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From Walker’s . . .

Walker’s, the leader in hearing protection and enhancement, announces the release of the company’s most ergonomic electronic sound management system yet for shooters and hunters. ATACS Sport Earbuds delivers the state-of-the-art performance serious shooters demand in a platform designed to excel in all-day comfort and operational convenience.

Increasingly, professional shooters, recreational shooters, and hunters are favoring the comfort and digital control of earbud-style sound management systems to protect their hearing and to amplify and discern ambient sound. While earbuds perform these tasks admirably, fitment and security can vary between shooters—especially during high-activity, high-mobility scenarios such as competition shooting and hunting.

The all-new ATACS Sport Earbuds address these challenges by incorporating a dual retention system into a sophisticated and ergonomic platform. Since shooters come in all shapes and sizes, the Walker’s engineers set out to develop an earbud system that would work for everyone. They did this by incorporating soft and flexible ear hooks and a behind-the-neck retention strap into a freshly designed earbud chassis. This unitized retention system, combined with multi-sized foam ear tips, means the ATACS Sport Earbuds are comfortable to wear under any condition and will remain in place even during high mobility activities.

Beyond the comfort and ergonomic features, the ATACS Sport Earbuds include the latest in sound suppression/enhancement technology and operational control. Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, for example, pairs the ATACS Sport Earbuds to your phone via the Walker’s LINK 2.0 app, providing remote control of the listening mode settings (universal, clear voice, power boost, and high frequency boost) as well as auto shutoff times (off, 2, 4, and 6 hours), volume control, battery level, ambient mute, and social media links.

The new ATACS Sport Earbuds come with three different-size foam ear tips and a USB-C charging cable to deliver up to 7.5 hours of battery life per charge.

Walker’s ATACS Sport Earbuds Specifications

·Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
·Compatible with Walker’s LINK app
·4 program settings: universal, clear voice, power boost, high frequency boost
·7.5 hours battery life
·Auto shut-off: 2, 4, 6 hours
·Digital sound quality
·Low noise frequency tuned for sound clarity
·Sound activated compression (SAC)
·USB-C charging cable included
·3 size foam ear tips


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  1. Yeah not listing a MSRP is a blunder er faux paux er error. I know it ain’t super cheap but I hate hate hate wearing ear phones…

  2. Not a fan of Bluetooth on my head….radiation installed on my head….nope….some folk think it is OK, but not for me. My brain has enough problems of its own…we already don’t get along, I certainly don’t want my brain to think I am trying to fry it.

    Nice brain…no worries…I’ll be good to you…here, have another beer….

    • It must be inconvenient having all your conversations on speakerphone. There’s been EMI coming out of handsets since Alexander Bell.

      • Jim fro Li,

        So, get yourself a pair.

        And think about the difference between the radiation emanating from a handheld landline and radiation from a radio inserted in your ears.

        Yes, I never hold my cell to my head, and yes, in my office I use a speakerphone.

  3. Those look like they’d stay in place quite well- I’d be interested in checking out that design. I have absolutely zero interest in Bluetooth connectivity, though- so hopefully they’ll offer a model without that superfluous technotripe at a reasonable price.

    • Actually, although I do not listen to music or books on my phone, it is nice to have connectivity for phone calls without a wire getting in the way all the time. I bought some wired buds so that I could answer the phone in the car, but the wire was such a pain, getting tangled up with my arm and what not and coming out of my ears that they soon ended up in the glove box.

      • The only wire I’ve ever connected to my phone is the charging cord. I avoid using the phone while driving at all cost- and if using it is somehow unavoidable, then it is by speakerphone only.

        We actually have a law down here that addresses this driving safety issue head-on:

        Title XXIII
        Chapter 316
        316.304 Wearing of headsets.—
        (1) No person shall operate a vehicle while wearing a headset, headphone, or other listening device, other than a hearing aid or instrument for the improvement of defective human hearing.

        I have no qualms with this statute at all- it’s just common sense. Additionally, I cannot think of a single time when I’ve been wearing hearing protection that I needed to (or wanted to) accept or place a phone call.

        Focusing on the task at hand is of utmost importance to me. I’d wear headphones/earbuds while listening to music in the privacy of my own home, I guess- but just about anywhere else I’m more interested in situational awareness than partaking in active distraction.

        But, to each their own…

  4. This model may have been released….but, is not shown on the Walker site yet. I was curious about the NRR and the $$.

  5. I’ve been casually shopping for buds, and it surprises me how many manufacturers do not list the NRR for all of their models. That is probably the most important thing I am looking for.

  6. Don’t know price wise or nrr how they compare, but I’ve been quite happy with the isotunes products. Lots of nice features. Allows me to talk on the phone while working with both hands.


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