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The GLOCK “Take the Pledge” video above dropped yesterday. With a thud. Just like R Lee Ermey’s GLOCK safety pledge video, which racked up an unimpressive 4028 views since posting on June 1. You might think that gun blogger Bob Owens’ recent editorial — the one claiming striker-fired guns without external safeties and “light trigger pulls” are and inherently unsafe — inspired Gaston’s spate of well-intentioned, dishwater dull public service announcements. And you might be right. But what’s really wrong: the GLOCK safety pledge . . .


To take the GLOCK Safety Pledge you register your personal details. Wait. What? Don’t worry that you’ll have a prosecutor throwing your safety pledge back at you in the event of a negligent discharge (glockenspam is a more distinct possibility). Here’s the pledge’s exact wording . . .

This pledge represents our pride in firearms safety – a responsibility we take seriously.

So, no promising to practice the four rules of gun safety. No commitment to store your gun on your hip or in a safe. No pledge to pass on safe handling practices to children and other gun owners. Just pride in firearms safety and a statement of safety seriousness.

Why bother?

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  1. My wife must be very cynical. She thinks no one will care what this girl reads (kinda) from the teleprompter but will instead watch her breathe. I think that’s unfair to guys, otherwise there’d be more views.

    • I think your wife is right. There would be a lot more views if she showed more and said less!

      If Glock thinks distributing useless safety locks and getting people to sign internet pledges will increase gun safety, they really don’t understand the topic.

    • Traditionally speaking, I’m a “leg man” … but even I noticed how well that Glock jersey was being presented!

      • As a “leg-man” you should stay out of most Asian countries. You will be so confused. 80% of the population there has GREAT legs, dont matter what gender they belong to. At least according to a buddy who lived 2 years in South Korea.

        • ^^ Absolutely checks. I scoped out at least 3 dude butts before I learned my lesson. It was a confusing time for me.

        • From Glock safety to this in the blink of an eye… This is the funniest thing I’ve read all day. Thanks. 🙂

  2. Provide personal details for a meaningless pledge: This has Shannon Watts written all over it.

  3. If Glock was really interested in safety, its pistols would have an easily-reached sear disconnect and would be shipped in a well-made, lockable box.

    • Walther P99AS anyone.

      She’s promoting Gastons New double stack 42DD ammo is expensive

        • First wife (4 yesrs) was a stripper It doesn’t matter no such thing as bad ones. You cannot be held.accountable for things done sober. My current wife (banker) looked at the ad asked if it was for LaRue tactical new catalog. Sgt Ermey. must not be cutting it anymore. Her input was Dirty Harry specials, said reminded her of Blossom from the 80’s.

    • BTW RF if you use that as the weekend picture that’s my entry. I deserve the hat for all married men for posting it when your wife checks posts.????

    • IMO glocks are plenty safe. If you dont want one to fire, dont pull the trigger.

      As for everything else, well, the devils in the details…

      • If you dont want one to fire, dont pull the trigger.

        Yes, because if you pull the trigger, it could go off — except that if you want to field strip a Glock for cleaning, you MUST pull the trigger whether you want to fire it or not. Which kinda goes against what you said.

        • seriously, the Devil IS in the details.

          IF your actually worried about this function issue, then buy one of these:

          They even have a nice lil dry fire target on them that simulates 25 yards in size.

          Unless you have a axe to grind against glock specifically (if you do, go fer it, i wont hold ya back) just remember that the term “going off half-cocked” was coined because of actual safety devices that malfunctioned, not because a gun that only goes off when you pull the trigger.

          I adore the 4 laws of Guns safety and even tho the take down process of glocks violates one of them, I hereby stand ready to collect and keep ANY firearm that you have to peer down the muzzle at when inspecting for cleanliness. Soooo pretty much anything that’s not a break open, bolt action or easily removed barrel, send it my way. They are UNSAFE!!! (looking for a ruger 22-45 and a nice pump 12 gauge)

          I always check the guns at the range before they go in the locking case so I can transport em. In CA its a big no no to have boolits in with the guns while during transport. Then when home they go to the cleaning area, and no ammo is allowed in of ANY kind.

        • Yeah, I agree with Ralph.
          I clean ALL of my other guns without clearing them first.
          Glock sucks.
          And they’re ugly.

        • ^ Isn’t handling any gun without the intent to fire w/o clearing it first a violation of at least one safety rule?

  4. as long as u follow the 4 rules u will never have an issue. take em as a gospel of firearm saftey

    • Rule #3: Keep your finger off the trigger until you are on target and ready to fire. I know that we all approve of this rule.

      Except you have to violate Rule #3 to field strip a Glock.

      • If you follow the other three rules than that rule is never a problem.

        All guns are always loaded. (Treat them so!)
        Never point the gun at anything you are not willing to destroy.
        Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target (and you have made the decision to shoot).
        Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

  5. Personally,i couldn’t give a shit about Bob Owens..I just know,i’ve carried a Glock since i got my firearms permit 16 years ago and i’ve never had an accidental discharge.

  6. OT, but by chance I’m watching the CBS show 48 Hours. It’s about a girl who survived a horrific stabbing by her ex-boyfriend.

    At the end, she falls in love with one of the firemen who saved her, and he teaches her shooting so she’ll never be defenseless again. The shooting segment was very brief, but positive.

    Just mentioning it cuz I’m surprised whenever I see something like that on network tv.

    • That sounds pretty amazing to me. Maybe in a subsequent episode she will (a) shoot herself with it or (b) have it taken away and used against her. If not–well, pretty unbelievable for network TV.

  7. Follow the 4 safety rules and ALL guns are safe. If a gun (glock) requires a trigger pull to strip, again, follow the safe rules. Make sure its pointed at something you are willing to destroy. Also don’t be a damned idiot. Be sure its unloaded. It’s not Astro physics.

    Depending on a bunch of mechanical safeties is more dangerous than just paying attention to what you’re doing.

  8. I rather suspect the purpose of this PSA and the pledge is to innoculate Glock against criticism and possibly lawsuits. I hope it has served its purpose.

  9. Just take out the part in the literature about how to field strip a glock. Its not like they need to be cleaned…

  10. Now that they have all their shiny new government contracts they want to become the next Colt. I’ll laugh in 10 years when their going bankrupt and get bought out by someone who cares about civilian shooters.

    • “maybe we aught to give the grip a melt job, a more generous trigger guard relief, the $20 set of metal sights rather than the $6 set of polymer sights, and reliever the front of the slide a little like on the 34/35 variants so reholstering is easier.”

      “Nah, we’ll throw on some “backstraps”, throw a different RSA in there, tone down our RTF 2 texturing and put a bigger mag release on it and call it good.”

      “I don’t think that’s a game changer enough to warrant calling it a new generation of pistols.”

      “Yeah well they will when we throw in a 3rd mag in the box! Boom!”

  11. I looked at some Michelle Viscusi match footage thinking “hey if she’s on Team Glock maybe she can shred”. She’s B class. Here I was hoping that team Glock was comprised of ballers only to be saddened that Tori and Michelle are both B class. Used to have KC Eusebio, Dave Sevigny, but now nobody brings the heat anymore. Team GLOCK is basically booth personality and eye candy.

    • They picked up Shane Cooley recently. And he isn’t doing too bad for someone more well known for shooting open. At DTC he shot 94% of JJ.

      Anyways as someone that has shot with Michelle she is isn’t a dull fish in person. They probably gave her a script and like five minutes to memorize it before they shot the video.

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