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By Henry Wu

One of the latest attempts to divide Americans has been the media’s — and now politicians’ — emphasis of attacks on Asian Americans. Anti-Asian violence, hate crimes…call them whatever you like because it doesn’t matter to us. We don’t need the assistance or pity of politicians, activists, rabble-rousers, or inciters of racial division. We don’t need your help because we are Asian.

When the world is against us we respond by working harder, training harder, studying harder, and being better so that when you come to judge us you have no excuse but to recognize our achievements.

But we don’t want your accolades. We don’t want “equity” or inclusion or handouts from anyone. We just want a fair chance to benefit from what we’ve worked for and earned. Now that we are being opportunistically targeted, we see that we might not get that chance because we’re perceived as weak and vulnerable by both criminals and the woke, alike.

Not for long, though. We aren’t going to stage protests on busy streets during rush hour, write 7,000-word white papers about how Kung Pao Chicken is racist or post an alabaster-adjacent square on our Instagram pages. We simply don’t have time for that kind of puffery. And we certainly won’t rely on the government for help because we know the government won’t come, or may possibly even turn on us.

What we will do is learn to protect ourselves. We will train with our 2 x 4’s, our gold hardware-accented purses packed with four pounds of makeup and a half dozen oranges, our fists clutching translucent pink plastic grocery bags and, yes, with our guns. And we will become the best with all of them. Math, music, manufacturing, whiskey, and now armed self-defense.

We love this country and truly appreciate the opportunities we have been given. We want to live here in peace to see our children prosper like their parents have, contributing to a better, stronger nation. And we will fight to our own ends to see it through.


Henry Wu is an investor and CEO of a venture capital firm. 


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  1. I simply never understood the Anti Asian hate they keep ramming down our throats. Every “Asian” I have ever met has been a normal productive member of society. I put Asian in quotes bec it seems so ridiculous to me. They are more American (even the ones who are not yet citizens) then most naturally born Americans I know. More importantly, I have never seen this Hate in my community. Ever. No anti Asian graffiti, violence, destruction of property. None. Its so alien to me that when I first started hearing about it, it almost felt like whiplash.

    • The ghetto denizens hate seeing them move up, and excessively rotund white women hate seeing white men go yellow

      • BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! You nailed it, k! That right there is funny, I don’t care who ya are!

    • Here in West Virginia asians are evaluated based on character too. But then we have no problem with rural blacks. Since the Civil War many of the later worked in mines beside those of very diverse European extraction. I used to sample coal in underground mines and quickly learned two things. 1) Everybody working in most coal mines more than 15 minutes is black. 2) If you are caught by any of the numerous dangers of underground mining you don’t care who saves you and, in some areas where I worked, he (or occasionally she) was as likely to be black as white under the coal dust.

    • “I simply never understood the Anti Asian hate they keep ramming down our throats.”

      The dirty secret is, it’s not Trump supporters who have problems with Asians, although the major media implies it and wants you to believe that.

      Most of the hate comes from other minorities…

  2. “or may possibly even turn on us.”

    It has happened and will happen again. Gov. entities will come after you for defending you and yours.

    • And those in power might decide they have ridden the coattails of white privilege and their “wealth” needs to be redistributed.


  4. As I remember it during the Rodney King riots Asian Americans did a fine job protecting themselves and their businesses. I also remember the Media left that story alone because it didn’t fit their Agenda. Now because they have an Agenda to push that requires Hate to be the Catalyst it’s everywhere. Today’s MSM is following the same Model as those who supported the Nazi’s. As an example research “Der Sturmer”. One of the may Media outlets that supported Fascism in the 1930’s and 40’s along with the New York Times and the Daily mail of London. History is repeating itself with Socialist Liberal Democrats at the Helm

  5. Hear, hear. I propose a swap. The left is dead set on bringing in immigrants, so how about a one for one swap. We trade leftists for immigrants, which would be a net positive for the US. Sleepy Joe, for every one that you bring in, you need to deport one. We can begin with Congress, your administration, and your family, and maybe throw in some rioters to sweeten the deal.

    • Immigration would be fine based on merit, but the Left doesn’t want that. They don’t want to strengthen this country. They want to tear it down.

      • True on all 4 points you made.. The left/dem/lib/commucrats won’t stop unless they are STOPPED… most Americans are too dumb or busy to know that or even care.

  6. Libs and the lib controlled media machine want people to believe gun owners are racist old whites who don’t take kindly to anyone besides whites. The sad irony is identity politics is an idea from their own side, so who are the racists really? Aside from a few fringe crazies I’ve encountered few and far in between, as an Asian American gun owner, the friendliest guys I’ve met were conservative whites, especially gun owners and I’ve stayed in touch with several range lane neighbors to enjoy our shooting hobby and try each other’s guns.

    • “…the friendliest guys I’ve met were conservative…”

      Pew research polled self diagnosed mentally ill people about their political leanings. Over 30% were liberal while less than 15% identified as conservative. That’s a significant difference. Maybe someone should look into that.

  7. Kudos to you, Henry Wu for a powerfully written position!!

    And that is why under-achieving, poorly educated, welfare-dependent folk from other ‘persuasions’ are so jealous of and hateful toward people who are determined to be self-reliant and successful. I remember black Americans protesting against and damaging Korean grocers in New York City’s upper east side. They resented that there were no black-owned grocers. How was the the fault of the Koreans?

    Note: My college-age daughter is Korean. She was home-schooled K-12. She was anxious about college, worried she would be expected by faculty to live up to the myth that all Asians excel academically. I think that fear was helpful: she has maintained a 3.98 average through her second year (parental bragging rights).

    Now, if only I could convince her to get some training and to carry a gun.

    My daughter likes to tell this joke in her best Korean accent: A Korean-American student came home from school and reported they had a blood drive and that she volunteered to give blood. She said the blood test indicated she is type ‘A’. Her Tiger Mom rebuked her, saying: “Not good enough!! Why you not get A+ ??”

    Sounds better when she tells it.

  8. Having spent several years of my life, in the Far East, I would caution that the various cultures and individuals (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc.) are just as complex and varied as any Western culture or individual. Perhaps even more so.

    • I think it’s fair to say that a strong work ethic and sense of self reliance is a shared characteristic among a majority of Asian cultures which is partially what bonds us to the values of real Americans. Making that statement does not diminish the uniqueness of each Asian culture and certainly not the individual citizens from one another.

      • I agree. My comment was intended to point this out to those who only know what is spoon fed to them by Hollywood and the media.

      • “…a strong work ethic and sense of self reliance is a shared characteristic among a majority of Asian cultures…”

        Is it possibly a resentment of the work ethic and self-relience that fuels the violence among some people? I have heard from blacks that succeed that they get a lot of crap from other blacks for “acting too white”, creating a self-reinforcing negative cycle…

  9. That kind of self reliance is rare in this country right now and Asian Americans are more American than the woke left.

    • Kudos Mr. Wu! We didn’t quit eating Chinese food at the restaurant across the street. They are ostensibly Christian as are the Koreans I know. I loved the Filipino nurses when I was a hospital volunteer years ago. Asian is a damn broad brush. My doctor Mohammed(really) has little to nothing in common with east Asian’s…

  10. I’m Korean. I suck at math but I love my family, beer, guns and America. Rock, flag and eagle!

  11. It all depends on the Asian.
    East Asian, great people.
    South Asian (aka India) generally great people if they are Hindu or Seik although they can be rabidly anti-white racist
    Western Asians who follow Mohomad, can be good people but most are suspect.

  12. Henry, I’ll agree with most of what you wrote, but I don’t know about the whiskey.

    • You owe it to yourself to try some Asian spirits. Read up on the history of Japanese whiskey. Very interesting story that crosses several cultures. AND, for those of us that enjoy the fruits of their labor, it is very much worthy.
      PS- look by the “Scotch” section in your liquor store for the Asian whiskey. Read up on the history I noted and you’ll know why.

      • I’ve never tried any of them, but, boy-howdy, some of them are *expensive*… 🙁

      • Saki makes me get crazy and jump through closed windows. I’d better stay far far way away from the whiskey .

    • Yamazaki 18, my friend. Try it and then give me a ring. If you can’t find any, I will pour you a glass on the house should our paths cross.

      • Hwu,

        Whoa!!! At $1200 to $1500 a bottle, Yamazaki 18 is more of a vacation than an simple shot of whiskey. I have had wine at that price (my Dad was a wine importer; we did not have to pay for it), but never spirits.

    • I know. WHISKEY?! Bullshit. I love Japanese whiskey (hell, I really like Santori!) but Kentucky Bourbon and Single Malt Scotch haven’t been beaten yet.

  13. We don’t need your help because we are Asian.

    Ninja, please. You’re a POC, you need white Progressives to survive. Now, earn your meager pay; Go do some creative accounting for Hunter.

    • Asian Americans pay more income tax than any other demographic because our pay > meager. “>” is a symbol that indicates “greater than” in case you missed more than just grammar and punctuation class.

      • Your sarcasm detector is failing miserably or missing. Recalibration, replacement or installation is indicated.

        In the event you actually are the author, as suggested by your handle, then here’s a pro-tip: Even if someone actually is trolling your article it’s best if you don’t try to make it a dick measuring contest in the comment section. Butt-hurt is never a good look.

  14. Racist=Prejudice, anyone on this globe targeting anyone else as racist, is prejudice.
    The problem with the socialist/communist narrative, along with their agenda in America is they, are nothing more than Anti-Constitutionalist’s.
    Anti-constitutionalist’s sense of morality is situational, based on incident and emotion, instead of rooted in God’s word and law.
    Anti-constitutionalist’s stand for nothing. The situation determines their support for an issue and their emotions rule, not reason and rationality. (The Misinformed).
    Moreover, they recognize the contradiction, but still cling to their situational justice. Situational justice is the tool of dictators, tyrants, despots, and unjust, unrighteous monarchs. It has no place in a Free Constitutional Republic.
    In which the United States of America is…
    Anti-Constitutionalist’s=Anti-Americans=Enemies of the United States…

    • These tyrants have mastered the art of the “doublethink” from Orwell’s 1984, they’ve been altering the meaning of words for years. It was very subtle at first, not anymore.

  15. As an Asian American, I think for myself. I don’t buy in the stuff that the media puts out these days.

    If they think I am weak, I make them think that I am weak. The element of surprise is on my side more than my foes.

    • I’d be more worried fighting the calm dude who seems to be trying hard to avoid the fight, than an overly excited moron running his mouth while walking back and forth, also pretending there are 10 dudes holding him which is why he hasn’t punched you in the mouth yet 😉
      A lot of these turds pick on Asians because they look like easy targets, until the day you pick the wrong dude, or it was the “right” one but his buddies showed up. The most disgusting part with all these YT videos is hordes of zombies filming the aggression, but nobody is willing to help. That’s when you realize the society you’re living in has lost a lot of its manhood and common sense.

  16. Henry Wu says: “That’s alright, that’s OK, you’re gonna work for me someday.”

    lol, fuck yeah.


  17. Great write up!
    I’m going to read and discuss it with my 3 kids for our family time tonight.

  18. I normally don’t go in for intratribal clapter dog whistle humor, but I peed myself laughing at this. More miniature oranges, please. Also a 1911.

  19. It’s the same agenda, over and over again. The outrage has very little, if anything, to do with standing with Asian Americans, it’s all about division, keeping on blaming Trump and his followers, shaming white conservatives, etc. The “stop Asian hates” movement (or whatever it is called) has been hijacked by mentally unstable leftists, assuming it wasn’t created by them to begin with. One of the participant was interviewed a couple weeks ago, and it didn’t take 30 seconds before he blamed Trump and his followers, it sounded so scripted but whatever the bigger the better I guess.
    I have traveled and even lived in different countries, I have yet to find a place where Asian minorities are a problem. It’s not part of their mindset to take pride in being welfare suckers, thugs, cowards, wife beaters, horrible dads, etc. If it happens in their community you certainly don’t put yourself under the spotlights, blaming whitey for your failures. Verbal abuse, intimidation, and even acts of physical of violence against Asian Americans did not start when Trump said “Wuhan virus” as they want us to believe. I don’t think most of the BLM thugs caught on tape assaulting Asians did it because of Trump, they did it because they are racist and because they found a target unwilling to fight back. Blacks in America have had issues with whites, Hispanics and Asians (mainly in parts of CA and a couple other states) for decades; I believe many African Americans are racist, confrontational individuals.

  20. Henry,
    We love anyone who comes here, works honest and hard, and does well for themselves and those they love. Your hard work ethic and attitude is a great example to others, and exactly what my father and grandfather taught me. Work hard, be honest, and honorable. Thank you for making America better.

  21. “We don’t need the assistance or pity of politicians, activists, rabble-rousers, or inciters of racial division.”

    There will always be a few, and they will be the loudest ones.

  22. Isn’t it great that you’ve lived in such a peaceful society that you became too weak to defend yourselves

  23. No false sympathy from me, Mr. Wu … and you’re welcome to free ammo from me any time.
    No questions asked.

  24. As well you should. Asians have contributed to our country for a long time. Many have opened menial businesses and put a bunch of relatives through school to be professionals. Many examples, like the guy that lived in a rented enclosed porch, worked at a car wash, brought his family here – opened a business(the whole family worked) and his kids are doctors.
    The rich importers are suspect if they came from Communist China. Only party members get to operate companies or get to leave the country for business. This is not true business, this is the government exporting goods to keep their people under subjugation.
    Being anti CCP is not being racist.

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