A Warning From Our Neighbor to the North [Not Shown]


I write from beautiful downtown Canada, with important information for Canadian readers, and a cautionary tale for US ones. For reasons that will become plain, I ask TTAG not to attach my name. Put your coffee down . . .

First, a few data points: Handguns in Canada have had to be registered with the federal government since, oh, 1934. That is to say, every legally-owned handgun in Canada has a registry paper with it, with the owner’s name and address, and the firearm description and serial number. Owning a handgun in Canada requires a two-day storage and safety course, $340 in various fees, a crime-free police history, the written permission of your wife, and a wait of two or three months.

The licence has to be renewed every five years, and if you have a licence, you have to report to the police if you intend to change your address. Once you have a handgun, it has to be disabled/locked at home, and may only be loaded for use at an “approved” range. Stop rolling your eyes. I am not yet at the good part.

With these…features…you might suppose that Canadians who legally own handguns are the most co-operative, law-and-order-supporting, crime-free cohort of Canadian society. You would be right. The historic participation of licensed handgun owners in violence or crime in Canada is statistically zero.

A large (for Canada) urban centre has had a recent brisk uptick in firearms crime; drive-by shootings, targeted shootings, the usual stuff that attaches to vibrantly-diverse young men marketing illegal drugs. The police have a pretty good idea who most of these guys are. At least, almost every incident with an identifiable shooter or victim includes the phrase, “…known to police…”. But the Mayor is pressed by the press to Do Something To Get Guns Off The Street.

I am an instructor for the course that people need for their firearms licence. I have just as recently become acquainted with what the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are doing locally to Get Guns Off The Street.

A reasonable citizen would suppose, and a responsible senior police officer would direct Plan A; that policing attention be focussed on that small cohort of the public that they know are doing in the crimes. You know; investigate, charge, and prosecute the criminals? Gotta acknowledge though, that those are criminals, and criminals by definition resist being easily tracked down.

Hmm. How easier to go about this? How about a Plan B? Go to the listed addresses of licensed, crime-free owners of registered handguns and confiscate their property? That way police get lots of guns to take pictures to show the Mayor, and they don’t have to apply any, you know, effort, or risk.

This is not apocryphal: In the last several weeks I have had a dozen-odd licence-renewal students with similar stories; a team of police coming to the door, demanding the surrender of registered handguns. Some highlights:

-in a couple of cases, a black-clad, submachinegun-bearing ERT (“Emergency Response Team” the Canadian equivalent of “SWAT”) coming to a suburban, middle-class address in the middle of the day, demanding surrender and entry.

-most guys actually inviting the officers inside, (Canadians in general, and Canadian shooters in particular, are a polite sort, and generally pro-police. So far).

-police excuse is that, “Your firearms licence has expired”, or

-your handgun registration wasn’t renewed (it does not have to be), or,

-when owners requested a receipt, the officers reply with, “We don’t have a pen”.

-when owners ask to see a warrant, they are threatened with immediate arrest and cuffs.

-when the handguns are in police hands, they press the owner to consent to their destruction.

-because the nominal excuse is a licence renewal lapse, a high proportion of these people are some combination of retired (Yes, older people have things slip their memory), or working people who are so busy at work to pay for family and mortgage that yet another paperwork requirement slips through the calendar cracks.

Points to remember, these are ALL licensed, criminal-record-checked, crime-free, wife-approved, registered, peaceful and productive citizens. THIS is who the RCMP is going after.

As a firearms owner, I am disturbed to see how comfortably and easily police can–apparently without qualm or scruple–transition from peace officer/serve-&-protect to paramilitary thugs who invade homes, intimidate peaceful citizens, disdain warrants, and are just fine with seizing registered property, as long as they are Just Following Orders.

As a taxpaying citizen, Whisky Tango Foxtrot!?. Is there a violent/firearms crime problem? Yes. And every dollar and every hour of policing effort put into pestering lawful and peaceful citizens is that dollar and hour taken away from convicting actual, you know, criminals.

Are any RCMP reading this? We’d like to read your take on this, but gotta say, based on my recent experiences, I feel threatened BY you, and embarrassed FOR you. I make it a point now to pass on reports of your behaviour to my students.

My informed-layman’s suggestion for Canadian readers (and any advice from a Canadian lawyer is very welcome here):

-If police come to your door in this capacity, do NOT invite them in.

-Do NOT affirm any information beyond your identity and address.

-Record the encounter, with the voice recorder option on all cellphones now, or by taking notes during and immediately after the encounter. Note nametags.

-If you surrender property, do NOT sign a paper they wave in front of you, consenting to its destruction.

-DO insist on a detailed receipt for any property you (temporarily) hand over.

To my American readers: See? This is what happens when you let government register arms. To you, I offer the same suggestions I offer my students (during coffee breaks only, of course) 1. Register nothing. It does not end well. 2. Stock up on ammunition. 3. Tell three friends. In the spirit of genuine independence, RSD…Resist, Subvert, Defy.

Best Regards, Anon.

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  1. avatar Desert Ranger says:

    And so it begins….

  2. avatar Dr Brainwash says:

    Wow. Thank you for sharing. Truly a terrifying tale. That’s what’s comming here if Hillary wins ya’ll.

    1. avatar ready,fire,aim says:

      there will be a civil war before that happens

      1. avatar Mad Max says:

        If Hillary wins, there is going to be a civil war even if she doesn’t try to do anything regarding guns.

        1. avatar JohnF says:

          What I think is ironic is people who talk shit about taking up arms against the government aren’t out on the street campaigning for whoever can beat Hillary. Sure, Trump is a nut and he’s behind in the polls, but anyone can win this election and getting Hillary defeated is the real prize. Getting that done would be hard, but not as hard as a civil war. Let’s try the less bloody, Constitutionally approved path before we start planning mass violence.

        2. avatar Rambeast says:

          “Constitutionally approved path ”

          You mean the same worthless document that got us here in the first place? Right…

      2. avatar Next Pres picks the Supreme Court says:

        Are you going to fire the first shot? Go out in a blaze of glory on your front lawn?

        No? Then don’t talk big sh**. Wars take immense sacrifice- and someone else isn’t going to fight it for you. Its all very romantic to talk the John Wayne line, but I’m willing to bet you aren’t even making the personal sacrifice of being a gun-ambassador to your neighbors, or calling your congressman to talk about your 2A rights. You think you’re going to risk it all on principle tomorrow?

        Civil war? That’s a laugh – how about we start taking ACTION on the little things, instead of clinging to this fanciful delusion that we can sit back and do nothing now, but we’re going to “Rise to the occasion” when things really hit the fan.

        1. avatar The Original Brad says:

          Well said.

        2. avatar Mad Max says:

          I’ve been doing the gun ambassador, contacting elected representatives, lobbying through my state orgs, active with and donate to NRA, GOA, SAF, etc. regularly.

          I think the civil war is not going to be about guns. It is going to come up from the grass roots from all of the very angry voters that are currently voting for Trump. I know may people that are at their braking point.

  3. avatar Cliff H says:

    The same people who warned us against Obamacare and we didn’t pay attention.

  4. avatar BLAMMO says:

    I live in New York.

    I really appreciate all you poor dumb bastards who registered your so-called “assault weapons” after the SAFE Act was passed. You’re all cannon fodder for the first wave of confiscations.

    You’re all my heroes.

    1. avatar neiowa says:

      Every coal mine needs a few canarys to warn others.

    2. avatar Gman says:

      From all accounts the non-compliance rate in NY is above 90%.

      1. avatar BLAMMO says:

        Right, but enough people registered their rifles to give us fair warning. The confiscations will begin with them.

  5. avatar Ben says:

    Poor northern bastards.

  6. avatar Steven says:

    That’s really scary

  7. avatar I1ULUZ says:

    I know a few Canadians, nicest bunch of people, One thing going for those that live south of their border and north of the Mexican border is we’re a bunch of sphincters when comes to handing over things of value to anyone. OOOOPS, lost in a boating accident along with the GPS so not sure where exactly I was at at the time, sorry. I didn’t realize I had to report the loss to anyone, water was purty deep. Hi NSA/FBI/ATF/ETC….

  8. avatar Andres says:

    That’s reality and it’s sad because it can become OUR reality.

  9. avatar Alex Waits says:

    big gov has gotta big gov.
    i suspect a rash of firearms losses due to unfortunate boating accidents plaguing our northern brothers and sisters.

  10. avatar Mark N. says:

    Why are the police such pussies as to bend to political pressure to “do something” to “e3nd gun violence”? but then again, the RMCP has always had a hard pon for gun owners, like the time they took their (supposedly destroyed) long gun registration records and confiscated every gun in a town that had been subjected to catastrophic flooding, kicking in doors and searching houses without warrant or permission. What ever became of that fiasco? Same thing happened in New Orleans after Katrina, again without warrant, consent, or legal authority. In the latter, nothing much came of it but a change in policy, but no reparations of which I am aware.

    1. avatar Scott says:

      The NRA sued and won the case concerning Katrina, but not all of the guns have been returned. The cops didn’t keep the best track of the guns the confiscated. Something tells me that was intentional.

      1. avatar Bruce Webb says:

        Maybe they lost them in a boating accident with all the water around. See, it can happen.

    2. avatar neiowa says:

      Canada is what you get with the dominant PD being a nationalized centrally controlled thugocracy. At least in the US the federal thugs are largely competing with each other for turf/money (where other activity is similar).

  11. avatar Jason says:

    Do we have any sources corroborating this? I didn’t see anything in my quick googling.

    1. avatar Colorado Kid says:

      ^^^ Yeah, that…

    2. avatar LarryinTX says:

      I hear you, but I read the post to say that nobody was advertising it, the writer found out from acquaintances, not news sources. Proving true or false might be tough. Possible, is easy.

      1. avatar Ironhorse says:

        “Cleaning firearms off the streets” doesn’t illicit any headlines in Canada?

        1. avatar LarryinTX says:

          You don’t warn the victims you’re targeting. After it’s over is time enough for bragging.

    3. avatar ColdNorth says:

      I can’t strictly corroborate the story as told, but I do know that something similar has been happening in Surrey, in British Columbia:

      “Police officers from the Surrey RCMP, supported by the National Weapon Enforcement Support Team (NWEST) and Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (CFSEU – BC) have been visiting the owners of restricted and prohibited firearms whose registrations have expired. The proactive undertaking was developed prior to the recent shootings that have occurred in Surrey.”


      Note that this story is not strictly accurate, as it claims “The majority of gun-related crimes in Canada are committed with guns that are domestically sourced.”. This is false, the majority of guns used in crime are smuggled in (CBSA estimates they only seize or detect one smuggled gun for every 20-30 brought in illegally).

      If you’d like to find out more, you could check with the Canadian Gun Nutz forum.

    4. avatar Christopher Henry says:

      If you let your license expire and you are “known” to the RCMP then yes they love the chance to come take your firearms. Believe it or not but lots of criminals don’t have records and are able to get guns despite the background checks. Toronto, with its “diversity” has a gun problem. Aside from there any time i read a story where the police have busted a criminal ring and show off the firearms they are the saddest collection of junk. I don’t find it hard to believe this story has happened and a few times but it is very rare. While polite the gun community is very vocal and there would be a lot screaming if this was a regular occurrence. The law even allows a 6 month grace period if you forget to renew on time. This is 75% fear mongering honestly.

      1. avatar Scoutino says:

        Toronto with it’s diversity might have crime problems. It most likely doesn’t have knife problem, fists and boots problem or bat problem. Why would you say it has a gun problem?

  12. avatar Mk10108 says:

    RSD…Resist, Subvert, Defy. I’m stealing that.

    If Gunmegedon is passed on the left coast, this will happen in CA.

    1. avatar Greg in Allston says:

      DRESS for success; defy, resist, evade, secure, smuggle. Let your conscience be your guide.

      1. avatar Next Pres picks the Supreme Court says:

        Excellent advice all around.

  13. avatar michael says:

    I spend a lot of time in Canada for work and I found out the hard way that the majority of canadians find it deeply disturbing that anyone would want to own guns. I was shocked as i was working in a rural town up in northern alberta where you figure most of the people would at least have a shotgun or rifle for hunting. I guess when your media is this biased against gun owners what can you expect.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      “I found out the hard way that the majority of canadians find it deeply disturbing that anyone would want to own guns.”

      That’s the plan, begin the programming as soon as possible.

      It’s not that bad here in the U.S.


      (Take someone you know who has never shot a gun to the range. Your rights depend on it…)

      1. avatar Captain Cawkrocket says:

        Nothing better than taking a tree hugging Prius driving hottie to the range and see the ear to ear smile when squeezing the trigger on an AR…

    2. avatar Gman says:

      I must agree. I was at NSA Bahrain, a hotbed of multinational military personnel, and had the opportunity to have this very conversation with 6 Canadian military guys. All of them were of the same mind, why in God’s name would any country allow citizens to have handguns? Maybe a rifle or shotgun for hunting, but handguns, never. And yet all of them owned handguns. Is there some special carve out for active military? Their view of our 2nd Amendment and lax gun laws was that we are all crazy.

      1. avatar Garrison Hall says:

        But the Canadians never had Concord Bridge or Bundy Ranch.

  14. avatar LarryinTX says:

    The *ONLY* thing a registry is good for is confiscation. The *ONLY* reason anyone tries to get one is because that person or party intends to *USE* it for confiscation. Anyone who claims there is another purpose is a LIAR. Even Oslima realizes that, and that people know that, so he proposes universal background checks, which will accomplish exactly nothing, except for necessitating a universal registry. The goal is not, and never has been, background checks, or anything at all concerning crime prevention, all the way back to what, 1981? The goal is REGISTRATION, and this post illustrates what it is good for, and why some people want it enough to try to fool all the yokels (us).

    1. avatar Matt in Tx says:

      Larry has got it right.

  15. avatar kenneth says:

    Kudos to Mr. Nevermind for doing as much as he can, and at some personal risk, to resist tyranny. Being polite is a good thing, but rolling over and showing your belly to armed thugs disobeying their own laws is not politeness, its stupidity.
    If they are acting as thugs like this discribes, then they will have no mercy to throw yourself on anyway. Personally I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees. Even assuming that they would choose to allow me to continue to live on my knees, ofc, which there is no assurance of.

  16. avatar Jason says:

    The government doesn’t want to take our guns and values the 2nd Amendment. Hillary told me so.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      “The government doesn’t want to take our guns and values the 2nd Amendment. Hillary told me so.”

      Dude, whatever you’re smoking, can I have some from your bag?


  17. avatar BDub says:

    Everyday the RCMP runs a BGC on the most law-abiding demographic in the country? What an incredible waste of resources.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      ” What an incredible waste of resources.”

      The Canadians themselves discover the truth to that, and dropped the long gun registry that cost them over the equivalent of a billion USD.

      We must keep hammering on that very point whenever the ‘discussion’ of UBCs come up.

      Canada *proved* they were pointless.

      Full stop.

      1. avatar LarryinTX says:

        Not pointless. Require registry, which is the actual goal, and for someone like Bury or Hillary the cost is absolutely unimportant, we must have that registry at any cost. We’ll just pay for it by taxing gunowners, gun purchases, gun stores, and ammunition. If you like your gun, you can keep your gun.

  18. avatar Frank in VA says:

    As bad as this unconfirmed story sounds, let’s not forget it is no worse than the confirmed gun confiscations that happened in New Orleans right after Hurricane Katrina, right here in the good old USA. Those guns weren’t even registered.

    I keep every receipt for every gun I own in a secure location, and not at home. Both for insurance reasons and because of what happened after Katrina.

    1. avatar Stuki Moi says:

      And there was no “Civil War before guns were handed over” after Katrina…….

      Which is the reason the Muzzies are kicking the West’s butts on all fronts, and will continue to do so. Largely unopposed.

  19. avatar Ralph says:

    As a firearms owner, I am disturbed to see how comfortably and easily police can–apparently without qualm or scruple–transition from peace officer/serve-&-protect to paramilitary thugs

    Disturbed? Okay, but you shouldn’t be surprised. Kindly Officer Oleg had no problem becoming a thug for the NKVD. Kindly Officer Hans had no problem transitioning to the Gestapo. Kindly Officer Miguel became a loyal member of Franco’s Guardia Civil. Luigi joined the Blackshirts. The exalted Lon Horiuchi of the FBI proved to be quite the lady-killer.

    It’s in the DNA of a lot of cops to exploit their power and serve the state by whatever means necessary. The hard part isn’t letting those cops loose. The hard part is keeping them under control.

    1. avatar CarlosT says:

      Very much this. Policing is necessary, but extreme care has to be taken with it, because while they do serve a legitimate purpose, everyone needs to understand what that guy with the badge and the gun is: the power of coercive force of the government. They’re the force in law enforcement, there to assure compliance. A lot of the time, that’s all well and good. If a guy in a blue shirt with a shiny badge walking down the street will keep someone from tossing a rock through a shop window, then all the better. A little reminder that force exists to back up the law in that scenario is just fine.

      As you say, it’s extremely easy to go from someone who serves to a servant of power. Don’t question anyone in higher authority, follow the orders you’re given, and simply do what you’re told.

  20. avatar Prudikal says:

    My dad is Canadian and part of the reason he came to live in the US is so he could own guns (that and to get a good job). This article showcases only a minor part of what is wrong with the “Glorious Canada” that the terrorist on Pennsylvania Ave. keeps talking about. DO NOT LET ANY PART OF THE GOVERNMENT GAIN POWER! WE THE PEOPLE CAN TAKE IT AWAY AND THEY KNOW THAT!

  21. avatar didymus says:

    Why don’t you far north Yankees quit your whining and change the laws. Waw, mommie Canada they took my play pretty away. Change the law. Elect men and women who are willing to change the laws. Start petitions to put the laws before the people of Canada rather than the simpletons you have elected. Stop your crying and do something.

    1. avatar HP says:

      The same criticisms are leveled at us gun owners in Northern states. It’s impossible when you’re outnumbered by anti-gun liberals. The numbers simply don’t jive. So move, you say? A temporary solution at best, considering the entire country will be worse than California if Hillary wins.

      1. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

        Among those who vote, yes, they’d hugely outnumbered. So vote! Even in place like CT, you look at the number of votes Romney got in 2012 and take that as the baseline Republican support. Then compare those numbers to what the GOP in CT gets in non-presidential years, especially in the primaries.

        You’ll see that there are plenty of Republican voters. They just don’t get off their butts and vote in state elections, which happen to be the ones that impact their lives the most. Come presidential years, then they’re really outnumbered because the Dems turn out the vote big time. However, in off year elections, even Dem turnout drops precipitously. The Republicans could easily take back those northeast states. It’s just that they’d rather watch T.V. or update Facebook or anything else but vote when it matters most. So screw ’em. No sympathy from me and I’m not buying the “there are too many Dems” excuse.

  22. avatar Seth says:

    I’ve been all over the world and all over the States, and I come back more and more appreciative of what I have in the South.

    1. avatar Herb says:

      How I love returning to my Southern home after sojourning to the frozen North or the occasional foreign country!

      Or are those two one & the same? I’ve been to Canada, and it is a foreign country/J’ai visite au Canada et il est une paix etrangere. See, anything you say in/about Canada has to be in English et aussi en Francais.

      Or to put it another way, why should I travel? I’m already here!

  23. avatar samuraichatter says:

    3D printing to the rescue?

  24. avatar Cameron b says:


  25. avatar James in AZ says:

    I lived in Canada for quite a while and i still go there occasionally. I have an up-to-date RPAL and a bunch of registered pistols and ARs.

    Although i know the RCMP (or TPS where i lived) is sh*t, i kinda find the story hard to believe

    Are they coming for people with their PAL/RPAL up to date as well? Or is it just those with expired licences?

    Would you care to post a link to a source?

    Sorry i dont mean to doubt you credibility, but I really dont think they are *that* bad, yet

    1. avatar ZQuel says:

      Before this week I would have believed the same, but I recall the RCMP making an announcement due to the gun violence in Surrey that they would be going to checkup on the people with expired PALs/RPALs.

      Guessing their line of thinking is that if it’s not with the owner, then obviously it must have fallen into the hands of one of the people committing shootings.

      Wonder what they’re gonna tell their bosses when they find the actual number that aren’t accounted for.

  26. avatar anonymous american says:

    “looking at all of these guns, it’s hard not to be reminded of Adam Lanza…..”


    all guns are to them for psychopathic murders.

    this guy has an obsession w/ Lanza…

    1. avatar Stuki Moi says:

      Adam Lanza is the first thing that comes to mind, every time I see one of those cops carrying such evil things…..

  27. avatar Ian in Transit says:

    If you are for gun control, then you are not against guns, because the guns will be needed to disarm people. So it’s not that you are anti-gun. You’ll need the police’s guns to take away other people’s guns. So you’re very Pro-Gun, you just believe that only the Government (which is, of course, so reliable, honest, moral and virtuous…) should be allowed to have guns. There is no such thing as gun control. There is only centralizing gun ownership in the hands of a small, political elite and their minions.
    -Stefan Molyneux (Canadian)

    1. avatar Mike in OK says:

      Let me simplify that for you: if a person is in favor of gun control they are pro-slavery. That the people most in favor of gun control are also huge socialists only makes the moniker more appropriate.

  28. avatar nyglockowner says:

    Substitute “Long Island” for “Canada.” The Nassau and Suffolk County licensing schemes have been like this for decades.

  29. avatar David says:

    I am the author of the article, and write here to reply to the very reasonable query that didymus just made, why don’t we (Canadians) change the government, and change the law? Canada’s government system is parliamentary. That is to say, very much driven by pure majority sentiment (Just look at our Prime Minister Zoolander, who has the acumen of a goldfish, but is telegenic.) This is in marked contrast the the Constitution, which clearly separates powers, affirms the right to private arms, private property, and frames it all as unalienable rights, not subject to popular sentiment.
    When a majority is historically illiterate, sways to, “…OMG! Guns are bad!…”, bread-&-circuses, becomes dependent on various government handouts, has a supreme court amenable to Zoolander, is informed by a news network beholden to the government, and has a constitution long on vague, but absent on private property and the right to self-defence, well then, a liberty-minded private citizen has a short list of recourse when the police demand entry, compliance, and your property. None of them end well.
    As to what I am doing about it, short of Not Ending Well, I do what I can: I try to educate my firearms licensing students with the great Anglo-American cultural legacy of personal responsibility and personal liberty. I encourage them in turn to educate their children–as I did mine–to personal autonamy; swim, read, and shoot before they start primary school. In the face of police and government overreach, I encourage students, RSD.
    I like the moose hunting, salmon fishing, and the vastness and accessibility of public lands here. Geography is great, is the point, but a Constitutional republic is better, if you can keep it. Learn from the mistakes of others. Eternal vigilance. Best, D

    1. avatar James in AZ says:

      Are they coming for those with up-to-date licence as well? Would you care to point to a source?

      Thank you!

    2. avatar CarlosT says:

      I don’t know where in Canada you are, but I was in Vancouver once, and I was on the phone, trying to describe to someone where I was, and I actually said “I’m actually in the middle of Downtown Canada.” My friends and I all laughed about it because as silly as it sounded, we all knew what I meant, because as Seattle residents, pretty much Vancouver = Canada.

    3. avatar int19h says:

      Canada is a federal democratic constitutional representative republic with separation of powers, same as US (in particular, it doesn’t have the doctrine of “parliamentary supremacy” on the federal level, unlike UK, which leads directly to tyranny of the majority). The difference with US is in how it is actually implemented.

      In Canada, there are three documents which serve as a rough equivalent of the US constitution: Constitution Act of 1867, that has established Canada as a single federated country; Canada Act, which made it completely independent from UK; and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which is kinda like the Bill of Rights.

      Now, the first problem is the way the Constitution Act has partitioned powers and responsibilities. In US, the federal Constitution enumerates the powers of the federal government, and if it’s not listed there, then the states have it. In Canada it’s the other way around – the Constitution Act enumerates the powers of state governments, and if it’s not there, than federal government has it. Obviously, this produces a much stronger federal government (though this distinction is being slowly washed out in US courts by refusing to consider 9A and 10A).

      The second problem is with the Charter of Rights. Unlike BoR, it’s not absolute – while it does refer to many rights it enumerates as “fundamental”, it specifically stipulates that all rights (including those that are “fundamental”) can be limited to the extent that “such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society”. Furthermore, it allows the parliament and the provinces to override most of those rights “notwithstanding” by legislation, with the sole requirement that they explicitly declare which right they override, and that a law so enacted has an automatic sunset clause of 5 years (but they can re-enact it as many times as they want – all it requires is a new vote every 5 years).

      The third problem is that none of these documents recognize gun ownership as a right, natural or otherwise. So all of the above don’t really matter in this case, as there’s nothing to override. According to Canadian constitutional law, regulation of firearms is therefore fully in purview of the federal government, which doesn’t have any limits on its ability to regulate. A blanket ban would still be legal.

  30. avatar Greg says:

    Thank you for the warning. The leftist-fascists are following the same playbook here in the US. Brainwash the kids at an early age in the government schools. Import millions of third worlders with no understanding or appreciation for the 2A. Enlist celebrity fools and fellow travelers in the media to hype the dangers of gun ownership. And lie, lie, lie about your true end-game. Chip away slowly through ‘common sense’ proposals. And, then, when you have a critical mass of frightened and ignorant Americans go for the guns Australia style.

    The leftist-fascists are relentless. We must be the same. We must win new converts because the 2A is only one more liberal Supreme Court justice away from destruction.

  31. avatar FormerWaterWalker says:

    Sorry but I’m not losing sleep over Canada. I live in Illinois-got my own issues. Man up and take back your country…

    1. avatar neiowa says:

      Big talk from a guy who either is a Quisling in the thugacracy of Chi-Town or is complicit in allowing Chi-Town to run the entire damn state.

    2. avatar Paul says:

      Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

  32. avatar The Phantom says:

    You gotta understand that illegal drugs supplied by armed gangs who purchased them from armed cartels are ok with the powers that be because drug addicted masses will never fight back as long as they get a fix.

    It is armed people who take their reality straight that threaten the established powers and their plan for the future.

  33. avatar Stoopid1 says:

    Well crap, just another indicator that I’ll need to starting defending my property/family/myself soon.

  34. avatar HP says:

    I don’t own any guns, I’m not sure what’s going on here or what you’re all talking about.

    1. avatar Stuki Moi says:

      Noone owns any guns. Nor have ever owned any guns. Noone have any income. Noone owns anything of value. Noone have pretty wives nor daughters. Noone knows anybody else. Noone have ever talked to anybody else. Noone have ever heard nor seen anything.

  35. avatar Fer Morales says:

    Exactly the same thing that we hear down here in Mexico, except here is not the cops, it’s the Army, and they don’t “politely ask” for the guns, they kick down the door, muzzle every single person inside, and take away their legally-owned guns. Even if you had no guns, your door is still kicked in and your family threatened by the government’s minions. That’s why I always voice these warnngs in American politics pages: SAVE YOUR COUNTRY! Fight for your rights, while you still have them, because if Demotards win your country will become a Third-World hell hole.

  36. avatar Will Drider says:

    You folks vote but not too many do, down to 61% in 2011. Canadians voe it socialists and they dictate everything in your lives. Ou pay taxes, get socialist benifits and sociaist control. Your gun control started back in the 1800 as a Gov attempt to control a minor province rebellion. As you know the idea and its success spread. Quit lying in the bed you have grown comfortable in and throw those bums out of office. You are either free or subjects/slaves to the overbearing will of others. You always have a choice.

    I appeciate your comments/warnings, we have been fighting thisfor a long time.

  37. avatar Jack says:

    Truly terrifying that the RCMP are doing that. Their loyalty lies with whoever signs the paychecks.

  38. avatar Herp says:

    Ordinarily I’m sympathetic with law enforcement but this is a case where either a sudden case of illness or a career change is in order. Any officer that goes through with confiscating guns from law abiding citizens DOES NOT DESERVE TO MAKE IT HOME THAT NIGHT.

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Law enforcement, like most people, will pretty reliably do what they’re told by those signing the paycheck. That does not make them particularly formidable, since that only goes on as long as most people are satisfied with the result. And, even though we hear grumping, and reports of police thuggery, that is apparently the case currently. But folks, police are a poor substitute for actual soldiers. SHTF, the cops wake up one morning and discover more cops died in the line of duty last night than in the past 10 years, and nearly none will make it to work.

  39. avatar Elliott says:

    Any cop tries that here they’d better bring a 2 meter long bag. Some day I hope to purchase a big enough block that the bag will be unnecessary, and the first MIA will serve as sufficient deterrent.

  40. avatar Brian smokes crack says:

    Hawaii tier. What I mean is what the local gov does to the vulnerable in Hawaii who dare to commit treasonous acts like going through all the illegally imposed hoops to get a gun, not inheriting wealth over a certain amount, trying to turn in connected child molesters…

    Maybe you should count yourself lucky they did not try to get the scum of the neighborhood to murder you and your family first because you are a “gun owner”, then if that fails when the roaches get scared off too many times, use a “tactical team” of handpicked “men” from the local department of corruptions to storm your property, with covered up badge numbers and covered name tags, and put guns to your head after you are handcuffed. You might survive it if by accident, some of your neighbors come out to look at the wrong moment.

    I bet y’all think this rant is all BS.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Well. it is posted by a guy that calls himself “brian smokes crack”. You’ve been here a couple of times with this or a similer story under at least one other name.

      Your story might be a little more plausible if you named names, dates, times etc.

  41. avatar Ovidio G says:

    Wow. We Europeans are next, I fear…..

  42. avatar John says:

    Here’s some quality Canadian reporting


  43. avatar Billy says:

    First, I in no way, shape or form support any type of gun control that adds restrictions or removes freedoms associated with gun ownership.

    That being said… until the laws are changed, people DO need to follow those laws.

    If a license/permit is required to own guns? Don’t let it expire.

    As an Illinois resident and gun owner, I know that I have to keep my FOID card and carry license up to date if I want to be able to own and/or carry guns.

    1. avatar Evan says:

      Honestly screw that. What about the people in CT, NJ or NYC? We just bend over because they say we can’t carry weapons for defense? That’s a really shitty plan if you ever get robbed or mugged or raped. And then go get a FOID card or register your weapons so they can be confiscated later on? Or should we all use 5 shot magazines an risk getting killed if we ever need to defend ourselves just because that’s what the law states? Hell the people in New York City probably can’t get a gun at all. I’m not trying to come off mean but in all honestly the laws in some of these states are pretty much death traps.

    2. avatar LarryinTX says:

      “until the laws are changed, people DO need to follow those laws.”

      Actually, no, they do not. The laws are unconstitutional, and many LEO agencies have no interest or ability of enforcing them. I carried concealed at least part of the time for over 30 years before I ever got a license, and was discovered to be armed by police several times, and they never even commented. Following bullshit laws which violate your natural freedoms is very encouraging to criminals and tyrants, as well. Just say “kiss my ass” and go about your business.

  44. avatar Spartacus Khan says:

    I wouldn’t even answer the door. If they kick it in, Castle Doctrine.

  45. avatar Ned says:

    I sold all of my guns last year anyway. Now I have nothing to worry about.

  46. avatar Sean James says:

    There will be NO civil war. Most Americans of fighting age have turned apathetic. The youth does not care, they are busy with their devices, online games and social media. Those in their 30’s-50’s are too worried about how to pay their rent/mortgage and holding on to their jobs or they lose everything. The elderly can barely get by as well. Obamacare, rising costs, and the loss of good jobs and stability has put us all closer to poverty. The vets will do their dammdest, but. Squads will come quietly in the night at first, then as some resist and casualties mount, they will enlarge their forces, then they will recruit the guard units in the large cities. They will lie, and the public will believe them. The media will lie, and Citizens will believe them too. Then it will spread to the rural areas. But it will be piecemeal and over a LONG period of time, several years, and we once brave Americans will do nothing. Even after the loss of thousands of innocent Vets, Patriots, and good Americans, most will deny the truth. Let the felons and illegals vote, let foreigners flood across our southern border, let the media and educators control our minds with endless lies. We were warned by the Commies in the 1950’s, and they were right. I can see the future, and it’s not good.

    1. avatar Icanhas.10mm? says:

      Sean James – not a student of history, wearer of tin foil hats

  47. avatar Jon Smith says:

    This is currently happening in Surrey BC, it is difficult to find documentation because the media is generally anti gun and won’t do anything that makes the police look bad.

  48. avatar Icanhas.10mm? says:

    Nick Purdon = eunuch

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