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Screw the ACORN exposés and the Planned Parenthood sting operations, someone’s finally doing some important investigative journalism. Check out Steven Crowder as he goes undercover to blow the lid off of America’s shamefully lax gun laws. This conspicuous lack of common sense regulation allows just about anyone to, in the words of President Hopenchange . . .

load up a van with automatic weapons in hillbilly backwaters and then haul them back to arm the underprivileged yoots of some of our greatest cities. Yoots who, had they not been drawn into a life of violence by the siren song of easily acquired ballistic thrills, would otherwise have been helping little old ladies across busy streets and volunteering in senior centers. Watch and weep, America. And blame the gun lobby for what you’ll see above.

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  1. I used to really dislike Crowder, even though I agreed with some of his views. His style of presentation irked me, and he was rarely ever funny. He also seemed to report conservative like the liberals report, telling you the truth, without context or the full story. Lately he is really growing on me though.

  2. The audacity.

    Someone needs to sue those gun-grabbers for lying.

    Wait – You mean it isn’t a crime for a politician to lie?

    Mebbe we need to work on that.

    Let’s call it ‘The Truth In Statements About United States Constitutional Amendments Act’.

    I’m cool with the death penalty upon conviction…

  3. A gun dealer telling a customer that he needs a Class 3 license to buy a full auto… Wow. You’d think they’d know better.

    • If they don’t deal in or collect NFA stuff, they probably don’t know enough about the laws. A lot of people believe you need a license to own them, and some believe there’s a recurring fee as long as you own it.

    • Technically, I believe he is correct if you want to plunk down cash and immediately carry a full-auto firearm out the door. Otherwise, you would have to go through the ATF’s 9 month process to get a $200 tax stamp for a full-auto firearm … and it would have to have been manufactured before 1987 at that.

    • It could have been taken out of context when the FLL dealer said “you need a class III (sic) license,” he could have meant the figurative “you” meaning the “you” is a Class III SOT, when he was describing a scenario.

      It also irks me when people refer to NFA items as Class III. Um no.

  4. Couldn’t get through the video. The fact that your site is serving auto-play video advertisements on the same page as the actual video content that I want to watch is really, really annoying.

  5. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    Joseph Goebbels

    • Thanks for that super-insightful philosophical lesson from the great Joe Goebels. I’m pretty sure other people throughout history have said very similar things, yet you choose to quote a man who proved the above statements by imposing the state sponsored lie via nazism, on men, woman and children, so that they could be led to their deaths (if they were lucky) at the hands of monsters, for there religion, sexual preference, skin color whatever. Goebels was a sociopath, sociopaths excel at lying, convincing normal people they have a conscience and are in it for the good fight. Joe Goebels was a piece of shit, why are u giving him a platform here, now? Hitler wanted to save Germany, he was an insane piece of shit that would have ruined it if it wasn’t for the U.S. being willing to build it back up afterwards, all those German folks would be speaking Russian right about now. Yet here you are regurgitating nazi propaganda, as if it has some place in a modern, civilized western country. U R fucking disgusting and disingenuous.

      • It was an absolutely appropriate reference, cited in context, in quotes and with attribution to the author. The PROPAGANDA and deceit tactics that the Extremist Liberal Anti-Gun Cult employ are straight out of Goebbels playbook and enough to make George Orwell roll over in his grave. Citing a disgusting psychopathic mass murder is an exactly appropriate historical reference to this situation. And to call someone ‘disgusting and disingenuous’ because of that is frankly intellectually and emotionally immature at best.

  6. If I was an FFL, I would keep a stash of Airsoft or paintball markers in the back just in case some nitwit tried that. That way I can be “Sure!…but this is all I can do”

    • Technically the only gun a person can buy without a background check from an FFL would be a muzzleloader. I’d love to see the low information buyer’s face when he asks, “What gun can I buy without a background check?” to which the dealer turns around and picks up a 5 foot long flintlock and says, “This.”

      • “You all constantly jabber about what the founding fathers expected. Well this is it. .50 caliber, armor piercing ball ammunition, and accurate up to 200 yards. Have fun with it!”

  7. Vids like this just confuse the issue. If the public cannot tell the diff between auto and semi auto the end result is this vid smells like propaganda.

    The guns how loop is alive and well. I use it all the time. Go to a class three dealer if you want an SBR, Suppressor or full auto. Asking the local non-3 gun shop is just stupid and easily proved wrong.

    • The video clearly states, if you watch all of it, that private sales between people are in fact legal. But…that if you don’t reside in the state of the seller (Indiana as the example here) that they can’t legally sell an Illinois resident a gun. And no one would. No FFL, no private dealer. Recapped at the end of the video.

      Asking for a machinegun, more than one mentioned they aRe highly regulated and fingerprint cards are required. Standard answers at an FFL. He made the section of the video different clearly.

  8. Reality doesn’t matter to the true believers.
    There will always be a loophole. Heat-seeking rocket launchers with ghost clips that go up will always be available at every street corner to any toddler passing by free of charge thanks to the NRA.

    • Hillary will close the gunshow poophole. Once the poophole is closed, no more bad stuff will come out. Hillary is a first class poophole closer.

  9. I notice he did not interact with any “private sellers” but I think that was covered by HIS admission he was not from Indiana. Nor did he hang out in the parking lot where anything can happen. Very Pro-gun video. Of course he would have provided evidence that he committed a “crime” by showing it.
    As for the retailers, a licensed dealer can refuse to sell to anyone for any reason. I used to have a storefront and held a class 2 license for several years. When talking to the customer if I got the hinky feeling I would chose not to sell to them by sending them to another retailer. This was before any paperwork was done. For the record the hinky feeling was 100% right when the paperwork was done and a no go was called back. I know, I know I’m an evil nazi who was preventing people from enjoying their god given 2a rights. On the brightside nobody ever “offed” anybody with a firearm I sold them. Now, Swords, that’s another story…..

    ** Also if you noticed they started charging a $25-30 “fee” for the backround checks, this was encouraged by the ATF and 100% of it goes to the retailer. I think this was in part to curb the “I wonder if I can pass checks” that were clogging up the system. Because that fee is due BEFORE you run the check. Also puts green in the retailers pockets for the time spent fooling with people WHO know they can’t pass and extra cheese in the retailers pockets for those that do.

    • Actually, at least 5 private sellers were included in the video. Like the ones who said “No.” and “You have to be an Indiana resident” and “the president is f***ing wrong.”

      • My point is that had he been an Indiana resident the sale would have gone thru with nothing BUT a bill of sale if that. hopefully they would only accept a VALID (not-expired) Drivers License as proof.

        • Yeah, the 2nd Amendment clearly states “….shall not be infringed, as long as the purchaser has a valid state ID and is not from out of state.”

          Because the gunshow poophole is creating terrorists, or something.

      • “The President is wrong”. Seems to happen a lot when any politicians talk about guns or science, or islands.

      • Given what happened to the CMP guy you are running a big risk. The ATF could come after you for soliciting a felony.

    • The fee is so the dealers make money too. if you buy a gun from somewhere and they ship it to your FFL for pickup, they have no small amount of paperwork to complete and liability to accept before they hand it off to you. It’s not right to ask them to do this for free.

      • Your 100% right. My point was the ATF wanted this to be done to curb “just wanna know” and also keep them from having to go after prohibited persons (read do work) who tried to purchase. I’m all for dealers making money. Keeps the store open.

      • Sian, I consider that completely wrong. I do not need a BC, I do not want an intrusive government in the middle of my business, there is no reason whatsoever why I would support such ridiculous BS, therefore there is no reason why I would pay for it. If the people of this country think such crap is somehow necessary, then the people of this country should PAY FOR IT! And if the billions were seen as THEY have to pay it, all such crap would disappear. It is all sold as “we will fuck them coming and going, for no reason at all, with no benefit to anybody, but since we will make them pay for their own fucking, we can just do it forever, more and more and more.” If *I* need a service from Gov’t, I will be pleased and proud to pay for it. If *YOU* believe a service is necessary for your safety, I expect YOU to be ready to pay for it. If you think we should charge the people whose rights are being violated for that violation, then sometime soon we will have to shoot you.

        Note! I am not suggesting dealers should do BCs for free, I am suggesting taxpayers should pay for it, not purchasers. If Barry was suggesting an expenditure of 100 billion a year or whatever for something with no demonstrable benefit, someone may ask a question. If it will not affect your personal taxes, no one will care.

    • Jesus people, the pedantry..

      Crowded was addressing Obama’s made-up scenario where an Illinois resident goes to an Indiana gun show and “loads up a van” with guns with nary a background check.

      He wasn’t saying private sales didn’t or couldn’t happen. He was directly refuting Obama et al’s allegation that A) such things were legal and B) that they were so simple any idiot could do it.

      Nobody is denying that private sales don’t happen, or that you can’t buy an automatic after jumping through NFA hoops.

      What he’s countering, correctly, is the allegation that we have to tighten laws because it’s “easy and legal” for out-of-staters to buy piles of automatic weapons with no checks. That is not true and the truth of the matter is being misrepresented by politicians like Barack “van of guns” Obama and Michael “braaap-braaap” Bloomberg.

      In what was recently said by the left, Crowder answered accurately and succinctly.

    • Uh, no.

      The fee is there for one simple reason. Otherwise the FFLs would be giving their time away for free, and there’d be no incentive to do the checks at all.

      Man, gun people are the loudest free marketers half the time, but the minute they need to pay $25 for something firearm related they scream that they’re getting gouged through some conspiracy.

      • I just wonder what part of the paperwork makes the fee $25+? Secretaries on average fill out paperwork for less than $15 an hour, so that should be the going rate for transfers.

        • A secretary’s ass isn’t on the line if the ATF shows up, inspects the books/4473’s and finds errors. The FFL holder ass is on the line.

          There’s no way that I will ever delegate the ATF paperwork to anyone else if I grow my business to the point where I’d like to hire labor. I’ve seen in shop after shop after shop, that’s how people lose their FFL: they allow someone else to do the ATF books.

      • “Man, gun people are the loudest free marketers half the time, but the minute they need to pay $25 for something firearm related”

        I am happy to pay for a new magazine, fancier bullets, a more accurate gun. Those are things *I* want, and I will happily pay for them. I do **NOT** want stupid background checks or whatever which only impede my purchase of a gun. Let’s just get rid of them! But WAIT!!! Those who do NOT want to buy firearms, do want to inflict their decisions on MY right to KBA, make it more expensive, more intrusive, more ridiculous. Why do we feel *WE* should pay for the ever-increasing burdens imposed by those who intend to continue increasing those burdens until we cannot pay them anymore, and must surrender our guns? If *you* wish to increase the number of hurdles required enroute to gun ownership, then *you* need to pay the costs. I do not wish to increase those hurdles, therefore I should not be required to bear those costs. Are we stupid?

  10. What confuses everyone, general public and politicians alike, is the word “auto.”

    Full AUTO
    Fully AUTOmatic

    As soon as anyone hears the term “auto” anywhere, they think of full auto/burst no matter what. Good luck explaining the unfortunate nomenclature.

    • Blame the Gun maker PR guys for that one. You forgot “Autoloading” I’d look for pistol/rifle makers to slow down the fire rates in the near future. AKA Ruger’s new pistol with the looooooong trigger reset. Hmmmm makes ya think.. I’m waiting for them to have a trigger you have to push forward with your finger to reset it.

      • And if they can’t get in the front door (Bans,ammo,taxes,laws) they go in from the back door…….trigger devices,bullet buttons,mag limits..

    • The terms “auto” and “assault” are wreaking unnecessary havoc in everyone’s perceptions and understanding.

      What everyone are trying to convey are “machine guns.” (note the term auto is not even there)
      Too bad hardly anyone uses that correct terminology.

      • My butt still puckers when so called “gun experts” in the gun business or LE call firearms “weapons” by default.

        If you are target shooting, is your gun a “weapon” or just a firearm?

        If a gun is an “assault weapon” when used to attack somebody, is it a “defense weapon” when used in self defense?

        If you bludgeon somebody with a hammer, is it an “assault hammer?” Or just a hammer?

        Words mean things. The leftist media constantly uses the terms “assault weapon, gun violence, weapon” as code words to push an agenda. They are never consistent in their nonmenclature. Dont be like those jerks. A gun can be a weapon, and a weapon can be a gun, but keep it in context.

        • [shrug]

          What’s a bow? What’s a sabre? It seems to me like these are weapons as well, even if they’re used in recreational situations such as shooting competitions or fencing.

    • So what is the alternative? Using “single-shot” to describe anything not automatic? That would be terribly imprecise. ‘Self-loading’ or ‘cambering’, maybe? I dunno, I think we’re stuck with auto terms.

    • That and almost every Hollywood movie or TV show that is not a chick flick in which the bad guys will inevitably shoot up the neighborhood at some point with fully automatic weapons and never be confronted by the FBI, the BATFE, or any federal prosecutor for their offense.

    • “As soon as anyone hears the term “auto” anywhere, they think of full auto/burst no matter what. Good luck explaining the unfortunate nomenclature”

      Screw the nomenclature, “shall not be infringed”.! Full auto should be available over the counter. It’s a good way to eliminate your paycheck in minutes, even SEALs will tell you they would never ever have fired that much ammo, to achieve their level of expertise, if they had to pay for it. If my ARs were select fire, I’d guess that I’d fire about 100 rounds a YEAR, on full auto. The attraction is that it is not available, unless you are a criminal. Full auto is not good for much. I really hope, if I ever face a tourist, that his weapon is full auto. In 2 and 1/2 seconds he will be out of ammo, when I stand up and casually shoot him. One bullet at a time.

  11. The only reason they make a big thing out of private sales is that the only way to further regulate it in the US is to have a gun register. Take my word for it as an European, that will lead to confiscation. Confiscation is there endgame. Never let them do it.

    • Your wizened leaders disarmed you folks and let the muslim terrorists into your country to prey on your women and destroy your culture. Obama is trying the dilution through illegal immigration trick but we still have our RKBA. And if Lord Obama decided to ban all the guns from his throne tomorrow, there will still be around 300 million guns in private hands. Would be interesting to say the least.

  12. You gotta love O’Malley’s talking points about ISIS training videos. It runs so hard against his own party’s narrative. Specifically, “Gun owners and gun dealers are racist, redneck, xenophobes that just want to kill racial minorities, children, and muslims… except when those ISIS terrorists come into buy guns, then they are happy to sell them fully automatic weapons of war without a magical background check because LOOPHOLE!”

    I can’t figure out who I hate more, the idiot politicians/lobbyists who say this crap, the “journalists” that report it as fact without research, or the fact-free public masses.

  13. Don’t confuse me with the truth! I know what I know!

    My 1939 Winchester box clearly says “automatic rifle” on it, holds 20 rounds. Pretty dangerous eh!
    I’m sure .22 Short technology has become much more deadly since then… only mine only fires once per trigger pull? must be broken..

  14. Here is the problem. You can’t look at police “racism” without first discussing human nature. We are hard wired from eons of survival to continuously try to recognize patterns. Patterns help us to anticipate how the world around us works and to anticipate the behavior of predators and prey.

    Police are humans. It is inevitable that regardless of any bias they come into their job with, they will develop some based on patterns that they observe.

    This is why BLACK OFFICERS are as likely to be “racist” as white officers.

    Their behavior is conditioned on the behavior of those they interact with .

    I have a lot of cop friends and I’ve been asking them for years the same question: Based on your experience, who is more likely to run or resist. Please rank the races.

    To a person, from men and women cops, black, white and latino, the order was this.

    1) Black
    2) Latino
    3) White
    4) Asian

    In fact, 2 of my cop friends said they had never arrested an Asian. Amazing huh.

    So if a white guy is 3x more likely to be a problem than an Asian, you are going to be more aggressive with him. If a black guy is 2 times more likely to be a problem than a white guy, then the cop is going to be more aggressive.

    But its not just race that they take into account. Other things are:

    1) location
    2) gender – women are less of a threat
    3) age
    4) dress
    5) the car you are driving
    6) the time and day of the interaction.

    These are all REAL factors that affect the cops perception because there are REAL variations in how a suspect will behave.

    Picture this. Which is going to put a cop more on edge.

    1) a mommy driving a late model, well maintained Toyota Highlander at 8:00 am with her kids in the car through a low crime area.

    2) a teenager driving erratically at 2 am in a piece of crap car in a known drug area.

    Which do you think is more likely to run or resist. A mom with a crossover full of kids, or a teen alone at night in a bad area? Hmm. Seriously. So the cops behave accordingly.

    It would be racist to say this if anyone believed that the whole black>hispanic>white>asian threat continuum was the result of our genetic makeup. But I’m not saying that. I’m saying that it is a result of cultural and ethnic differences between the races. In other words, this behavior is taught by our friends and family, most of whom are typically the same race as us.


  15. It’s media tactics to scare the sheeple into actually thinking it is easy to buy an automatic weapon, so they will support more gun control measures.

    It would be more economical and faster for me to make an automatic weapon in the shop/garage illegally, than for me to go out and buy one legally.

  16. When he said that the president said it was possible buy a gun without a background check the dealer should have said “Go buy one from the president. Ask for a fast and furious discount”

  17. The confusion of NGPs (Non Gun Persons) over semi-automatic and full-automatic fire is why I deliberately refer to semi-automatic firearms as “self-loading” firearms.

    And I have my catch-out questions to catch wannabes, idiots, journalists, etc.

    • “self loading” I would think would refer to a fully automatic more than a semi. as in Fusil Automatique Leger. French for self loading rifle. colloquially know as the FAL, as fully automatic rifle.

  18. This video is a lie, and the proof the Obama proposed law is already very effective to close a loophole that never existed.

    It’s like the fact that I will finally not ask you to pay me back the million dollars you don’t own me…

  19. I like his delivery ” ..I’m glad he is out there setting things straight. people just lap up the Liberal BS like baby mush.. good on yu dude…


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