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Warne Skyline Bipod
Skyline Bipod courtesy Warne

We’ve been eagerly watching the development of Warne’s new bipod for about a year now. See Jeremy’s post from last November and mine from NRA in May. The wait is finally over and the Warne Skyline Precision Bipod is a finished product and ready to ship. Here’s their press release:

The Warne® Skyline™ Precision Bipod is the most functional, ergonomic and strongest bipod on the market today. Designed to attach to your Picatinny rail, the Skyline bipod allows the shooter to make quick, one-handed height adjustments, as well as smooth cant and panning ability for use on uneven terrain and less than ideal positions. 

With a minimum height of 6.9″ and a weight of 19 oz, our patent pending Skyline bipod is made from 6061 T6 & 7075 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum with steel components in high stress/hard use areas. MSRP $379.99

Coming soon, Warne will be offering an Arca mount version of our Precision Bipod for shooters with an Arca rail interface. Additional accessories include Spike and Claw feet to make this a versatile bipod for all shooting disciplines. Look for Warne’s complete line of Skyline Precision Shooting Accessories at your favorite retailer.

About Warne:

Warne Scope Mounts has been supplying world class Made in the USA optic mounts to the shooting industry since 1991. A leading innovator and manufacturer of scope mounting systems, WARNE is positioned to supply its branded products worldwide through distribution and dealerships, as well as servicing the industry as a major OEM supplier. WARNE – Confidence in Every Shot!


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  1. I can get a NiB entry level AR at the same price point. Must be made from that, there unobtanium I’ve been hearing about. Oh, great, only another 19oz…I gotta get me a pack mule.

  2. I’m still trying to figure out how these are appreciably better than an $80 Harris.

    Or if you want something a bit more new styled, a $100 magpul. Maybe there is something wrong with me, but $360 seems like an awful lot of money to spend for 2 little legs out at the front end of my gun.

    $369 can get you a carbon fiber Manfroto spotting scope tripod for gods sake.

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