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Is this pro-gun? Anti-gun? Or just plain stupid. In any case, I’m glad that the zombie gun marketing trend is dead. You?

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  1. Is the zombie marketing stuff over? I just saw a (otherwise) rather nice Remington shottie in zombie green at a Sportsman’s Warehouse…

  2. I saw it as anti gun. The guy looks like a fool.
    But more importantly. It could to some perpetuate the myth that you can order a handgun online and have it delivered to your door. Yes its a simple thing. But its also the mindless Zombie way. A lot of sheeple think you can buy a gun this way. After all if its on the interwebs its true isn’t it.
    Very bad thing to have shown being totally false.
    As Zombies are 101% real.

    • I can buy guns online and have them shipped to my door. It’s just illegal to do so and criminals usually don’t have the best or cheapest selection anyways.

  3. Honestly if it gets more people into the shooting sports who otherwise would not have I think its great.
    Hopefully the appreciation for guns stays after the Zombie shine wears off

  4. I stopped caring about the Walking Dead after they drove out of the CDC parking lot without picking up any of the guns or ammo that were literally carpeting the place. Sure they’d been sitting out, but scoop up a dozen M4s and M9s each and you should be able to cobble together two or three functioning weapons of each type. Maybe you get lucky and most of them are working. Also pick up as much 5.56 and 9mm as you can possibly carry.

    You’re in the middle of the zombie frickin’ apocalypse. You just found a guns and ammo smorgasbord. Load up with two pretty darn useful weapons and plenty of ammo for them.

    • I thought that too… I was like dude stop and grab those 50 cal. On the humvee… I figured 1 round could at the very least incapacitate 12 zombies when shot thru a horde (or go thru 1 tank and hit the driver)…

      • They have picked up full autos in the later seasons, riot gear from zombie prison guards, etc. In the latest season they grabbed a RPG, from a zombie soldier which they later used to blow up a gang of bikers who attacked them. Besides zombies they are now running into various human marauders and despots. They are also trying to setup a shop to manufacture bullets.

        • I’ve commented before how TWD cast members have “evolved” from the hunting sort of weapons in the early episodes to primarily military grade full autos. Well, except for Rick’s Python or Anaconda. Which is it? That show has driven the price of Colt’s snake guns through the roof.

  5. Anti. He trained with guns, but when it was go time he peed himself and couldn’t hit targets. Ergo, buying guns is useless; and only the appearance of a rainbow ninja can save you.

    Enforced inability because admitting the added ability and protection a gun gives you isn’t very funny- it’s logical and practical. Ergo, the only way to legitimately attack guns is that they DON’T work to protect you, and “reasonable” “normal” people even WITH training will freeze up and fail.

    • I gotta be honest here…. I’d probably pee my pants too if a horde of anything came at me wanting to eat my brains….. Read “On Combat”. Its rather common.

      I think the guy who made this is pro gun for himself, anti gun for others, and looks down on those whom he views as inferior……. Its just stupid in the most selfish of ways.

  6. Totally anti-gun—perpetuates the mail order internet gun myth–and further tries to prove that love conquers all —almost as stupid and unbelievable as your recently posted “take action” vid from that clueless reform temple (btw-I am a 75 yr old Shomer Shabbat MOT NRA life member–with no tolerance for this typical reform MOT pacifist baloney!!) דמד

    • I agree with you.

      BTW, “…I am a 75 yr old Shomer Shabbat MOT NRA life member–with no tolerance for this typical reform MOT pacifist baloney” I’m not very Shomer, but I’m with you on the rest!!

  7. The stupid Hornady Zombie ammo with the green rubber plug in the hollow point vs the red one on the Critical Defense version of the same thing….dumb. I would have bought some as practice ammo on close out if I could have gotten it for half price, otherwise, no. Can’t believe any one would actually spend money on a Zombie version of anything.

    How is anything that moves as slow as a Walking Dead zombie anywhere near as dangerous as a Democrat with a voter registration card?

    • In March 2013 that zombie ammo was the only type of 9m and .223 on the shelf at a few retailers, bought a few just because it was available. After it went clearance I bought some more 9mm to test new carry guns for functioning with critical defense.

      • And . . . ? Did it work good? I would imagine it did. All the green boxes, etc., were just a marketing ploy. My wife got me a “zombie killer” knife for Christmas a couple of years ago that’s actually a pretty good knife . . it just had a green handle., Big deal.

    • “The stupid Hornady Zombie ammo with the green rubber plug in the hollow point vs the red one on the Critical Defense version of the same thing….dumb.”

      Buy a box of each, mix ’em together, now you have red-green X-Mas ammunition stocking-stuffers!!!

      • That’s BRILLIANT! Now I can be festive and well prepared. They’ll be best in a revolver so the bad guy can see the alternating tip colors and decide to be festive and peaceful or to take the rest of their life off.

  8. If you have caught up with your episodes, you should know having cartridges for the guns you have is much more important than having more guns.

  9. Drive through Portland Oregon on a Friday night, and you will swear that the zombie apocalypse is real and has already taken the city. 🙂 Seriously, here is a interesting thought exercise. Imagine, if you will, the same scenario, but replace the zombies with liberal urban dwellers 3 days after a natural disaster that completely stopped the food supply to the city like what happened in New Orleans. Imagine after 5 days or 10 days? Sorry, no walking dead, but probably just as frightening.

    • Considerably scarier, since zombies aren’t able to work together, drive cars, or use firearms.

      • On the show, the other living humans are more dangerous than the zombies to the heros. They have ran into crazy despots, marauders, gangs, and cannibals.

    • You’ve just hit on exactly the discussion of ‘little zombies v. big zombies’. “Zombies” in terms of TEOTWAWKI can be looters, rioters, the golden horde, etc.

      Same mindset: Thoughtless death, destruction, and consumption.

  10. 3 minutes of my life I will never get bsck. No guns, rainbow ninja? Nothing pro -gun about whatever that was.

  11. Nice compendium of the anti-freedom, government worshiping perspective of those that have rejected being a mature responsible adult.

    Many of the liberal/progressives and statist types really believe that “good thoughts” and defenselessness will keep one safe from being targeted by a human presdator. That carrying a gun will only do two things, it will either turn a law abiding citizen into a homicidal maniac that will shoot someone for cutting them off in traffic, or it will draw a confrontation to you because you are being “paranoid and fearful” in carrying a gun; but either way, if you do end up shooting a gun at another person for whatever reason,; you will inevitably shoot an innocent bystander, or a child rather than the bad guy. Or just pee your pants, panic and run in circles.

    They really believe this, really.

    So in the end, for most of those that have chosen to be unarmed subjects, there is no reasoning or logic that can change this type of delusion and denial. So this is why I don’t allow the irrational fears of emotionally arrested, over grown children determine whether I OC a firearm in public. If I did, I would be saying that the beliefs of those that have chosen to be powerless, helpless and defenseless; that have chosen to be dependant on the government for their protection: is more important than being a free and responsible adult.

    Hmmm, no; that is not happening.

  12. A) that was strange. Very strange

    2) poor form using a Henry. Or maybe good form? A friend pointed me in their general direction and its looking like that will be my next purchase.

    #) I spy Banana Bay Tactical in Austin assisted with this production. I’m not sure why, but at least the Austin helps the video make more sense.

  13. Love zombies, never cared for the zombie themed shooting stuff but it never bothered me.

    If anything it brings in new shooters

  14. It’s easy to spot the zombies in most urban areas. They’re the ones with their faces buried in their cell phones and wearing earbuds paying absolutely no attention to anything around them. As long as they keep doing that, the bad guys will never want for more victims.

  15. It’s amazingly anti gun. How is that even up for debate? How many tropes can we spot?

    1. Gun owners are paranoid.
    2. Mail order gun shipment.
    3. Gun owners are fat, slovenly wannabes.
    4. “Train all you want, you’ll just panic when you’ll actually need it.”
    5. Guns are a gateway drug to antisocial behavior.

    All that combined with the appearance of the Gay Glitter Ninja, and turning the Ruger M1911 into confetti, and it’s a wonder this isn’t filed under “Anti Gun Agitprop of the day”.

  16. Holy crap on a cracker. Really? Effing idiotic. And anti gun. Hoeven I hope both “the guy” and “Christina” were eaten by the zombies. Slowly. Of course if they do eat them, well, that much stupid could be bad for the zombies.

    Hope someone does a negative radius turn on the . . . I can’t come up with a bad enough adjective . . . “rainbow ninja” with an M1 Abrams.

    Showed this to a gay friend of mine and he was insulted and pissed off.

    You want zombies? Go read John Ringo’s “Black Tide Rising” series. I hate the whole moronic zombie craze thing, but I love John’s books. Actually makes sense!

    And the man knows his guns at least.

  17. I wanted to say neither anti or pro during the first minute, just a horribly made comedy sketch. Then it went to anti in my opinion with the whole it turning into an obsession and his girl leaving him, But then for a second it seemed to go back to pro since shit actually hit the fan and zombies really came!!!! Then it went back to anti gun since he couldn’t manage to hit a zombie 2 feet in front of him, ya know, portraying an armed citizen as stupid and useless and more likely to cause harm. Then some gay ninja came out of no where, killed zombies and said no guns. Sooooooo yea.

  18. I knew it was anti-gun when they had the “Wannabe Operator” main character eating an apple when he sees the Zombie outbreak. He should have been eating freshly grilled Bratwursts and wiping the grease out if his beard with a shop towel.

        • Look up ‘German Deli’ on-line. They ship authentic German food anywhere in the US in coolers. Great stuff!

          • Will do! Thanks! There are a couple of good German Markets in my area. I have a few friends whose parents immigrated from Germany after WWII and the local markets are “Approved” by their families.

    • My woman doesn’t like Bratwurst. She loves guns, and even pays for guns for me, so I can overlook never being able to have brats for dinner… except at friends houses…

      • Sad for you on the one had, but sounds like a good deal in the long run… Hope you have lots of friends who give you Brat-fixes! We usually have dark beer, brown mustard, big piles of sauerkraut, fried red potatoes and onion and heavy brown bread with butter.
        Great for the palate, but maybe not so good for the arteries..oh well.
        Does she just not like sausages, or particularly not like Bratwurst?

  19. I would like to see how well the gay ninja would fair in Baltimore at 2:30 in the morning on a Saturday night. He might just want the gun back.

  20. I think this went over your heads. It lampoons the liberal argument that you don’t need guns. As in, the liberal argument is as realistic as a rainbow ninja saving your rear one day. If those producing this film were really antigun, they wouldn’t have obtained real guns to film. To repeat: it demonstrates the liberal fantasy that “even if you train with guns, you’ll be ineffective when it comes time to use them, hence you must rely on someone else to save you.” In this case, the rainbow ninja comes to save the guy, which we know is silly, hence the liberal argument is silly. So this film is pro gun.

    • Well THAT settles for me why I heard that “whoosh!” noise at the end of the video. Seriously, I think you are right. Also explains why they had the main character mail ordering all kinds of guns (lampooning the liberal propaganda that “anyone” can buy guns on the internet and have them delivered to their front door).
      I defer to your perspicacity on this matter, JMorton. Great insight! Thanks!

  21. Ok? A walking dead fan short movie.
    Check out the star trek fan shows on you tube. Some are better than others.

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