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A number of firearm and outdoor industry companies have announced special pricing for first responders, hospital workers and other essential employees during this COVID-19 period.

This from Walther Arms . . .

As a way of saying, “Thank you for keeping our country moving during these difficult times.” Walther has opened up VIP pricing to ALL First Responders, Hospital Personnel and Essential Workers for a limited time.

This program will run until May 25, 2020.

To qualify for this limited program, you only need to send in a copy of your credentials, along with the HEROES VIP Form.

“Over the last several weeks, we have witnessed the countless hours of hard work to keep our families safe and our country moving forward. We have all seen examples of real life heroes at work, that is why we wanted to extend special pricing for our heroes that have dedicated their time to helping others.” Said Adam Blalock, CEO of Walther Arms, Inc.

For more information and access to the order form, please visit waltherarms.com/industry-vip-program/

From Vortex Optics:

Vortex Optics Logo

Before COVID-19, doctors, nurses, and frontline medical personnel were already heroes. After the outbreak, their bravery has been what we need to find hope in a troubling time

Vortex Optics would like to honor their courage and their commitment. For the next 60 days, from April 27 to June 26, frontline medical personnel get 40% off on up to two optics, up to two optics accessories, and up to five items of Vortex Wear apparel. They will also receive free shipping.

As America isolates at home, medical professionals have pushed to the frontlines to battle this unprecedented threat. Thank you for being the heroes we need.

To receive the discount, simply create an account on ExpertVoice.

And this from Buck Knives:

Buck Knives Logo

Buck Knives is extending its online discount program to all the heroes that are working the frontlines to keep our communities safe during the COVID-19 crisis.

Buck Knives is proud to extend the industry partner discount program to men and women in the healthcare industry. This discount applies to doctors, nurses, CNA’s, technicians, technologists, health administrators, EMS, and support staff. The discount offers up to 50% off a full range of products. For full eligibility information, visit Buck Knives Healthcare Discount.

“It is with great gratitude that Buck Knives thanks all of the medical personnel, law enforcement, military, and first responders as they continue to work tirelessly to protect our communities,” said Chris Brooks, Director of Brand Management of Buck Knives.

Buck Knives also offers discounts to military, law enforcement, and first responders through the Service Pro Discount.

If you know of other similar offers from other companies, please note them in the comments below.

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      • Walther (Made in Germany) makes fine firearms.

        Walther corporate in the U.S. are a bunch of Asshat Super Douche Turd Nuggets.

        If you buy a Walther and never have to deal with the Clownish Rainbow Farts that make up the corporate hacks in the U.S. branch you are likely good to go.

        It’s your role of the dice.

        • The biggest Asshat Super Douche Turd Nuggets I’m upset with right now are everyone who chimed into this conversation with off-topic rants.

          This could have been a nice page to reference for some of us. But instead, you all got to speak your peace about who you think is essential, your feelings about not being deemed essential, brands you like, the obvious lack of inventory, current Covid statistics, etc.

          I’ll be here at the hospital in case you or your loved ones need me. Thanks for nothing, keyboard commandos.

  1. While I always support the giving of special recognition to EMS, nurses, military service members, veterans, etc., I’d like to remind everyone that there are many “economic casualties” in the form of tens of millions of innocent people who are now unemployed through no fault of their own. By simple decree from a Governor, Mayor, or Health Officer, many of us across the nation showed up for work as normal several weeks ago and were blind-sided with a speech from company brass informing us we are required to close, and are therefore furloughed (or outright terminated), with no guarantee that the company will re-open in any capacity once the Order is lifted and TPTB graciously permit operations to resume. Because, you know, the state or county officer made the subjective determination that certain companies aren’t “essential”, while others nearby somehow are, so their employees may enjoy continued employment.

    For all of us who are unemployed against our will and want nothing more than to get back to work, how about recognizing our plight as part of the other side of the COVID-19 coin?…the “casualties” side.


    • Forgot to add…

      Buck Knives is located in Idaho, arguably one of the most “American” locales right up there with Kansas and such. I have so many knives I don’t know what to do with them all, but last year I decided to buy one directly from them through their online store, thinking they must surely sell American products. Once it arrived, the blade was clearly engraved with the words “Made In China”.

      I’ll never buy Buck again.

      • They have a clear distinction of which knives are American made and which aren’t. The American made knives have an American flag displayed in the corner of the display pictures and in the description there is an entire paragraph about that model being “Made in the USA.” As someone who despises foreign made items myself, and who would be very upset if I had a Chinese made Buck, perhaps you’re being a bit harsh on this one particular company? Perhaps not, just a thought.

      • industry problem. easy to research tho.
        most of the <forty are imported.
        the skyline and leek are good u.s. blades at or near that price point, steel depending.
        and unless made in swedem is a four letter word, the mora stuff seems outrageously reasonable.

    • What makes you think that you would still have a job if we did nothing? A lot of small business owners cannot afford the legal risk to remaining open. Places of public accommodation not only face legal risk but the destruction of their reputation if they become a hot spot. There is this internet narrative that says if we did nothing Americans would be like the Tommies at the Somme, marching on to the Yawning Heights as their mates drop on their left and on their right. People would change their behavior and reduce risk which would have a huge impact. Even before social distancing orders were issued businesses were cutting back on travel and of course the market started to tank long before the first case hit US shores. This kind of epidemic is going to take an economic toll one way or another. The only question is the body the count.

      • Last night, over a phone call, one of my relatives who has worked as a nurse in the same hospital (near a major metro area) for 25 years told me they still have not yet seen a single COVID case at their location. The hospital was prepared back in February for the flood of infections predicted by Fauci and others, but it never materialized. Now, in late April, the triage area has been mostly dismantled, the equipment re-assigned elsewhere, and employees’ hours across the board have been cut back due to the severe loss of income, as their “normal” operations (and the patients who would have been part of elective or lower-tier procedures) weren’t allowed admittance.

        No body count. Not even a confirmed case in that area requiring hospitalization. Nothing.

        • Close to the same here. 17 cases in county for a .0004 infection rate. 1 death for a death rate of .00002. While even one death is to many. More people were murdered in the first 3 months of the year. Call it luck or whatever you like. We have faired much better than some. Stay safe Maintain OP SEC and as always Keep Your Powder Dry.

        • Darkman,

          At the risk of sounding cold, I want to impress the point that death is part of life. I would agree that deaths resulting from malice or violence are “too much”, to be sure, but if we glom on to the Left’s mantra that “if it saves only one life”, then we allow for measures to be applied against us that severely restrict the quality of life for everyone else. Death from natural causes (advanced age, poor health from life choices, illness, freak accidents) is to be expected as part of the Human Experience, and we should not ever think we can mitigate them all, regardless of what cost our leaders tell us we can bear.

          If 10,000 children die from something, we should certainly pursue a cure or a measure of prevention. But if each increase of that action includes additional losses of liberty for everyone else, where is the proper balance? A small loss of freedom to reduce the death toll to 1000? Perhaps. A large loss of freedom to reduce it to only 100 or only 1? “Whatever it takes” to save that last child and eradicate the problem entirely, even if everyone is now being tracked under surveillance and forced to accept injections?

          These are tough questions, and I believe we’re beginning to see where people stand, if the increased protests are any indication.

        • Perhaps because social interaction has been reduced, eh?

          Cause and effect get lost in success while it is exposed in failure.

          Everybody is praising Sweden but they have done far worse than their Scandinavian peers and with a population density, much worse the US States with the same density..

        • Bill Whittle has some interesting commentary on this point.

          Remember that flattening the curve, in itself, does not reduce the area under the curve.

        • I don’t know a single person who’s had it. I know a lot of people in town (garden club, school volunteers, neighbors, lots of old people.) Our hospital is underwhelmed. Glad for that, but most of us are seeing over hyped media coverage (hoping for a hurricane-like disaster to feed their sick ego’s).

        • @I Has A Question: Much in the vain of Joseph Stalin: “A single death is a tragedy…A million deaths is a statistic”.

        • So that would be GOOD and damn fortunate. Don’t assume round 2 will be the same. 1918 pandemic the 2nd round was far worse than the 1st.

          NOW talk about how the damn chicoms are going to be punished.

    • Even healthcare workers are economic casualties in this. The difference is healthcare workers are directly putting their lives at risk taking care of covid patients.

      • Most healthcare workers are not working. Thousands work in “non-essential” specialties. Funny, the governor never asked the patients if their hip replacement or back surgery was really that important?

    • Some of us are not only allowed to keep working and making money, they are revered for it and given perks. Where are discounts for those who lost their livelihoods?

  2. They’re going to need a way to defend themselves against the hoards of newly unemployed.

  3. My sister in law is a pharmacy tech and needs magazines for her CCP 9mm, which are pretty darn expensive for a single stack magazine fitting a relatively inexpensive pistol. I clicked on the link hope she could buy a few at a steep discount. Not only are magazines not eligible, most Walther pistols aren’t eligible, either. It’s just five weird models, like threaded barrel .45 PPQs. It looks like they’re just trying to move some of their unpopular inventory.

    • Have to agree. Also has a very narrow for who is considered an “Essential worker”. People in the food supply industry are not covered. Yet they work in some of the most dangerous facilities outside of hospitals and nursing homes.

      • I didn’t see where they defined “Essential” or placed any parameters other than “…ALL First Responders, Hospital Personnel, and Essential workers…” so it there something I am missing? My business was deemed “essential” so we are still hard at it.

    • Knowing some of the front office at Walther Fort Smith, it isn’t much of a surprise they limited this offering to only their least desirable models.

      Let’s be nice and just say they are more pretend charitable and always looking for some free marketing (even at this difficult time for our nation).

  4. I hate to look a gift-horse in the mouth but these are a bit underwhelming. The walther selection is tepid, vortex/buck mostly sell chinesium from what I understand. Shame glock or HK aren’t doing this. OTOH, that may be a good thing for my wallet.

    • Humanity isn’t waiting on baited breath for you to file those TPS reports, Ralph

      • Edit

        “Humanity isn’t waiting on ‘bated breath for you to file those TPS reports, Ralph”

        (abbreviated form of abated)

        • Worms. It smells like worms… don’t ask me how I know 🙂

          I’m a health care provider, I refuse to participate in any of these “recognitions”. Costco wants to move me to the front of the line? No thank you.

          Want to recognize me? Get the damn schools open and my kids back in them!

          And I really like vortex!

    • Right?!

      I’m still doing my essential job that helps keep 60 other people fully employed and limited 750 kids to missing only 5 days of school.

      Guess that doesn’t count for anything.

  5. Darn I just ordered a made in USA fixed blade from Buck at full price. It’s okay, I’m buying as much Made in USA as I can during all this. I may have to take advantage of the Vortex deal. *insert grin here* I would think my State nursing license would qualify, since it’s already scanned on my laptop.

    • I was just gonna send em my nursing license. I guess we can send a badge photo if they want proof of employment right?

  6. So….. technically I’m an essential worker based upon a DoD letter informing us of this fact. Which would appear to apply to the Walther offering. But I see that one requires payment up-front, has limited quantities on the half dozen models on the list. You will not know if you are approved until you apply with payment FFL ship-to info and (credit card info is sufficient).

    On the other hand, seems to me that Fire/EMS/hospital folks are a darned sight more “essential” in this virus business.

  7. My wife is about to get a red dot, knife and pistol. I wonder when shes gonna find out they’re here? Just kiddin, kinda.

  8. I got all excited thinking I’d get a new Walther pistol at a big ol discounted price. Turns out Pelosi, Fienstein and their friends decided I shouldn’t. The only new Walthers my leaders in government have deemed I will be allowed to purchase are 22lr’s. Now, i Iove shooting 22 but come on. Fuckin nazis. Oh yeah, speaking of Nazis, miss p and her people say i can buy a new P1. Great, but didnt they stop manufacturing those a while back. Oh well. Fuckin nazis. Fuckin ignorant ass stupid nazis.

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