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Press released from the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL)

Covington VA –– ( Here are changes to current bills that I just sent to John Pierce so he can update the VCDL Legislation Tracking Tool.

New bills were just introduced, both bad and good (from restoring the One Handgun A Month law to providing CHP holders a faster background check when buying a gun). Other items are changing status, such as from STRONGLY SUPPORT to NEUTRAL, etc, after the bill has been changed in committee.

1. Change HB 1391 from STRONGLY SUPPORT to STRONGLY OPPOSE. New description: ” in current form bans guns from General Assembly Building, except for legislators.”

2. Change SB 786 from STRONGLY OPPOSE to NEUTRAL. New description: “current version requires police to enter stolen gun information into the NCIC system.”

3. Change SB 864 from STRONGLY OPPOSE to NEUTRAL. New Description: “provides that a person subject to an emergency protective order cannot physically possess a gun in the home of the alleged victim nor transport a gun once served.”

4. New: STRONGLY OPPOSE: HB 2251, Delegate Lopez, places severe restrictions on the sale, transfer, & possession of magazines that will hold more than 20 rounds. The restrictions would not apply to the police or military. Possession of such a magazine is only allowed if no lower capacity magazine will work in the firearm and possession requires registration and a background check. A registrant is limited to three high capacity magazines and must otherwise dispose of all magazines in excess of that limit.

5. New: STRONGLY OPPOSE: HB 2263, Delegate Krupicka, authorizes the state to temporarily confiscate the firearms and ammunition of anyone who certain medical and other professionals feels has made a threat of suicide or other violence. This law would discourage someone from seeking help.

6. Change SB 1214 from OPPOSE to NEUTRAL. New Description: “adds items to violent felonies”

7. Change HB 1746 from OPPOSE to NEUTRAL. New Description: “adds items to violent felonies”

8: New: OPPOSE: HB 2235, Delegate Lingamfelter, increases the penalties for using a gun in a crime. This is a “feel good” measure that will not make anyone any safer and it, yet again, villainizes guns. What this bill says is that the penalty for a crime should be determined by the tool the criminal uses. So, if a criminal uses a knife to murder someone, that’s not a big deal. But if they use a gun to murder the same person, then we’re really going to go after them! Why don’t we go after them equally anytime they commit a murder or other violent crime? Dead is dead and murder is murder, irrespective of the tool the murderer uses.

8: Change HB 1415 from NEUTRAL to OPPOSE

9. New: NEUTRAL: HB 2240, Delegate Cosgrove, shares information on protective orders and other gun purchase/possession disqualifications with the federal government.

10. NEW: STRONGLY SUPPORT: HB 2317, Delegate Anderson, allows military personnel residing in a nearby state and commuting to a duty post in Virginia, to be able to purchase guns in Virginia.

11. New: STRONGLY OPPOSE: HB 2327, Delegate Brink, reimplements the old “One Handgun a Month” rationing law.

12: New: STRONGLY SUPPORT: HB 2340, Delegate Marshall, prohibits state agencies, local governments, or employees thereof from assisting the federal government in any searches, seizures related to firearms, ammunition, or magazines. Also any federal attempt to create a private sale background check requirement will be treated likewise.

13: New: STRONGLY SUPPORT: HB 2340, Delegate Lingamfelter, gives CHP holders an expedited background check when purchasing a firearm.


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  1. “A multitude of laws in a country is like a great number of physicians, a sign of weakness and malady.” ~Francois Marie Arouet Voltaire

  2. Kind of funny, the thirteen colonies that helped form this once great country are tearing it apart. The irony is not lost on me

  3. Sigh….I had hoped my Commonwealth would be spared this foolishness. This was supposed to be a “pro gun” year for our Legislature. Well, just because it’s introduced doesn’t mean it’ll get out of committee.

    • Let’s hope so. Republicans still control the HoD by a pretty significant margin, and there are more than a few pro-gun Dems both there and in the Senate. I spoke with my rep yesterday and she said there’s about 0% chance any gun control legislation will make it to McDonnell’s desk. He’s not going to sign any gun control legislation either.

      Sic Semper Tyrannis!

      • Lines are being drawn. Gun owners, Oath Keepers and Second Amendment loyalists are taking note. We should be grateful these fools have shown their hands. The next election will tell them (and the the other legislators) everything they need know.

        molṑn labé

    • Good one, Mick! Someone should move that our state motto be stamped on all proposed legislation. SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS!

    • I’m going up to Lobby Day tomorrow in Richmond. VCDL members are going to show the General Assembly what we think of gun control legislation. Hope to see as many of Virginia gun owners as possible.

  4. Really? Seriously? The image that you choose to hallmark this post is basically a repetition of the confederate battle flag?

    Are you learning impaired?

    I have never been more disappointed. Do you want to lose this argument?

    For F’s sake.

    • Seconded. It’s unfair to depict Virginia as a confederate state, or as embracing those values. And that’s the message that picture sends.

    • Oh! So that image is linked to the issue in public? Excuse me, I didn’t know we were on television.

      You can say you PERSONALLY dislike the image. That’s fair. But you went too far into the ozone, I think. It’s a PICTURE TAKEN AT A GUN STORE, not a campaign photo.

      You are offended by the Confederate flag. I get it. Many are not, and it doesn’t make us “crackers” or “racists”. Are you also offended by Civil War reenactments, when the Rebs win the same battles they did in the war?

      I think if General Grant were alive today, he’d be amused. And drunk.

    • Well, keep in mind it’s a pic from the WaPo. If this is the image they want to convey, it’s not the one we want.

      That said, this is pretty typical ’round these parts.

    • Clearly you didn’t read the bumper sticker; “My heritage, your ignorance.”

      You also don’t know your history; Virginia was the first state to petition that slavery be made illegal in the US…back in the late 1700’s. In addition, read the Constitution of the CSA. Article 1, Section 9 makes slavery illegal in the south, but grandfathers in currently owned slaves, at the owners discretion (a formality. All the Southern states had already passed similar legislation). Some of the plantations with the largest number of slaves were owned by blacks. I could go on and on…

      Am I condoning slavery? Nope. Do I think we should return to it? Nope. But I’m also not going to judge their actions with today’s standards. That is simply ignorant.

      Badger 8-3

      • Section 9 – Limits on Congress, Bill of Rights

        1. The importation of negroes of the African race from any foreign country other than the slaveholding States or Territories of the United States of America, is hereby forbidden; and Congress is required to pass such laws as shall effectually prevent the same.

        2. Congress shall also have power to prohibit the introduction of slaves from any State not a member of, or Territory not belonging to, this Confederacy.

        And your point is…?

        • What do you mean, what is my point?

          Lets read this carefully;
          “The importation…(snip)…is hereby forbidden;”

          Right. So no new slaves can be brought into the CSA (kinda like banning imported weapons. Eventually the supply dries up). So all those slavers from New England were now out of a job. Considering that it was a multi-million dollar enterprise at that time, that is a serious economic blow to the Union. Couple that with the fact that the South was predominantly agrarian and the North relied heavily upon the South for both food and textiles (take for example, where the cotton gin came from…the single invention often credited with a comeback in slavery in the early 1800’s, as it had nearly died out prior to a white Northerner making it economically viable again…), well…the end result should be obvious. No? Oh…

          Classic case of “if we can’t have it, neither can you!” In other words, the South would have established a country not dependent upon the North for a thing…something the North could not do. So what happened? War, to enforce economic control.

          No, no…it was about the slaves…that’s why the “great emancipator” said that he did not care about freeing the slaves, he just wanted the South to return to the Union or he would invade. Doubt me? Do a little research into Abraham Lincoln. I’m not linking it, you need to do the research and learn for yourself. The issue is much more complex than it seems on the surface, combining heritage (celtic versus germanic, italian, etc.), lifestyles and culture. In fact, it is too complex to type in this style of forum, and I know I won’t change your mind anyway.

          Basic facts though, the South had every right to secede, the war was not about slavery (from Honest Abe’s own mouth…err…hand), and the victors wrote the history. Kinda like how the Second Amendment isn’t about hunting…

          Regardless, my last point remains the same; judging the actions of antebellum Southerners by today’s standards is the incorrect way to view the events. In fact, it is the incorrect way to view any historical events. Not a criticism, simply an observation.

          Badger 8-3

  5. That looks like Bob Moates Gun Shop outside Richmond…

    It’s a real shame…we were going to get Castle Doctrine passed this year, now it looks like we need to hold off for another year.

  6. “The restrictions would not apply to the police or military.”

    The definition of tyranny right there.

  7. sigh… well I can say we have only begun to fight! I mean that in the political, and judicial sense folks. I am still recovering from yesterday!

  8. The Commonwealth has sure changed since I lived there. Regardless of the party in charge, gun control proposals like this would have never even been heard in committee.

    • This time. Terry McAuliffe (the Clintons’ lapdog) is poised to win the governorship this year. Virginia MSM outlets are banging the anti-abortion gong loud against Cuccinelli while downplaying his solid pro-2A stance. I’m sure T-Mac will say he “supports the Second Amendment” in debates. By the time the legislation starts rolling off his desk, it will be too late to scream “media bias.”

      Can you tell I’m worried?

    • Don’t take anything for granted. Remember, Virginia has two Democrat Senators with one, Tim Kaine, that received a F grading from the NRA. Plus Virginia’s liberal northern parts are still growing fast.

      • McAuliffe is not poised to win. The early polls show him up by 1 point with 21% undecided. He is a corrupt New Jersey Carpetbagger who will not run well in the end outside of Northern Virginia. These off cycle elections are usually low turn out and the kind of low information voters that elect Democrats won’t come out.

        Also remember that Democrats win elections by racking up huge majorities in a small number of places leaving the Republicans to win a majority of legislative districts. Politico is already saying that the Democrats won’t take back the House in 2014 because of the narrow geographic appeal of the Democratic Party.
        Winning 95% of the vote in a congressional district may carry a state tbe presidential race but all it buys you in Congress is 1 vote.

        • True. But, McAuliffe is a great fundraiser, whereas Cucinelli is behind on that front right now. Cucinelli needs to bring a game-changer issue to the forefront to put the carpetbagger on his heels. McAuliffe has said he wants an AWB, 10 round magazine limit, and the one handgun a month limit. It could be an issue for Cucinelli, amongst other proposed policies. If McDonnell campaigns for Cucinelli, that will help a bunch.

        • A ban has to be passed by the legislature. Even if McAuliffe eaks out a win he won’t have the votes in the Richmond. if he campaigns on AWB and magazine limits he will lose. Outside of Arlington County even Liberals are armed.

  9. Their is only 4 Commonwealths.Pa,Kentucky,Virginia,Mass.Sad to say,Mass is dead on the vine,Virginia sliding.

  10. My first CCW permit was from the great state of Virginia, and I really hope they don’t go COMMIE on us. It would be a shame to see them go down the toilet let those cesspools in NY & NJ.

    • I just wish all the NY and NJ immigrants would go back to their fine blue states (most I’ve met of recent are not supporters of the 2A). So, please go back to your blue utopias…

      • They hate the results of their wishes. They won’t go back… after all the results of their wishes can’t be because the wishes are flawed, nor the execution of those wishes. It can only be those who don’t have those same wishes that are at fault.

        Remember they have their head in the sand as to the real reason their States have went rotten. They actually believe poisoning the rest of the States will fix it and keep us from turning into Mexico.

  11. After living in VA for the past 3 1/2 years I can report that Northern Virgina (NOVA) is the tail that wags the dog here. The rest of the 4/5ths of the state lives in a perpetual apathy that is only awakened when something truly outrageous happens. My guess is some variation of this will pass, then rest of the state will wake up, vote the dipsh1ts out and reverse the laws like they did when the “one gun a month” law was passed. I hope I am wrong, really, I do.

    • Most of this stuff (if not all) on the HoD side has died or will die in committee. On the Senate side Dick(h*#d) Saslow wants to bring back the one gun a month crapola, not sure if that will reach for a full Senate vote? But, McDonnell isn’t going to sign anything. He’s looking at 2016…

    • Disagree. NoVa and Richmond “represent” Virginia on the national stage (or so the papers would like you to think), but for state politics, there are plenty of us out in the sticks, in the suburbs and even in the cities that want Virginia to stay both independence-minded and forward-looking. Governor McDonnell is a perfect example of this — a responsive, pro-technology, pro-rail, pro-civil rights urbanite with strong conservative principles. He would make an admirable President if he could get elected.

  12. One more thing. Only the House of Delegates is up for election this year so even if the Democrats get an anti-gun majority the current State Senate will block any bill before 2016.

  13. Most of my NOVA friends (I’m from Maryland) have guns, CHPs and support that right. And most are white collar office workers. I don’t think ya’ll have anything to fear, unless you have to drive on 66 anywhere.

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