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We’ve been advised that Violence of Mind, the first book by Varg Freeborn, is now available as an audiobook. The treatise has proven very popular and highly reviewed in its previous print and digital formats. Presumably the Audible version will be well received.

The book’s official description reads, “[It’s a book that covers]… the topic of self-defense from a shocking, first-hand perspective. The subjects of criminal violence, self-defense, lethal force, mindset, firearms training and concealment have never been introduced so comprehensively in one place. Having successfully sold world-wide in its independently published and distributed paperback form, then on Kindle, it is now available on Audible.”

That’s an accurate description, but certainly not a complete one. Consider this statement about true concealment.

Lack of concealment is an ego issue. It is bred into us to want the world to know we are an alpha, or to position for rank. It is thousands of years of DNA encoding for breeding rights and social hierarchy placement and/or dominance.

That’s a hard thing to overcome, but discipline is the mark of a highly trained fighter. Allowing oneself to be underestimated, or at least overlooked (which is really the goal), is a privilege we have in modern society.

It won’t hurt our ability to get a date, because we now have social skills to make up for that. It won’t mean that we can’t eat, because surviving in society is not based upon the alpha eating first and the betas taking scraps. We can be nice, pleasant, helpful, quiet, and a multitude of other things that don’t scream, I’m a killer alpha don’t fuck with me!

Here’s another excerpt:

How far are you willing to go — and how do you know that the other guy will not be willing to go farther? 

If you pepper spray someone (assaultive), how do you know they will not turn around and shoot you (homicidal)? 

You don’t. And if you are willing to offend you better be willing to assault. If you are willing to assault, you better be willing to kill. 

If you are willing to kill, you better be 100% justified.

What are you willing to kill for again?  

You won’t kill over a spot in line, but you will assault over it? Then the other guy decides that he is willing to kill to stop your assault and now you must kill or be killed.

This is how violence works.

Varg Freeborn grew up in a criminal environment, spending five years in prison after stabbing a man multiple times while defending himself during a fight. Though he was eventually released and his rights restored, it wasn’t until after he’d spent half a decade in a violent, enclosed environment completely surrounded by violent predators.

“The most efficient violence I have ever witnessed was the highly developed predatory system of violence inside of prisons. A majority of the most effective and efficient killers are inside of those walls. 

[T]he truly violent predator has mastered doing it with very little equipment and very simple methods. Those tools and methods are based on adhering to fundamental principles. The only two places that real violence can repeatedly be found is in war, and in the criminal culture (especially prisons). 

Both are an unbroken lineage, and both are very different. What works in war does not so much apply to what works in prison, or in a parking lot by yourself on a dark night.”

The Violence of Mind audiobook is just shy of nine hours long. It’s narrated by the author and is Whispersync for voice ready on Amazon.

FYSA: the Orientation part of the Loop

Here’s something else to be aware of. Freeborn is in the final stages of finishing his second book. This one will focus on the second in OODA: the one for Orientation (OODA orient). If you’re a student of John Boyd’s seminal work, you’ll want to take a look at it once it’s available.

You can follow the Varg Freeborn author page for updates.



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  1. “How far are you willing to go — and how do you know that the other guy will not be willing to go farther? ”
    Truer words have never been spoken.
    Several years ago I had a coworker explain to me how in his culture, you never back down from a challenge, less than a year later he was asking for a day off to attend a funeral. A friend had gotten into a confrontation at a party and would up being shot dead. I don’t know if he made the connection even then.

  2. Read the book a while back, still have it in kindle library. It’s well written and explains the thin veneer of civilization some humans have. Going from zero to F-ing Werewolf is something you personally need to decide now, not after.

    When attacked it’s either about territory or resources. Resources that the attacker wants, money, stuff. Territory usually includes the ‘Monkey Dance’. Attacker/aggressive one wants you to leave, or dominate ect. Monkey Dance is both party’s displaying behavior first as bluffs, feints, pushing, talking trash!

    Avoid ‘The Dance’ if you can, just walk away. Just my thoughts on a rainy Saturday.

    • “Avoid ‘The Dance’ if you can, just walk away.”

      That leads back to an awareness of where you are, as not to blindly stumble into something. Listen to the warnings…

      • Of course Tough Talkin’ Geoff would counsel people to avoid a righteous fight. What a fraud….

        • Did you mommy put shards of glass in you wanking lube again?

          Every day, for the rest of your life, you are going to realize what a waste of viable protoplasm you are…. 😉

        • “What a fraud….”


          Tell me about the times you had to draw your carry weapon on someone?

          You can’t, because you’ve never walked a single step in those shoes, boy. (And I seriously doubt you even own a weapon).

          The ‘fraud’ here is *you*, son… 🙂 😉 🙂

        • “counsel people to avoid a righteous fight“

          Sun Tzu would counsel that the best general is the one who never needs to fight.

          Was it von Clauswitz who said “War is a failure of diplomacy”?

        • “Sun Tzu would counsel that the best general is the one who never needs to fight.”

          There’s wisdom in that.

          Neither time did I have to go beyond the draw. Both times, as soon as the weapon was drawn, the folks advancing rapidly on me froze, and retreated, as fast as they could.

          As Far as I’m concerned, that was the ideal outcome for both of the DGU incidents…

  3. I conceal carry because the element of surprise beats a fast draw.
    Plus my guns not very big and its embarrassing enough when sharing the bathroom with those of African ancestry, ( ” Gee I wish I could do that.” – Well you are. – ” Yeah but I’m pissing on three of my fingers “)
    I’m definatly not going out in public with my gun hanging out.

  4. “Lack of concealment is an ego issue. ”

    Bullshit. It is a social and political issue. Open Carry moves the window of public perception. It makes people aware that guns are present in the environment all the time and are not a problem. It normalizes guns and carrying one. Concealed carry does not do that.

    • Crimson,

      I agree. In fact, that one phrase about lack of concealmement being an ego issue, closed the deal for me. I will not purchase/read the book.

      Disclosure: I carry concealed except at 2nd Amendment rallies. At those time, I open carry.

  5. “Lack of concealment is an ego issue. It is bred into us to want the world to know we are an alpha, or to position for rank. It is thousands of years of DNA encoding for breeding rights and social hierarchy placement and/or dominance. ”

    Yeah, that’s crap because he’s saying it is about everyone that carries a gun. Sure, some people will think that way but no way in hell it is all of us.

    Often carrying my weapon concealed is a practical necessity. Dictated by the rules of whatever place I am walking into. I don’t like that, it complicates the carrying of a gun. which is a reason to prefer open carry.

  6. The proper open carry of a sidearm. In the correct holster. By an alert Law Abiding Citizen. Is a deterrence against criminal Acts. If you are open carrying your your sidearm. You need to be as alert as a police officer is. When they are around the public. The police talked and interact with the public. With no problems. But they look for signs as to who might be a troublemaker.

    And criminals do not want to have to deal with someone who has a gun. They will choose someone they perceive to be unarmed and weak. And if you are carrying a sidearm and being polite and courteous. That does not make you weak. The criminals will leave you and your loved ones alone. They will deselect you and search for select a weaker one in “the Herd”.

    And if you’re open carrying long guns in your neighborhood. The mob will deselect your neighborhood for a riot.

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