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Every year around this time, the editors of the various firearms related publications retreat to their respective back rooms to count their receipts and determine which companies paid them the most money. I mean…which products were the best of the year. TTAG doesn’t play that game. Instead, we ask you, our gentle readers, to tell us what you like. We tabulate the results, order the plaques and run around the SHOT Show handing them out to the worthy recipients. Well, it’s that time again . . .

Use the system below to enter your vote in the 2015 TTAG Reader’s Choice Awards. You get one vote per IP address. PLEASE only vote for products that came out this year. Great guns like the IWI Tavor, SIG SAUER’s MPX, as well as any other products that were intro’d in prior years are disqualified and will be removed from the results.

I’ve populated the system with some of the new products that came out for SHOT Show and the NRA Annual Meeting this year, but feel free to write in anything that I missed. You get one vote per category, and once you’ve voted the system will lock you out from doing it again (3rd party cookies might also need to be enabled in your browser). Your additions will be presented as options to all subsequent voters. Cast your vote before December 18th — we’ll tell you the results after Christmas. And thanks!

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  1. Ummm you missed the Savage A17!!! I know you guys have a lot to keep up on a lot, but please don’t ignore cool rimfires.

  2. Didn’t the PPQ .45 come out this year? If not, I guess my write-in handgun vote is getting tossed out, dag-nabbit!

  3. Nice work, again TTAG on some great reviews, all year long.
    Quality and consistency, thats not easy to do on the wild wild west of the innertubz.

  4. Can I vote for guns like the IWI Galil ACE and Desert Tech MDR next year after they’re released to the public and people can actually buy and review them? I’m not voting for unreleased guns as “best of the year”. I’d be voting for hype, expectation, and potential. I’ll be voting for a gun introduced to the market in 2015, even if I’d probably rather have a Galil or MDR.

    • “PLEASE only vote for products that came out this year.” I was still tempted to vote for the D-EVO, far more exciting and innovative than the 1-6x scope I voted for. I’m also looking forward to the Magpul 60-round drum when it actually is released (and as a new drum magazine design I probably won’t fully trust it’s reliability for a few years). I voted for Elftman’s AK trigger. It’s exciting that there’s now a high-end “commercial off-the-shelf” drop-in (-ish, it’s for AKs) trigger for AKs. Kinectic Development Group’s SCAR stock is excellent, but what would probably get my vote if had already been released and tested by the public is their upcoming quick-detach MLOK rails showcased in a recent Military Arms Channel video. They snap right on and off with a little release button. It’s cool to know Midwest Industries has a less expensive Tavor replacement ejection port cover, but there are already similar products on the market so it’s not an “accessory of the year” item. I also voted for the Silencerco Omega, since it’s a known product. The only third-party information on Delta P BREVIS II comes from Jeremy S’s preview here on TTAG. Without a review or reputation, I can’t ethically vote for it, even if it is on the market (but not long enough for the public to legally purchase and possess it due to the NFA wait). However, if the hype is true it’s a revolutionary product and a leap forward from all the other conventional cans. I can’t vote for that kind of hype without the public actually having and fairly reviewing the product. I know the Omega is good. The BREVIS II talks a great game but has yet to prove itself. One preview at a manufacturer event does not prove the product works as advertised.

    • I voted for the DP12 even if I think the Versamax is a better gun, because there are a lot of similar semi-automatic shotguns. The DP12 is the innovator that improves it’s category. It’s a more combat-effective pump-action shotgun. It’s a leap forward for people who can’t own semi-automatic shotguns due to government tyranny gun control laws. Or for people who use pumps for other non-recreational reasons, like riot control with less-lethal ammunition. While it’s heavy, it’s useful wherever quick follow-up shots are desirable and a semi-automatic isn’t an option. That is, if if the early word that it works decently pans out.

  5. Wanted to vote for the Galil Ace under rifles, but nobody has them yet so that’s going to 2016 against whatever comes then. I gave the MCX my vote for 2015.

    • can’t kill em, they dont break, ammo is cheap and the muzzle flame is real. They are acceptable substitute for a oar, tent pole or pike.

      Mosin Nagant, destroying ceiling fans and overhead light fixtures since 1891.

    • The one rifle that has enough power to kill large game, a bayonet large enough to skewer said game and a muzzle flash hot enough to roast it – all at the same time.

  6. I’ve tried my iPad and a PC. It’s not letting me vote.
    I get the “lets try that again” message.

  7. Rifle write in:

    Manufacturer: ghost gun

    Model: AR15

    I know it’s not really new, but I had to because if all the attention they’re getting recently.

  8. I’d like to participate, but everything I click on the link it tells me to try again. I am trying to do this off of my iPad.

  9. When taking these surveys, it is truly depressing to see these products in consideration for any award of “best of the industry.”

    In British parlance, there’s a concept called a “best gun.” Putting aside the linguistic restriction of how the term referred to a SxS shotgun and keeping the level of quality and attention to workmanship that was conveyed by the term “best gun,” we see that no gun in any of these surveys could be remotely considered a “best gun.” Nothing in any of these surveys approaches the level of quality we used to see in pre-WWII Winchester rifles and shotguns even. Or even pre-WWII Remington products. Since WWII, the quality of American gun products has been in a long, downhill trend, to a point where now gun manufactures are bragging about a fit, finish and furniture today that would have been an embarrassment to produce only 50 years ago.

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