing people say when asked about gunshots near a crime scene. They thought it was fireworks. The average person has no clear idea what a gunshot sounds like. Beyond what they hear on TV. So the idea that everyone would react a certain way is at best guesswork.

        • When people were shooting off piles of fireworks on Independence Day, I would periodically note out loud “That one was gunfire.”

  6. I think that was the sound of the constitution exploding.

    Maybe someone was doing the incredible mental gymnastics to believe anything coming out those laws and botched the landing.

  7. Okay we need more on this. What happened exactly? They just ignored it to continue pushing their agenda. That is the most negligent part. Was someone playing with a firearm in the crowd? So many questions.

  8. I think Eileen Filler-Corn and Keisha Lance Bottoms should get together and have an orgy of name-hyphenating.

  9. Sounded like Smalwell flatulence coming at about 4 million meters from the west.

  10. Sorry – didn’t sound like any kind of ND to me.
    Those lunatics would have sh!t their pants if they were heard a gun discharge.

    • For sure. Their movements would have drastically changed. Immediate panic.

      “Someone protect me!”

  11. “HB 421 allows localities the authority to regulate the possession, carrying, storage or transport of firearms, ammunition, components, or any combination of those things.”

    Congrats on making it a nightmare to travel through your state. How am I supposed to keep up with every locality?

      • As with every tit-for-tat bargain with Dems, they immediately dive into their part, then completely ignore the other half of the bargain. No more bargains, we need to simply demand.

    • That write up is incorrect. Read the full text of Hb 421. Currently only allows localities to ban them in local government buildings, community centers, parks, permitted events and surrounding streets of permitted events.
      While its a bad law, its not as bad as it could have been. Its not complete preemption destruction but they’re whittling away at it.

    • Keep your mouth shut. They don’t have xray vision, so how will they know?

      Concealed means concealed. Bans on concealed carry are like hearts. They’re made to be broken.

  12. So, how’s that peaceful mass protesting, petitioning and suing working for you, (not only) Virginia gun owners?
    What’s next?
    What needs to happen before all these wannabe tyrants begin to obey the supreme law of the country – the Constitution? Where is the ‘or else’ for them?

  13. That was the sound typical of somebody bumping into a live mic, knocking something against a live mic, some either accidental or deliberate noise making. Not a gun shot.

    But it was fun to see the moment of concern, uncertainty and maybe a touch of “alarm” in the crowd of Hoplophobes 🙂

  14. Geoff “I’m a Goofy Ma Fucka” PR has a ‘negligent discharge’ every time he posts one of his ‘witty’ comment.

    • Your pathetic butt-hurt is *priceless*.

      How about doing everyone a solid and just go blow your brains out?

      That’ll really show me!!! 😉

    • How is anyone’s time worth so little that they’ll spend it trolling just one person on an anonymous comments section about guns? What could someone here have possibly done to you to make this a priority?

      I think one guy once followed me around for about a day… I don’t remember who it was because it’s pointless.

      • When someone’s ideological worldview is crushed by simple logic, it’s confusing and upsetting, so they lash out any way they can.

      • Georgy Schwartz’s alias “George Soros'” and Michael BloomBOIG’s shekels are spread far and wide, our troll probably has a dedicated account just for his replies to “Geoff”.

  15. How did those protests work out for you?
    They give you more when you soil your own nest and ruin other people’s stuff, heck, they tell you, “you matter”.

  16. I thought all that marching stopped this? Guess not. It will get even better from here guys. I know because I live behind enemy lines.

  17. HB 421 and 35 are a disaster for gun-toting Virginians. We will no longer be able travel around the state with a concealed handgun permit and assume we are legal wherever we go. Now for those who want to stay legal, every trip will have to involve a research project to check the local laws of places we mean to pass thru or stop for gas or lunch. No doubt, there will be accidental violations and good people being charged by liberal prosecutors.

  18. “Let me be clear.” Every public address includes that these days. When you hear that, know the bullshit is coming.
    Let ME be clear—you suck!

    • I noticed a few years ago the TV pundits started using that tactic. It’s supposed to make the following statement sound more meaningful than it is.

    • It’s almost like these people aren’t honest. Sort of like they’re just pushing an agenda or something.

      They had to turn the comments off on the original video the very first day it dropped. I was reading them right beforehand. There wasn’t a single positive comment. People are sick of being preached to by a bunch of privileged, hedonistic hypocrites.

      Original video. Check that like ratio:

      • A lot of these celebrities just go by what they see or read in the news media.

        But as one regular commenter here noted, it is “kind of like trying to determine the actual
        intelligence and character of Black people by watching “Birth of a Nation””.

      • For once I find myself agreeing with Julianne Moore, black people are being slaughtered in the streets and their homes. The difference though is that a simple glance at the uniform crime statistics will tell you its not the cops doing the killing.

  19. Which one of these restrictions would have prevented those Virginia mass shootings that they leaned on in order to drum up support for this?

  20. I am sure a lot of politicians had negligent discharges on Pelosi’s hard, fake tits back in the days, and let’s not even talk about Kamala Harris alright

  21. I would assume that the people who voted for Northam, and the state legislature as currently composed got what they wanted. They now have to live with it. As for Virginia gun owners who didn’t bother to vote, they too will have to live with it.

  22. I call for rioting like the black lives matter people do. If a police precinct enforces these laws, you know what to do. Read about that precinct in Minneapolis.

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