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The Virginia Citizens Defense League [via] writes:

Tannerite is legal in Virginia for use in exploding targets, as confirmed by Attorney General Mark Herring (the Sheriff of Hanover needs to take note of that ruling). Attorney General Mark Herring wrote a letter to the Chesterfield Commonwealth’s Attorney earlier this month, reinforcing that; “possession or use of (exploding targets) for recreational purpose alone, in the absence of other circumstances, is not illegal.” Herring expressed no opinion about whether exploding targets “might comprise a misdemeanor violation of other statutes or ordinances, such as disturbing the peace or any applicable zoning or noise ordinances.” However, being a good neighbor and not overdoing it is always a good idea. A recent Tannerite shoot caused some Chesterfield residents to bring the issue up to their Board of Supervisors members.

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    • When progressive statist Canadian Jennifer Granholm ran for MI AG on a platform of continuing outgoing AG Frank Kelley’s progressive activism, I was very much surprised to find that mostly, she interpreted MI’s laws as an honest attorney would. But when she later became governor, then it was time to be a progressive politician.

    • The Teletubbies weird me out.

      Watching my sister’s kids a few years back, they wanted to watch the Teletubbies.

      So I’m looking at that show and found it kinda mesmerizing but getting really creeped out.

      I just had to get the Hell outta that room.

    • A number of years ago, my sister’s three kids all got talking Elmos for Christmas. Within a few weeks after Christmas, she ruthlessly banned all talking toys from the house. I can imagine that parents with a similar experiences have had fantasies about dispatching Elmo much like this.

    • Elmo has become the new Barney, and messed Sesame Street up into the bargain. Friggin’ Elmo’s World. What happened to the days of Robin Williams and Elmo?

  1. I don’t see how noise pollution with tannerite would make sense in any area where shooting is legal… My advice is don’t do it on a range if you have other places to shoot (desert shooting pits for example?)

    • It’s a different kind of sound from gunfire, in a way that could be more disturbing to the peace. A few years back we were having a range day at my buddy’s house in VA. Several guys, lots of guns. The neighbors knew, and all was well, until we lit off the tannerite. That brought two different neighbors down the hill to see “What the hell was that?” They weren’t mad, but they sure were curious.

  2. Ironically, that is almost exactly something like what Henson would do in The Good Ole Days before political correctness…

  3. YES
    *cough* In all due seriousness, I’m glad I can blow stuff up without the cops breaking down my door.

  4. Probably should not try this in California. San Diego at least will prosecute, and I am sure the surrounding counties will as well. San Francisco City and County is a definite no no, since firing a gun is illegal except in self defense. And with the drought, any big booms will draw an unfriendly crowd.

  5. “the Sheriff of Hanover needs to take note of that ruling”

    Why is it that Hanover Sherriff’s and deputies always seem to be complete tools. I have had a few run ins with the deputies, a couple of which they tried to scare me with imaginary warrants out for my arrest and once when I was younger, around 25 or so, and with my 20 year old girlfriend they took me out of the car and tried to convince me that she was underage. Of course it turned out that one of them had a crush on her in high school. They have also cited me for noise ordnances, practically in the middle of nowhere, for firing my AK.

    It doesn’t surprise me at all that the Sheriff doesn’t recognize the ruling.

  6. Gotta’ say first hearing a Tannerite explosion in an open shooting area I was “WTF was that?!?”. Went over the ridge and then saw the explosion. I knew I had to have some.

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