Arizona gun dealer that’s asked a federal judge to tell the ATF to put their new long gun registry where the sun doesn’t shine is offering discounts for customers buying multiple modern home defense black sporting rifles. The very type of “assault weapons” favored by Mexican drug cartels—unless we’re talking about fully-automatic Bushmaster ARs that somehow manage to “seep” from the U.S.-sanctioned sales to the Mexican military and police to Los Zetas. As you can see, true story. And this is a problem for the Violence Policy Center‘s gun grabbers because . . . “According to a December 13, 2010, Washington Post investigation, J&G was third in a list of gun dealers with the highest numbers of guns recovered in Mexico and traced back to the U.S.” Oh THAT again . . .

A picture is worth a thousand words. And American gun dealers are free to sell guns to legal buyers at whatever price in whatever quantity they’d like, legally. Even if those buyers happen to be FBI informants or ATF-enabled “straw purchasers.” Know what I mean?


  1. The VPC has again prominently displayed its ignorance of the facts.

    It appears that this J&G ad is a wholesale ad that goes to retail
    gun shops.


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