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There isn’t really anything “new” here, its just that H&K will now give you the opportunity to buy the whole long range shooting package from them instead of gathering the pieces from individual manufacturers. How great is that?

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  1. How can any rifle, much less a 7.62, be called “long range” ready with a barrel that short? Seems to me that you would want at least a 20-inch barrel at a minimum.

      • That joke was funny the first time I read it. Now, the billionth time…not so much.

        Time to move on.

    • Well, in theory, you could achieve normal muzzle velocities out of a 16″ barrel on a .308/7.62 by playing with the powder in the loading.

      But, in practice, where theory departs from the scene and we get down and dirty in the mud of reality, several variables start to rear their heads:

      1. Not all barrels print the same velocity for the same length of barrel and the same load. Some barrels are “slicker” than others. I’ve seen the same load, in the same length of barrel give chrony results over 120fps different between barrel manufactures. So if you have a longer, slower barrel compared to a fast/slick short barrel, you end up with the same muzzle velocities, even tho you might have left some powder unburned.

      The advantage I’ve seen is lapped barrels.

      2. Shorter barrels are, in general, stiffer. I’ve seen some very credible results out of 20″ long, larger-diameter custom barrels on .308 “tactical” bolt guns at long ranges.

      3. Once all the powder in the case is burned, extra barrel length becomes a drag on velocity. I don’t know where a NATO 7.62 round has burned all it’s powder, but my gut tells me it’s somewhere between 19″ and 22″ of barrel length.

  2. For price shooting package gone you can go any one Hk competere have shooting package made your way cheaper with better opinion HK only allow you have. From what I see there nothing on Hk shooting package offers shooter any thing more than it name that Hk competere offer up cheaper.

  3. I have a Leupold VX-R Patrol 3-9×40 included in this package, bought for the same sort of role (in my case mounted on a Mk12 Mod0 clone). As it turns out the illumination design makes the reticle unusably thick for this purpose (totally obscures a 1″ spot at 100yds). The knobs are kinda mushy too. So it has the styling of a Mk4 3.5-10×40 with m2/m3 knobs and the Nightforce compact scopes (which are the kinds of scope you’d buy for a gun in the role that the HK is marketed for), but in practice it’s totally unsuitable. I moved the scope to my 6.8SPC hog gun, which is a better role for it. The only upside is that you can usually get one for less than $600, whereas the Leupold Mk4 and NF cost significantly more.

  4. Soo… It’s a long range rifle, with a 16.5″ barrel, a measly 3-9 power optic, that weighs 13.3#s? Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

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