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Adam Reposa (courtesy

The Waco biker shooting remains problematic. Some 170 Americans remain under lock-and-key awaiting arraignment, eleven days after the incident, with bail set at $1m. Each. Although they’re under no obligation to produce security camera footage of the incident until those arrested are indicted, the police’s decision to withhold the video is noteworthy. The police have also admitted they shot “some” of the 27 bikers struck by gunfire. Seven were hospitalized, nine assumed room temperature. The Waco coroner has only released a summary of his report which does not specify whether those killed struck by handgun or rifle rounds. Meanwhile this from . .

Austin attorney Adam Reposa alleges in motions filed Tuesday that the charging documents filed against his clients, and the 168 others jailed in the chaotic melee, are legally insufficient.

He also claims that the $1 million bonds are unreasonably oppressive and that the judge who set them and the judges who, so far, have not reduced them have shown bias and should be recused.

Reposa represents Jimmy Pond and Thomas Paul Landers. He said Pond, a mechanic from Hays County, is the sole supporter of his family, which includes a disabled wife and autistic son.

Besides the recusal motion, Reposa filed an application for writ of habeas corpus, alleging a client is being held illegally and without proper cause, and a motion for emergency release so Pond can go home and take care of his family.

State District Judges Matt Johnson and Ralph Strother have scheduled bond reduction hearings in about 10 cases for June 5 and June 12.

Peterson has scheduled examining trials in two of the cases for Aug. 10.

But Reposa said that is not quick enough, adding that each day that passes infringes on his clients’ civil rights and helps promote what he calls the “Gestapo-esque militarization of law enforcement.”

TTAG called Reposa. At our request, he sent us this statement:

The case in Waco is problematic for several reasons. The first is the unprecedented arrest and detention of American citizens without adequately alleging a violation of the law. The probable cause affidavit filed in all 170 cases is identical with a “fill in the blank” format for the citizen’s name and only alleges that these citizens were at a location where violence led to death, and were wearing patches signifying membership in some motorcycle club. This is a basic militarized attack on a citizens right of free association, and it is for this reason that I am seeking to expedite my client’s release and to remove all of the Judges that have failed to hold the State of Texas to its burden in filing charges and secure for the citizens adequate protections of Due Process.

The second major concern is that the factual details which are certainly known are not being released to the public. For instance, the number of shots fired by bikers compared to the number of shots fired by police and the number of deaths attributable to the police are facts that have been established. The Medical examination of all the deceased citizens has been completed, but the results are not available to the public. This of course raises flags about whether there is an attempt to suppress the truth and use the business owned media to distract from the significance of the militarized police operation that was conducted on American soil May 17, 2015.

The truth will come out and the only question is when and from whom. I applaud the efforts of all citizens to keep this story relevant in the constant deluge of subterfuge and distraction.

Reposa also sent us the documents relating to the case for your consideration. Click here for a pdf of his motion to recuse Justice of the Peace W.H. “Pete” Peterson who set $1 million bonds on each defendant to “send a message” because of the “atrocity of the incident and the impact on the community.” Click here for Reposa’s writ of habeas corpus.

We’re attempting to contact the coroner’s office for a full copy of his report. Watch this space.

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  1. I am not in law enforcement, or any public legal field, so I have no idea what the rules, laws, procedures for evidence like the videos or even interviews to be released or not are..but it’s weird that in this age of instant news and data, nothing has been shared or released..I know it is an open investigation, and all cases are different. But I am curious as to why the whole process and people involved and video is being kept secret. Do judges not usually either seal or release evidence? The videos have not even been described. I don’t know..seems odd. I am not in anyway an expert or even well read about the whole incident. Just the news articles, etc.. But because of so many being held, the large numbers involved, I just wonder why more hasn’t come out.

    • The judge does not have the videos, the police do, and they are not required to release them until ordered/ requested to do so in the course of discovery of the criminal proceedings. And the police will hold onto them as long as possible, citing an exception to the rules of production on the basis that their release may harm an on going investigation.
      Personally, what I think is gong on is that the Waco PD felt that it was on the verge of a motorcycle gang war, and they did not want to be in the middle of it. They therefore overreacted and arrested anyone and everyone wearing “colors,” charging them as being part of an on-going criminal enterprise to keep them in jail long enough for things to cool off. I could easily be wrong, but I suspect charges will be dropped against most of the people arrested in the absence of admissible evidence that the Banditos rode into town with a preconceived plan to slaughter the Cossacks, rather than a dust up in the parking lot that quickly escalated (and for which incident only the involved persons could be charged).

    • They are with-holding the information so they can all get their story straight to fit with the facts so they don’t look bad. To me, that would be the only reason for doing this.

    • I live here. McLennan county is practically a police state. Your rights don’t mean jack s*** and every verdict is guilty.

    • Just because the Internet and billions of morons want to instantly share the most private and mundane shit about their lives, does not mean that the due process of the law has to follow in those steps. In fact be thankful it does not.

      Example being Marilyn Mosby and that circus going on in Baltimore, they are calling “due process”. It is nothing more than a media/social media circus.

      “The law is reason free from passion.” – Aristotle

      On another note, I am about done with this site because of Fargo’s Anti-Cop slant. It is getting very old. I am very glad I run multiple ad/privacy blockers on my browser so he does not get a dime of ad click money from me.

      • When you can’t tell the difference between a firearm blog and Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, it is time to move on.

    • I see what’s going on here….
      Once they indict those guys, they have to release the video.
      They don’t want to release the video because they’ve seen what they did, and they know it’s illegal. They think the SWHTF as soon as the public gets to see it….
      So, they’re stonewalling the process to buy time to think. Or fiddle around with the evidence.

      On a side note, is there any truth to the rumor that the ATF was “providing guidance” for that fiasco?

  2. On a less-serious note: when did Ben Stiller grow that awesome ‘stache and become a lawyer?

    On a more-serious note: this is an atrocious violation of constitutionally protected rights. When will we see some writs of Habeas Corpus?

  3. Bail Used an an “Instrument of Oppression”

    Duh! Like anyone awake could miss it. Glad he openly called it like it is. Hope the word travels far and wide.

    • I wonder if he just reached that conclusion, or did he feel that way throughout his history as a lawyer as minorities and poor people all over this Country have been oppressed by this exact same means?

  4. Someone should step up and NOT waive the right to a speedy trial.
    Have it over with in 30 days.
    Then go directly to the media.

    • As much as I am a rule of law kind of person and usually support LEOs first until facts come to light (knowing the difficult job they have and snap judgements they make in life or death situations) the delay in releasing nearly anything is suspicious to say the least. I hope it is just simply because they want to get all the complexities of the forensics exact before going public, but the ever-legnthening delay and bail amounts belly that assumption. The consequences of the militarization of police “smell” is pretty pungent on this one.

      • It is harder to imagine a larger and more complex crime scene.

        Because of the Internet and instantaneous, constant 24/7, basically live social media BS in our world, people FREAK OUT and drum up conspiracy theories, after they don’t get what they want…..which is after about 10 min. Even if they do get info quick, if it does not fit their preconceived theories that instantly go to the internet to stir the BS pot.

      • Since one of the Cossacks was quoted in WaPo as saying a Frito Bandito shot one of his buddies in the head… nine out of nine might be one too many to claim.

        • Well according to the coroner’s report that they promptly released, uh, um, yeah…

        • Strike you as a little odd he was about the only one released? Almost loke he was working for LE. But of course, we know that couldn’t be happening

  5. The criminal defense lawyers are going to take this case apart layer by layer. Already holes are appearing in the police narrative. The Conservative Treehouse blog has a post up suggesting that there were police snipers in place a considerable distance from the brawl. If, for instance, the single gun produced was owned by a licensed concealed handgun carrier who can claim that he was defending himself against an attacker, something that’s entirely likely, the lynchpin issue that justified the police firing on the bikers promptly disappears.. Just because some cop shouts “GUN!” is no justification for 22 or so cops opening fire with automatic weapons on American citizens. It is not against the law to be a biker. It is not even against the law to be a Bandito or Cossack. Unless something significant happens, like forensic evidence showing most injuries were from the bikers, the police are in deep s**t.

    • Reposa told us – but we can’t confirm – that the police maintained a 100-yard perimeter around the event, and that police snipers were present. If so, that may – I repeat may – account for the head shots.

      From our previous post:

      On Tuesday, The Justice of the Peace in Waco released a preliminary autopsy of the men killed in the incident [as reported by]. One of the nine died from a neck wound. Three of the nine died from head shots. Two died from unspecified gunshot wounds and one died from a trunk wound.

      • I find it hard to believe that a police sniper could hit someone in the head who is participating in a brawl. At 100 yards. I don’t see how any target would be motionless enough for an accurate shot.

        • Grazing fire. It’s primarily used in the employment of automatic weapons, but the idea is simple, you send a bullet through a sector of space that is likely to intersect one or more targets. Employ it at head height with a full sized rifle round, like the .308 rifles often used by police snipers, against a packed brawl and getting a head shot is easy; you might get more than one with the same bullet.

        • 100 yards is chicken poop to a well
          Trained sniper. Many can shoot a sub moa group. 1 moa at 100 yards is 1 inch. Headshots at 100 yards are more a rule. Moving would make it harder BUT assuming the “brawlers” with guns visible where the ones shot, they prolly where standing still enough to fire their own weapons. Moving and shooting being harder and counter intuitive.
          That said this smells dirty as doo doo on a donut and im sure the cops are hiding some kind of screw up. Likely that they started the shooting but who knows.

      • The number of head shots struck me as odd from the get go. Not what you’d expect at close range with handguns.

        Of course, that assumes those head shots were single aimed shots. If those casualties were hit multiple times and one of those shots happened to be in the head, that would also account for it.

  6. >Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

    Does this somehow not apply? Do *you* have an extra million bucks sitting around just in case you need to make bail?

    • Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

      Citation needed.

      (JUST KIDDING!!!)

      Alas for some, the citation actually does seem to be needed.

  7. Your gonna need a psychic the quality of Ms Cleo to get to the truth by the time the “facts” are released. When investigations start with such a level of blatant obfuscation as this things seldom improve.

  8. “Some 170 Americans remain under lock and key”
    How does he know they are all “Americans”, and that some are either in this country illegally, or with a “green” card, and are not yet citizens, and may never be?

    Maybe they all are Americans! Maybe not??
    I’m just tired of the media, and others calling everyone in this country “Americans” just because they have a footprint here.
    My stepson has been in this country for 9 years. He is here legally, and he freely admits he is not an “American”

    • Well, technically they probably are all Americans. He didn’t specify North, South or Central (USA).
      Just busting 😉

      • @Gunr- E Pluribus Unum isn’t working out so well when people won’t join a common homogeneous culture enshrined in its ideals of American Freedom from foreign and domestic tyrants, which has existed for hundreds of years, and they want the nation to prosper, instead of just themselves. Why do American’s have to allow people in their country that don’t want to be Americans? That lack of assimilation is what is causing the division in America, especially when natural born Americans are discriminated against for having national pride. When the American flag offends other residents of America, in America, then WE are no longer on nation, undivided. Any person who doesn’t honor the flag is a resident not a citizen.

        My footprint extends hundreds of years in this great nation and I’m proud to say I’m an American, and those that don’t like being an American may go gargle some buckshot in protest, as granted by the American Constitution.

      • Karl,
        How about Africa? Is that part of the America’s? Why is it that all people from Africa, black or white, are suddenly Americans, the minute they set foot in this country?

    • THAT’S your beef with this story?

      I dunno, man, that kind of thing seems about Item # 6,342 or so on the list of things to worry about with this case.

  9. The only firsthand accounting that I have read is that the dominant club started shooting and caused the first two or three casualties. The big question is not only how many bikers were killed by LEO, but how many bikers were undercover LEO that may have purposely escalated the situation (as they are known to do).

    That county should adopt the motto “Shoot everyone first, and ask questions later.”

    I feel for the mom and pop riders (who aren’t 1%’ers) that got caught up in this nonsense. The coalition of clubs is a legal entity that focuses on legislation to protect motorcyclists safety and rights, as well as attempting to resolve differences before it comes to this kind of thing.

    I think one of the biggest issues within the biker culture is that 3%’ers and 1%’ers don’t necessarily mix well, and I cannot agree with someone telling a grown man what they can or cannot wear on their jackets. Although that is just the way it is going to be. Between the gang mentality and the high percentage of shitty drivers, I decided long ago to limit my two-wheeled exploits to the off-road variety.

    • “I feel for the mom and pop riders (who aren’t 1%’ers) that got caught up in this nonsense. The coalition of clubs is a legal entity that focuses on legislation to protect motorcyclists safety and rights, as well as attempting to resolve differences before it comes to this kind of thing.”

      Definitely agree with you here, but at the same time the voice in the back of my head is asking how dumb you have to be to join the freaking Bandidos and convince yourself it’s just a harmless club for bike enthusiasts…

      Still, the million-dollar bail is ridiculous and should lead to repercussions for the judges that set it.

  10. I hate cops and the injustice system like nothing else. I seethe with lust, I crave their heads on pikes all around my property.

    But, the most credible story we’ve heard is that one gang was planning to ambush another gang under a false truce flag, that gang rolled in 100+ and then unpleasantness ensued. The charges and the bail are not excessive in that case.

    Just because I hate them with a burning passion that will never be quenched doesn’t mean I ignore the most credible information thus far available…

    Regardless of what the truth was, the truth now is that they have more reason to hate the cops than each other.

    This whole charade has been shady from day one, we’ll never know the truth. All the video doesn’t belong to the cops, it belong(ed) to the people who ran the cameras. Just like dash cams, it’ll be edited, convenient pieces lost, audio suddenly not working, etc… Obvious coverup is obvious. Even if the shoe fits…

  11. Can’t say that I’m a fan of biker gangs any more than I’m a fan of other gangs. But one thing that I REALLY hate is federal bullsh*t. And this entire situation smells like I could fertilize a county with it.

    • +1…I don’t like either “side”. THIS is silly,overblown AND criminal on both sides…

      • There are a whole lot of decent working class non-criminal folks who attend those meetings. I’m not sure if they only took in certain MC’s, or if they took everyone. I’m just saying, they may not all be “gang members”.

        • Well the Waco Pigs may have bitten off more than their dirty snouts can chew. This is not some poor, minority they can easily rail road. Say what you want about bikers BUT they are well funded , well armed, many are combat veterans( well trained) and there are more of them than the police. They also tend to be very commited to their group and loyal.
          They have the legal means to raise significant amounts of money. Sure the Feds can take them on, they an print money, but I dunno if Waco has the tax base.

          By the way a lot of people talk about gangs being bad. Well a gang is just a prejurative term for any organization. Most MC that I know are decent people. Maybe have a little different views on sex and dope than most folks, but they usually are stand up guys and don’t steal. They generally have the same ideas as most people here about freedom and being left alone.
          I worked at a store ( part of a large national chain) that got money every month to donate to local charities. Nobody ever filled out the forms to request money for their group, I dunno why , and it was usually not spent. Well Bikers Against Child Abuse did, and we sponsored a wet t-shirt contest to raise money for them. A lot of those guys where wearing bandito colors and they where mostly decent people as I can tell. Sure some banditos are criminals sewing drugs. So are some Freemasons , elks lodge members and even guys at your local VFW. That does not mean everybody is.

  12. “Reposa represents Jimmy Pond and Thomas Paul Landers. He said Pond, a mechanic from Hays County, is the sole supporter of his family, which includes a disabled wife and autistic son.”

    Maybe Mr. Pond in consideration of his wife and son could embrace a different lifestyle/hobby, choose who he hangs out with more carefully, and always decline invitations to biker “meetings” where 1%er criminal element types are sure to attend.

      • Yep + 1000….maybe he wasn’t a 1%r, but those guys also wanna be tuff guys when with a big group. If I was him, and had those issues at home, I would ride, but not with 1%rs…don’t we always say that situational awareness is key??

    • So, do YOU have actual EVIDENCE that Mr. Pond, in particular, committed a crime that day?

      If so, you might have a point. If not, I suggest you read the requirement for arrest (seizure) in the Fourth Amendment. Wouldn’t hurt to brush up on a few other amendments, too, while you are at it.

    • According to your “logic” if I happen to be at the scene of a crime in a shady neighborhood, I should be tossed in jail for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and stay there until I make $100,000 bail. After all, I should have known better than to stop in such a place.

    • So because the state may decide to arrest you based on guilt by association, you should kneel down and surrender your liberty?


      • Absolutely not. You are assuming this person didn’t do anything wrong. We don’t know that yet. The double standard by people on this board is astounding. Over and over again we talk about not putting yourself in certain positions. But here, it doesn’t apply I guess.. What a joke… This incident received world wide coverage and if the cops acted inappropriately, they should and will be held accountable. Its just hilarious that before the facts come out, you all are blaming the police and acting like these bikers were just caught up in a police sting. I guess they were dancing in the parking lot…right? If the cops had Intel that something was amiss, and didn’t do anything and numerous women and children were injured, you would all be blaming the cops for not doing there job. If it was me, and I was arrested and detained and I didn’t do anything to warrant that, I would be a rich man after the dust settles. Its an investigation… The facts will come out eventually…

        • “You are assuming this person didn’t do anything wrong. “

          Are you for real with this crap?

          That’s SUPPOSED to be the very basis of our justice system….a PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE.

          You know…innocent until PROVEN guilty. Even mere arrest requires Probable Cause of an ACTUAL crime.

          And you have the nerve to snark on people here? I hope your Statist Utopian fantasies keep you warm at night.

        • JR….if this person did not do anything to warrant his arrest, he has every right to use the system to receive compensation. So nobody should ever be arrested because until the trial we just don’t know?? How does that work? If there is enough evidence to hold this person, then he is held In custody and given bail. If he is found innocent, or If there is not enough evidence, he is released. That’s how the system works. Is it perfect, no….if ya wanna change it, run for office and change it. All your assumptions are made without knowing the facts, but your very quick to belittle and poke fun, kinda like Obama would do.

        • I try not to get too aggressive in these comments, but your response is quite frankly idiotic and an illogical attempt to move the goalpost of the discussion. I’m low on patience today, so there you go.

          At issue here in bullet point order:

          (1) Mr. Pond, for whom precisely ZERO evidence has been offered has actually committed a crime, is being held in jail against a $1,000,000 bond.

          (2) His attorney has posited that he should be released on a more reasonable bond arrangement so he can continue to provide for his family…while he awaits his day in court to face his accusers or answer for the crime he committed.

          (3) Someone commented that if Mr. Pond cared so much about his family, he should not ride motorcycles or hang out with those that do…or something equally moronic.

          (4) The point was made the Mr. Pond has a presumption of innocence and so far as we know…he has done nothing wrong. He has not had his day in court…YET…to answer for his crime if he committed one, but is being HELD IN JAIL against an unreasonable bond…in point of fact, in practical terms, he’s serving time without a trial.

          (5) You come out from under the baseboard with this “how do you know he didn’t do anything” fecal matter.

          HINT: BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT WE FREAKING DO!!!!!! Get it? Do you know what the word PRESUMPTION even means?

          There is no “guilt” by association and there is no “guilt” on the sole basis of arrest.

          There is a STANDARD for arrest, and it is Probable Cause: A crime probably occurred and THIS GUY probably did it. Then there’s this thing called “due process” which at the end leads to “Guilt Beyond Reasonable Doubt.” Arrest, that is PROBABLE CAUSE, is only the beginning of legal proceeding and does NOTHING to establish guilt. Neither does a True Bill by a Grand Jury. Presumed Innocent is in force until the final verdict is in.

          So, Mr. Pond is, at this very moment, PRESUMED INNOCENT. By all of us.

          Your ENTIRE premise is wrong-headed. And fundamentally Statist…that because he was arrested he MUST be guilty. Or, is it…just because he was THERE he must be guilty? Or is your world view just another version of “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” or maybe “the seriousness of the charge”?

          He deserves his day in court; I do not know one way or another if he is guilty, but I’ll tell you THIS. I have seen EXACTLY ZERO evidence that he is, and THEREFORE…,morally and legally in OUR system…he is to be PRESUMED INNOCENT.

          Not assumed guilty because of who he hangs out with. Not assumed guilty because he was arrested. Not assumed guilty AT ALL.

          It is no freaking wonder our nation is in the trouble it is in if people with your level of understanding of the word LIBERTY actually vote.

          So, try to move the goal post and make this about trial and Obama all you want. You will STILL be wrong to assert that you have some profound point in stating “you are assuming he did NOT do anything.”

        • Never heard of probable cause? Sorry your having a bad day…. This person did the right thing if he is innocent by hiring an attorney. If he was indeed arrested without probable cause, then hopefully he wins a big lawsuit. But I doubt that will happen. Read up on civics and stop being a douch bag.

        • You are really stretching my words to fit your rant. I never said he was guilty. What I said was WE DONT KNOW YET. I understand he is innocent until proven guilty. How do you know already they don’t have enough probable cause to hold him? How do u know this already when it hasn’t been made public yet?? Because His laywer said so? Isn’t that his job to say that? If he didn’t say that he should be fired. My point is, as of right now, all we have to go on is a judge decided there is enough probable cause to hold him. That’s all we know. Is it known yet that maybe the judge overstepped the boundaries of sensible legal authority? No, its not. Maybe it will come out that he did and again, at that point i would be a rich man on your tax dollars. You are the one jumping to conclusions. And its not 1 million in bail that needs to be put up, its ten percent. Now cry and tell me how he cant afford it when he’s riding around on a 35,000 bike. (Thats an assumption that his bike is worth that much, but if u can make assumptions, so can i) I stick by my statement in that bikers, who hang out with outlaw bikers, are gonna get caught up in the b/s eventually. I ride with many mom and pop bikers, and NONE of them are stupid enough to get caught up in crap like this.

        • JR…..this was just posted an hour ago…

          ..”It was the policy of the City of Waco, as decided and approved by their policymakers, to cause the arrest and detention of numerous individuals belonging to motorcycle clubs who were in or around the Twin Peaks restaurant at the time of the incident, regardless of whether or not there was individualized probable cause to arrest and detain a particular individual and to do so based on “fill in the name” complaints without individualized facts,” the lawsuit states.”

          Now, we have something to work with. Now as the facts start coming out if this crap is true, I’m ready to start pointing fingers and screaming about rights being violated. But I want facts first. You see, I’m not the problem you so boldly stated earlier, I want facts before I start blaming. You, like a good liberal, make snap decisions and accusations based on your feelings. Your the problem. I’ll be defending the constitution long after your gone or bow down….outta here suka!

  13. District Judge Strother Martin said, ” What we have heea …is a failure to communicate!”

  14. That lawyer only represents two of the incarcerated bikers; his mustache is representing the other 168.

  15. Lay this at the feet of our fanatic DA, Abel Reyna. Google him. Chances that he will drop any charges are slim.

  16. I think we need a lot more information before we can say that the cops did or are doing anything wrong. But the longer the cops deny all of us that information, the more this begins to stink like two week old fish.

    • Regardless of how it started, can you really say the police aren’t guilty of multiple rights violations based on what is known?

      Conservatively over 100 people are sitting in a jail because they happened to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time with the wrong patch on their jacket.

      1st, 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th are being trampled by this Waco shit show.


      • “1st, 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th are being trampled by this Waco shit show.”

        Which at this point, could be the Waco Board of Tourism’s slogan.

  17. I agree that a lot of the charges rest on very thin ice and $1 million bail on those charges is clearly absurd. That being said, I’ve read his motion to recuse and damn, that’s some pretty weak sauce. He wants to recuse “every judge connected to the case” based, essentially, on their rulings alone. I’m no lawyer, but I’ve followed a lot of kooky cases, and this kind of motion is right out of the tinfoil playbook. It would be a miracle if it succeeded.

  18. On the face of it, I can’t help but agree with the lawyer, however I have not seen the video, and will reserve judgement until such time as all the facts come out. I don’t want to go all “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” until we know what really happened.

  19. So how many days did the cops get to discuss the incident amongst themselves before writing their statements?

  20. The Eighth Amendment:

    EXCESSIVE BAIL SHALL NOT BE REQUIRED, no excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

    Support the Second Amendment, the amendment that supports all others.

    How many of the guns confiscated were legal?

    Almost all, if basic rights were not regulated into irrelevance.

  21. It’s painfully obvious Larry that you choose the side of law enforcement, but for once, why don’t you stand up for the Constitution and due process. It’s already evident that all people murdered and incarcerated have had their Constitutional rights violated in an extreme way. For once , why don’t you stand up and spout off about what’s right and not choose sides.


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