Ezequiel Rosario-Torres
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Do you know what you’re legally allowed to do if some guy breaks into your home? How familiar are you with your state’s Castle Doctrine? Oh, and how do you feel about firing not one, but two warning shots?

One Sunshine State home invader found out that he’d chosen the wrong house to break into. On a Sunday afternoon, the Florida Man decided to enter an elderly couple’s home in Orange County. Virginia Morrison, one of the residents, said she tried to beat him away with a broom first, but to no avail.

According foxnews.com Morrison said . . .

“I didn’t know what he was going to do, but I knew I was going to protect myself. I’m a fighter. I’m going to defend myself,” …

Charlie, her partner, got his gun and fired a warning shot that didn’t change the home invader’s mind. That’s when Morrison decided to arm herself.

Morrison then retrieved her gun and fired a warning shot, she said. 

“He started coming toward me and I fired a shot above him. ‘Back off dude!’” Morrison said. “And he just kept coming toward me. So I just lowered my gun and shot him.”

“I didn’t realize I hit him but once I looked, he had a hole in his t-shirt and I thought I got him,” she said.

Ezequiel Rosario-Torres was taken to a local hospital and is now a former Florida Man.

No matter how justified a defensive gun use may be, it’s not always easy for the defender to deal with the aftermath.

“I have feelings,” she said. “I have God in my life. That’s my main thing, wondering if God’s going to forgive me for taking a life. It bothers me.” …

“I had to do what I had to do to protect myself and Charlie. And I would do it again. If I had to, but I don’t want to do that,” Morrison told WESH. “I hope God can forgive me for taking a man’s life.”


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    • Too bad you can’t bring em back to life so you could kill em again for forcing you to do it the first time!

    • Or the perp’s family who will launch a civil suit over wrongful death. “He didn’t have to die. He was turning his life around!”

    • IT is GOD who says we have a right to “resist the evil man”. not gov’t. When your unGREATful SOCIETY fails to protect the law abiding (taxpayers) by punishing the evil, (lazy) it is only a matter of time when We the People must right the wrongs that are an affront to GOD’s word. restore the republic, that dishonest Abe Lincoln destroyed, killing 660 000 in the process.

  1. “I hope God can forgive me for taking a man’s life.”

    God should give her a medal.

  2. More people have been killed in the name of God and Allah, than for any other reason in the history of humanity.
    n 1 Samuel 15:2-3, God commanded Saul and the Israelites, “This is what the LORD Almighty says: ‘I will punish the Amalekites for what they did to Israel when they waylaid them as they came up from Egypt. Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy everything that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.'” God ordered similar things when the Israelites were invading the promised land (Deuteronomy 2:34; 3:6; 20:16-18).

    • You don’t need any religion as a reason to kill a lots of people. The 8th Air Force killed lots of women and children by the middle of 1945. And their deaths had nothing to do with any religion.

    • “More people have been killed in the name of God and Allah, than for any other reason in the history of humanity.”

      Umm . . . what about Leftism/Communism?? Hitler killed AT LEAST 8-10 million INNOCENTS. Stalin killed 20 million. Mao killed at least 60 million. Pol Pot killed at least 6 million. Castro and Che killed a million of so. Daniel Ortega killed at least a hundred thousand. Add in Mandela, Mugabe, Chavez, Ho Chi Minh and his successors, and a few others, and we’re talkin’ real numbers.

      Religion has killed many, I agree – but those militant Xtians and jihadis were pikers. It took Communism, Karl Marx, and Joe Stalin to take casual murder from retail to wholesale.

      • “Hitler killed AT LEAST 8-10 million INNOCENTS“

        Yes, Hitler was raised in the Catholic Church and allied himself with the Christian church:

        “In a speech in the early years of his rule, Hitler declared himself “Not a Catholic, but a German Christian”.[16][17][18][19][20] The German Christians were a Protestant group that supported Nazi Ideology.[21] Hitler and the Nazi party also promoted “nondenominational”[22] Positive Christianity“

        Hitler’s first treaty as chancellor of Germany was signed with the Catholic Church, a treaty that has never been repudiated by the Vatican.

        “The Reichskonkordat (“Concordat between the Holy See and the German Reich”[1]) is a treaty negotiated between the Vatican and the emergent Nazi Germany. It was signed on 20 July 1933 by Cardinal Secretary of State Eugenio Pacelli, who later became Pope Pius XII, on behalf of Pope Pius XI and Vice Chancellor Franz von Papen on behalf of President Paul von Hindenburg and the German government. It was ratified 10 September 1933 and it has been in force from that date onward. The treaty guarantees the rights of the Catholic Church in Germany. When bishops take office Article 16 states they are required to take an oath of loyalty to the Governor or President of the German Reich established according to the constitution. The treaty also requires all clergy to abstain from working in and for political parties.“

        • “Yes, Hitler was raised in the Catholic Church and allied himself with the Christian church…”

          “Not everyone who calls out to me, ‘Lord! Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who actually do the will of my Father in heaven will enter. On judgment day many will say to me, ‘Lord! Lord! We prophesied in your name and cast out demons in your name and performed many miracles in your name.’ But I will reply, ‘I never knew you. Get away from me, you who break God’s laws.’”
          ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭7:21-23‬ ‭NLT‬‬

          Sorry miner, that dog won’t hunt.

      • Pol Pot had the biggest ratio. About 25-30% of the total national population at the time.

        • The Nazis industrialized murder.

          The Communists, if they weren’t actually shooting people, would use slave labor, starvation, and neglect as their usual method. But they would also want a “confession” to justify the punishment.

    • Not to mention all the innocent humans who were drowned in Noah’s flood, men women, even the babes in arms were drowned by Jehovah.

    • Communism and Nazism killed far more people then Christianity and Islam combined. We get it you hate religion, cool. Just stop making shit up. People like you act like the crusades killed 90 billion people or some shit. Yeah, they were horrible but get the fuck over it, it was 1,000 years ago. Just in the last century 100 million people died as a result of things that have nothing to do with Jesus or Allah.

  3. Thank God the firearm did not experience a failure to to fire. No telling what the advancing perp would have done. Sleep well grandma, God loves you.

    • jwm,

      That is an interesting approach jwm.

      The Bible actually speaks to that consideration directly, “Like a muddied spring or a polluted fountain is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked.” — Proverbs 25:26

  4. It’s not easy to kill another person. And it never has been. Military and police officer training has always been the best ways to overcome in human instinct to not kill needlessly. Except in the prison system. We’re prisoners kill each other because one of them passed gas in a prison cell. Or you walk past someone sitting at a table. And you weren’t supposed to walk past that individual.

    But in the outside world it is very difficult to actually kill another person. And a normal person will feel regret on some level. That emotion of regret is quite normal. But there are people in this world who are evil. And they are very comfortable harming other people. Some of them actually enjoy harming other people.

    Both the police and the military employ chaplains. So that the soldiers and police officers can speak to someone, about the violence they had to use in order to stop an evil person. And save the lives of innocent people.

    This is why it’s important to train to use your firearm. Not just because you can be accurate. But also because the idea will be implanted in your head, that you now have the ability to use deadly force, to save your life and the life of your loved ones.

    • btw

      Killing someone is only the end result of trying to stop the threat they have create against you or your loved ones. The best result when using a firearm this to get the attacker to stop attacking you. The human body is very resilient. It can take a great deal of punishment. People have been shot multiple times with large caliber weapons and survived.

      So it’s actually not necessary to kill them. They just need to stop being a threat to you. Simply displaying a holstered firearm or even pointing a firearm at a criminal, can be enough to get them to stop being a threat. And make them go away.

      But you always need to be psychologically prepared to pull that trigger.

      • Yes, the goal of self-defense is to neutralize the threat, not to kill. Killing, however, may be necessary to neutralize the threat.

      • the facts you have stated, have no place in a socialistic, evil empire called Amerika. The whole of government has gone crazy, calling evil, good and good, evil. What more do you need to secede? The founders and Jesus both said to SEPARATE from such evil. Will you die a slave to sissies & perverts?

  5. It has been my long belief that God did not give us brains and intelligence just for the fun of it or for us to waste. It is apparent, ma’am that you made every effort to not harm the intruder and it was his decision to not take heed to those instructions and he ignored the 2 warning shots. Therefore, you do not have to feel guilty in any way relative to your actions. The intruder suffered the consequences of his actions not your actions. In other words, the intruder is totally responsible for the outcome of his actions. May God bless you.

  6. Sane, rational people have second thoughts when they hurt someone. It’s a fact of life. You’re going to second guess yourself, for a long, long time. The hardest part, is getting a good night’s sleep after the fact. Eventually, you will fall asleep, out of sheer exhaustion, but that isn’t ‘good sleep’. Getting to that first night of ‘good sleep’ is hell. Then, you move on, one step at a time. There comes a day when the insane SOB who attacked you doesn’t occupy your thoughts for hours each day.

    • And consider the likely alternative that the same SOB would have hurt or killed you without a second thought and slept like a baby the same night.

  7. God has olainly declared in His Word that when an uninvited intruder reaks into YOUR HOME when you are there, “you may strike him that he die and there shall be no bloodguil upon you”.

    How much more clear can it be? The perp entered YOUR home, uninvited and unannounnced, you warned him violently twice, yet he continued to attack your persons…. in God’s eyes, yuir home is YOUIR safe place and anyone intruding in that space without YOUR permission may be killed with no guilt falling upon you.

    This guy was old enough to KNOW what he was doing, harboured evil within hs heart, did not respect either your home, your propertym nor your persons, and persisted in his obvious intent to harm. God used you as a means to end this man’s life of evil. Good work. You were faithful to do what needed to be done.

  8. Not sure who Grace Stevens is or what her bio looks like, but some of the articles she has written are ridiculous to say the least. Most firearm users are responsible people, and many would feel remorse at having to shoot someone particularly when justified as in this case. I don’t think that this is an unexpected emotion. If it happened to me, I believe I would have several feelings about it. First, no one has the right to enter your home without permission. Second, anyone who enters your home either forcefully or through an open portal can’t be doing so for any good reason 99% of the time. Third, if you have time warn them and they do not comply then you have to do what you have to do. Fourth, even if I shot and killed someone, I would feel badly that it had to come to that but I would not be one bit sorry about it because I would view it as a life threat situation and I have no intentions of dying at the hands of some crazy nut job. So I am not sure what Grace’s point is unless she is trying to say we are stone cold killers or we are going to feel sorry for saving our own lives and the lives of our loved ones.

  9. His death is a direct result of his own bad choices and decisions. There is no telling how many lives were saved and lives not ruined because of the desire this couple had to defend themselves. Much heartache has been prevented.

  10. As long as the would be victim is the one still standing on top of the dirt when it’s over, all is well.

  11. Clearly Virginia Morrison is deserving of the public’s “thoughts and prayers” for doing what had to be done in a very desperate situation that was not of her creation.

  12. She is a human being. She didn’t WANT to take a life. She HAD to take a life. Bless her. Take care.

    • Did she?

      She had time to go get a gun while someone else already had one pointed at the guy. Time to fire warning shots.

      Was there time to leave, then? Go to another room, close the door?

      I’m not suggesting that should be a legal necessity. But it is a PRACTICAL possibility. And one that should be considered because taking a life, even justly, can have severe consequences.

      • Retreat from your own home??!! And go where? A neighbor if you have one and possibly bring harm to them? No… Its called Castle Doctrine for a reason. It also could be called the Alamo Doctrine. Your last stand…

  13. Of course, GOD will forgive u. It wasn’t your fault,some dirtbag criminal tried to break in, and do whatever. U had all the right in the world, to give this guy, lead poisoning, he could of killed u both,obviously he didn’t understand,a gun pointed at him could be a fatal mistake, he learned the hard way, and u and your friend are safe,God was watching over u. The criminal is where he belongs, and u will recover from a terrible,experience, and enjoy life.

  14. I can under stand her feelings. I’m glad I never had to shoot anyone in the years I was a cop!

  15. Points out that if you are a human being, taking a life, regardless of the situation, will change you. I didn’t have to pull the trigger in my one encounter and thankful I didn’t. I somewhat understand how she feels. Some people here and other places run on how they will bury the S.O.B, blow his brains out, and other colorful actions, but if they ever have to pull the trigger and the person dies, they will be changed.

  16. Only good perp is a dead one! Kudos to you mam for doing what’s right! Two to the chest, one to the head is job done!

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