You may remember Volquartsen as the company that provided the psychedelic I-Fluted .22LR precision rifles for our friends at Top Shot. The Iowa gunmaker is now taking pre-orders for a target frame for the Ruger MKII, MKIII and 22/45 pistols. Just in case you thought the Vietnam conflict lingered in our collective unconscious, Volquartsen calls it the VC Target Frame. You can buy the four-ounce CNC-machined aluminum alloy lower either as a bare naked lady or full zoot: extended bolt release, CNC machined target trigger, wire EDM cut target hammer and target sear, titanium disconnector, built-in spring loaded magazine ejector and extended safety. The VC Target Frame arrives sans magazine disco switch and a “clean, crisp” 2.25 lb trigger pull. With or without grips. In Silver, Black, Red, Blue or OD Green. Now how much would you pay? That’ll be $125 for the stripper and $425 for the full monte. [h/t to]



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