APA Precision Firearms' New Answer Muzzle Brake With URP Tunable Gas System
courtesy mfr
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Press release:

At APA we are known for solving big recoil problems, not small ones. For years competitive shooters have asked us to develop a brake for the off-hand, run-and-gun, “Gas Gun” competitor. We found this little recoil problem was a little more dynamic then anticipated. We wanted to give these shooters our bastard ports but that wasn’t enough. The competitive shooter needs something really light weight, but even more, tunable.

We developed the U.R.P. Adjustable Gas System. These aren’t just randomly placed top ports. Every port is place adjacent to the internal Bastard tooth where there is maximum pressure build up. This makes the adjustable ports directionally effective. ALSO because of our self-timing Gen 2 system the brake is cant-able.

The unique tunable gas system combined with the trademark APA ports work together to achieve a sight picture that does not move when the rifle is fired. There are 8 directional gas ports that can be tuned to counter act you’re U.R.P. (unique recoil profile).

There are 256 combinations to keep your sights on target. To calibrate the brake to your U.R.P., start testing with all the gas screws installed. Pay attention the movement of your Red dot, irons or crosshairs, and begin removing the gas screws, as the recoil requires.

When the gas screws are removed on the right side, the rifle will be shifted left. For the opposite effect, simply remove the screws on the left. The gas holes closer to the nut have a more dramatic effect and the ports closer to the brake crown have a lesser effect.  When you find your U.R.P. combination, Threadtite your screws into place.

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  1. OUCH! Seems pretty Steep, considering it isn’t even Ti…. Yes/No, what do you guys think?

    However, Results from the tuning of the device, Definitely Looks AWESOME!
    Dam, dude was shooting FAST & FLAT!

  2. Everyone loves the idea of tunable brakes but this is the first one that actually works. The Answer is really just a very upgraded Gen 2 Micro Bastard which is an extremely effective brake as is.

    The Answer has a 4th port as well as the URP top ports that are placed in a high pressure area. Not to mention that the shooter can “cant” the brake in seconds due to APA’s self timing nut.

    I have noticed a lot of pro 3-gunners picking these up in late 2018 and I’m sure that trend will continue.

    IMO Pros:
    * as, if not more effective then all the gigantic Ti brakes I have tried
    * lighter then anything else
    * tenability that actually works
    * looks really slick
    IMO Cons:
    * price is high but its APA and they only make really High Quality stuff


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