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Chris Christie

Christie endorses easing New Jersey gun rules reports. The subhead: “Panel says NJ’s rules can be clarified to make state more hospitable to gun owners. Christie endorses ideas, which draw criticism from both sides of gun issue.” Translation: window dressing. The report by the Firearm Purchase and Permitting Study Commission, a three-member body created by Christie the night before he announced his presidential bid, lets Christie claim . . .

he’s “doing something” for gun rights in the Garden State. More precisely, that he wants to do something for gun rights, but the legislature won’t let him! The second part of that assertion being beyond dispute. Anyway, let’s go to that report . . .


So the Firearm Commission agrees with New Jersey’s highest court that the right to keep and bear arms protected from government infringement by the United States Constitution, incorporated by the U.S. Supreme Court’s McDonald decision, is a privilege, not a right. Save the addition of the word “reasonably” – a distinction without a difference – this “change” represents no change whatsoever.

The Commission laughably helpfully provides three theoretical examples of theoretical petitioners who should theoretically be granted a carry permit under this “new” recommended interpretation of “justifiable need.” Here’s my favorite:


So unless you witness someone kill someone who’d seen someone kill someone else, you’re SOL. How did the Commission justify this legal legerdomain? They cite a lot of case history – from New Jersey – that makes it seem like the Garden State is upholding the Second Amendment. The Executive Summery puts it this way:


The recommendations following that statement are about as impotent as you’d imagine.

Addressing the delays experienced by New Jersey residents seeking to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, they suggest that the Superintendent of State Police punish annual stats on the time taken to process applications. After viewing the undercover video [published on TTAG] of applicants subjected to unlawful delay and onerous burdens of proof, the Commission also recommended that the NJ AG tell local authorities to cut that shit out (paraphrasing).

So, a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing. If Christie thought the Commission would bolster his support amongst gun rights advocates/voters, boy was he wrong.

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    You obviously believe we are completely blind and stupid, on top of being sub-human peasants that needs life dictated for them by “elites” such as yourself.

    That is all.

  2. Drive down the Jersey Turnpike too fast with a high cap pistol in your baggage and find out how gun friendly Jersey is. Chris Chrispey hasnt done squat to help gun owners in Jersey.

  3. Wait, they’re saying the 2A does not apply outside the home? Then why allow off-duty cops to carry guns? Why are some people, like politicians or their friends, allowed to get a permit? As far as I know, most of them do not have any specific threats facing them. So they wouldn’t meet the justifiable need requirement, strictly speaking. But they can carry in public, just not the rest of us. Thanks for that clear message Christie. Hey hey! Ho ho! Justifiable need has got to go!

  4. If, by some miracle, Tubbaguts gets the nomination, I’ll vote for him, but I’ll never vote for him in the primary.

  5. Does this guy really think he’s fooling anyone with these last-minute phony gun rights “bona fides”? Where was all this when you weren’t running for President, Governor?

  6. There’s a bit more nuance here than reported. For example, the executive order cannot conflict with existing law or precedent. So he can’t simply say “home protection is now a justifiable need”. It directly conflicts with settled case law. He’s still a gun hating Fatty McFatterson, but his hands are kind of tied by the rest of the idiots in my home state.

  7. Reading this makes me feel gratitude for living in AZ where purchasing a firearm is gated not by “justifiable need” but by “justifiable want,” and the justification is between me, my wife and my finances (not the State).

    I have some friends in Jersey, and I make a point to share all kinds of gun pics with them–not to tease them, but to drive home the point of just how much is legal here in Free AZ that it unthinkable there. I feel truly ashamed for how little regard NJ has for gun rights and what that says about their respect for freedom.

  8. “…The handgun carry permit applicant is one of several eyewitnesses to a murder
    committed in broad daylight on a public street…. ”

    I wonder what would happen if the applicant cut and pasted that entire text into the application?

  9. The gov. is on my list of Republicans I will NOT vote for…WHAT just happened to your website?!?

  10. New Jersey issued a whopping four hundred fifty nine (459) licenses to carry last year.

    Meanwhile, across the Delaware River in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, they issued some two hundred nineteen thousand seven hundred eighty two (219,782) licenses to carry.

    • That’s abysmal.

      Texas issued 246,326 licenses in 2014, a 1.5% increase over 2013. 2015 is probably about the same, maybe a little higher.

      Figure 250 working days per year. That means Texas essentially approved more than twice as many carry licenses…today…as NJ did in all of last year.

      • (as of 2014-07)
        Population of TX = 26,956,958
        Population of PA = 12,787,209

        Considering the population of the states in question, it looks like the performance of TX is abysmal vs PA in CHL/CHP/CCW issuance.

        • First off, who’s even talking about Pennsylvania??? The article and comment I responded to pertain to New Jersey. I compared that to my own state of Texas to provide context. Bringing in Penn makes no sense, unless you’re just desperate to be part of the thread.

          Second, um, you didn’t actually provide the figure for carry licenses issued in PA in 2014, only each state’s total population. So you have nothing to base any comparison on, do you? Hmm?

          I’ve looked the numbers up, myself. Penn issued 219,782 licenses in 2014. However, that includes BOTH regular carry licenses and “sportsman’s carry permits”, which only apply to hunters while actually hunting. Soooo…..we don’t have a clean carry number to make any comparison; rendering your post….quite lame.

          Looking at total carry licenses, we have the same problem. PA doesn’t make that data readily available. PA’s combined active regular carry and sportsman’s permit figure is 1,064,360 per Politifact. Texas’ 2014 total active carry licenses figure is 826K. The figures aren’t comparable because PA’s includes the hunting-only permits. Still, PA’s half sized population does suggest a higher per capita rate, absolute figures notwithstanding.

          HOWEVER, in Texas, no license is required to carry in your vehicle. Many people only carry in their vehicles, since they cannot carry at work or school (yet), anyway, so they never get a carry license. In Pennsylvania, a carry license is required even to carry in your own car. Since Texans may carry without a license, in many circumstances, you can’t draw sweeping conclusions about licenses being a proxy, now can you?

          Ultimately, you missed the point, anyway. What is abysmal is New Jersey’s treatment of its citizens and their firearms rights. Neither Texas nor Pennsylvania is abysmal because both stated are shall issue and both do comply with the law. Howsoever many people actually choose to avail themselves of a carry license, which issued and active license counts measure, is an entirely different matter.

          So I’m at a loss just what you tried, and obviously failed, to prove here. Oh well, most TTAG comments are good, original and relevant. A few rotten eggs like yours can’t be avoided, I suppose.

        • Jonathan, the original comment in this thread (by “RetMSgt in Pa.”) pointed out the number of licenses issued in PA, as a comparison to NJ. That’s how PA came into the conversation.

      • Yeah, but NJ is more “thorough” in handling applications made by citizens who wish to obtain permission from some government authority to exercise their innate, constitutionally guaranteed rights.
        That was explained by that tin-horn bureaucrat with a badge in Orange, NJ and was caught on tape.

      • Vermont issued zero licenses…because its citizens don’t need one to carry open or concealed.

        At least we’ve got that going for us.

    • Perhaps, Stinkeye. That may be some separate side thread, but the specific post I responded to started a new thread and it only referred to NJ, PA.

      I only address the original article, the TTAG article, and the posts within the thread (meaning those connected by dotted lines). That’s enough. I’m not collecting and conflating each and every side conversation I’m uninterested in.

      Have to stay on topic and within the thread, or else it’s all muddled and meaningless.

  11. Christie should just run for the Democrat nomination. He is big on global warming, keeping anyone from getting a gun, big government, etc. He is no true conservative and I don’t know why he bothers to pretend hr is. FLAME DELETED

  12. Christie and Trump are the reason why Republican primaries are seen as reality TV instead of selection of potential Presidents.
    Christie’s base is union types who are firmly in the Hillary camp, and would vote Democrat even if Christie somehow manages to get the Republican nomination .

  13. “Justifiable need” is replaced with a lot more verbiage, but it’s still the same old BS.
    It all comes down to; “No, you didn’t convince me to allow you to exercise your constitutionally guaranteed right, so you don’t really ‘need’ to do so”.
    No “may issue” permit system is anything but blatantly unconstitutional. They should all be struck down and removed.

  14. As a resident of NJ and active member of NJ2AS, this is basically window dressing to appease primary voters in NH. If he does is not successful in NH, and later pulls out of the race, you will never hear about any of these “reforms” again. As for the local PD’s abusing the permitting process for the FPID (Firearms Purchaser ID) and PPH (Permit to Purchase Handgun), this is post-hoc BS. He already has the authority to send an immediate order to all muncipalites to cut the crap or face consequences. What the state Chapter of the NRA (ANJRPC) and Scott Bach need to do is grow some cojones, kick in the door and drag guys like Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop into court for contempt /malfesence. But lit looks like they are swallowing the kool aid with thier recent press release.

  15. Christie should back out of the race now. He is toast. His numbers are only going to go down.

    His big mistake was hugging BO on TV after hurricane Sandy. Beyond that, he simply is not conservative enough. Beyond that, NJ gun laws are atrocious. He offers lip service, but not much more.

    Like I said, he is toast.

  16. This is nothing more than election time B-B-B-B-BULLSHIT!

    As a soon-to-be EX-resident of N.J. I can attest Concealed Carry is and will always be for the “privileged” ie. the “politically connected, NOTHING will change until “discretion” is edited out of our gun laws and local police departments are removed from the firearm permitting process.

    Even though it’s written in “black & white” here in N.J. the block-robed, elitist, injustices sitting on the State Supreme Court have even ruled “must” which is in the regulations for authorities deciding on whether to issue any type of firearms permit within the 30 day deadline set by the Liberal-dominated legislature for “approval”or “denial” means “might” “could” or “may”.

    This whole state needs an enema, desperately as do every other state controlled by the enemies of freedom.

    Help”Take America Back!”

    Vote Trump!

  17. He hugged BHO, and even worse, who can forget him hugging Jerry Jones, while wearing a bright red sweater?
    You can rest assured, the criminal class in NJ is very grateful that the vast majority of citizens are unarmed. It makes their nefarious activities so much safer. Even though I grew up there, I’d forgotten how ridiculous the laws were when I visited family there a few years ago. I brought my young nephews an old Marlin .22 bolt so they could learn about guns. Little did I realize that I could still be rotting in jail now had I been caught. I remember in the 70’s even a BB gun was considered a firearm there. WTF?

  18. Self-defense IS a justifiable need. All governor Christie Cream needed to do was order the NJ Attorney General to interpret the law as such, and tell the NJSP to approve the permits.

    Unfortunately, Christie is a big-government, statist, RINO and almost the entire GOP knows it.

  19. And for a brief moment I was thinking he was starting to sound okay on the campaign trail… In my experience, politicians hand pick people for commissions that either share their beliefs or will take direction (Cuomo’s Moreland Commission error excluded). Not good for Christie (or us).

  20. Chris is so that person who wants to be cool in jr. high but doesn’t know how so he pretends to be something he’s not. Fading into obscurity soon in the election cycle would do him well, then he can stop this act.

  21. I like that he is only one who is trying to help on guns here in NJ, state is full of crazy liberal morons. What he can do about?

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