Vinik: I Want Project Unloaded to be the Next D.A.R.E Program

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Decades of behavior research tell us, however, that adults’ views are based on what fits into their preexisting understanding of how things work. By early adulthood, our views solidify and become difficult to change. In short, if we wait until people are likely to vote to talk to them about guns, we’ve waited too long.

Luckily, there is a window when the facts can persuade.

Working closely with researchers, I sought to understand more about that window and what could be done.

What we found is that many teenagers and young adults have yet to fully form their views on guns. Specifically, research shows that more than a quarter of teens and young adults report talking to their peers about guns, and are interested in learning more about the risks and responsibilities of gun use. But they didn’t know where to go for credible information.

After gaining an understanding of teen awareness of gun issues, I wanted to dig into the motivations of teens interested in getting a gun, which is most of them. The vast majority said they wanted one for personal safety.

It became clear that to reduce gun violence in America, we needed to empower young people with the facts—that having a gun makes them less safe, not more. With that goal in mind, Project Unloaded started to run campaigns focused on reaching young people on social media with the simple message that they’re safer not using guns.

— Nina Vinik in A New Approach To Prevent Gun Violence 

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  1. “We discovered the effective age to start propoganda.”
    And they think they’re so smart.

    • Dear Jews, Black Americans, American Indians,
      Irish Americans, Italian Americans, misfits et al,

      We wish to inform you…You are safe without having any guns.

      Your nazi and kkk pals.

        • Proud Boys and Oath Keepers are not racist and do not support disarming anyone.

          But you could add Antifa. I’ve seen tons of videos of Antifa being racist, but none of the Oath Keepers or Proud Boys being racist.

        • kendall spinmeister…Racism in the USA originated in your very own democRat Party and it all runs downhill from that.

          Today’s so called racism did not begin on the day you were born bozo. Your pathetic, lame reply to my post does not and cannot weigh against history confirmed racism and genocide.

        • Debbie: I’m a registered Republican who voted for Trump in 2016 because I’m one of Hillary’s deplorables. I hoped Trump would be another Reagan. My mistake. Politically, I’m small-L libertarian. (The Libertarian Party is just Democratic light.) That means I oppose both Democrats and Republicans when either party wants to restrict personal liberty.

          I have nothing against racial, cultural or sexual minorities. With respect to immigration, we just need to be careful that immigrants can pay their own way and will assimilate. It doesn’t bother me to be “replaced” by someone who doesn’t look like me as long as he is a good neighbor. A good neighbor is one who makes an honest living, looks after his property, pays his taxes and his kids are well behaved. For me, the principal benefit of the 2nd Amendment is that it guarantees me the tools I need to defend good neighbors if needed. I admire the good sense of the Pink Pistols.

        • I know little about the Proud Boys or the Oath Keepers, except to know they lean right, but I know the KKK were DEMOCRATS, that the party supported the KKK until very recently, and that the Nazis were Leftist socialists, not right wing. NAZI stands for the German Socialist Workers Party. so grouping them together with the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers in inappropriate.

        • Thus speaks the Ignorant. Our Oathkeeper Local chapter mirrors the community’s racial demographics pretty closely. If anything, there’s a bit higherpercentage of Blacks in our members than the community’s. Oathkeepers does not tolerate Racism, and is open to all current and former members of the Military, Law Enforcement and First Responders. Associate Membership is open to all civilians.
          I don’t know about Proud Boys as I’m not a member, but the claims they are Racist never pan out when there are a good number of Blacks in Leadership positions.

    • Let me think…something I learned in History class…some former world figure who said something similar and successfully led his country to start a World War…angry man with a small mustache…convinced his subjects to give up their guns…led to (another) genocide…

      …what was his name again? Started with an ‘A’…

    • LOL! Get em while they are young!
      That’s why I teach basic shotgun, rifle & pistol to youth ages 11-17 for 4 weeks every summer.
      Knowledge, attitude & skills to be safe, accurate, consistent.

      • Thank You!
        This is exactly what is needed to save our youth from liberal indoctrination.

      • You might want to check out Project Appleseed. This is a largely volunteer organization the teaches the fundamentals of marksmanship and safe rifle handling while telling the story of the battle of Lexington and Concord. Trying to bring back our understanding of our legacy of liberty. A really great group of dedicated people.

      • LOL. True Dat.. Get the Gun Bug to bite,, and they’ll never have money for drugs Started my kids at 8. Both are Gun Owners now at 36 and 30.
        Now, I’m working with the Grandkids. Each as they hit 8.

    • This is akin to sex education preventing unwise and unprotected sex sex. Yeah right.

      This is like informing teenagers about the danger of alcohol, drugs and smoking. Yeah right.

      This is like teaching the kids about the results of criminal activity -yeah right!

      An elfin lot of good THEY’VE been!!

      No matter what education you give kids about anything their greatest educational effect is s alwaays from the parents. Mum and Dad right wing gun freaks -Kids right wing gun freaks that’s the reality as sure as little Apples are Green.

      The cheapest, and without a shadow of doubt, the most important and most effective on a childs education, ANY EDUCATION in the widest sense, comes from PARENTAL interest and involvement. Anf that includes POILTICAL attitude, Religious inclination and inevitably attitudes to gun ownership and the accompanying responsibilities. It’s the bloody PARENTS that most of all are in need of EDUCATION. Irresponsible gun owners breed irresponsible gun owners and that includes attitudes to gun control measures and the responses to frankly quite wicked self justification about all things applicable to gun ownership.

      In the UK there is no such thing as a ‘gun ownewrship’problem but there are other disraction for our young people. I brought up my kids on my own as a single male parent . I would not allow neither ALCOHOL or TOBACCO or any drugs in the house. I would not allow ever MODEL firearms in the house [and this in spite of spending some years as a Smallarms Instructor in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces.] Equally all unnessessary ‘knives’ were forbidden evei n though as Boy Scout way back a 6” Sheath Knife was part of the Uniform. I would not allow even mild pornography in the house simply because I though it my duty as a Citizen to set an example. And by the way I did not encourage my daughter to steriotype herself with pretending to be some kind on MUMMY with Dolls etc. Both her and my son learnt to cook and clean and lookafter themselves by the age of twelve THey both attended the Local Secondary Comprehensive school.
      They were taught that the ONLY way out of the shit we were in was EDUCATION, EDUCATION and EDUCATION. My son is at least a millionaire in the financial sector and my daughter is HR Director of a of an organisatiion that employs 25,000 persons. That gives me the right to give advice. Therefore I can say with some certainty the I KNOW parental involvement is the way to go.

      • You brought up your kids as a single parent…. And you also served a career in the armed forces? Hm.

        • Yeah, most of us have pretty much come to the conclusion that “Albert” is a fake construct, does not AND NEVER HAS been British, was never in the British armed forces (and CERTAINLY not an “armourer”). My guess is that Albert the Subject is a 20-something college dropout, who’s never fired a gun in his life, and is trying to pull a major “stolen valour” scam. He IS a scrote-less subject (whether British (in which case he’s born a subject) or American (in which case he CHOOSES to be a subject)), but pretty much he/she/xi/xim/xu/xak is a witless, scrote-less subject. And a fake.

          We gave him/her/xim/xe/zit plenty of rope, and he is unquestionably a fake and a fraud and a liar. From now on, my standard response to him is going to be “Fake Limey says what???” He deserves nothing more.

        • “You brought up your kids as a single parent…. And you also served a career in the armed forces? Hm.”

          Yep. Imagine how much more he could have done if he ever left his mommies basement in Ohio. 🤔

        • The way he writes he sounds like a Brit what became the U.S. kicked their all powerful military with no army just civilians fighting for freedom

      • Thanks “Albert”. After reading this bs I need to sanitize because the massive amount of e_coli you left here is a WMD.

        • More motorboating their own ass in a bathtub. Too bad they never seem to drown.

      • You have no rights at all you crown subject, and least of all a right to give advice. How gullible do you think we all are? Single dad in the military raised his kids all by himself? You’re a lying sack. If there is even a little truth in that story, you should have given credit to your mother or whoever actually raised the kids while you were out playing overgrown boy scout.

    • Just one more reason parents need to take back control of public schools and the raising of their own children. The left gloats about indoctrinating an audience held captive in classrooms from 7am to 3pm, M-F by law. They gloat about how malleable the values of this captive audience are. Now they’re trying to propagandize to kids after class time is over too, via social media where parents have notoriously few ways to control what their kids see and virtually no recourse to complain or push back. When they do, the leftist tech oligarchs censor and ban them. The leftist apparatus of the state calls them terrorists and uses government power against them.

      The left has quietly ruined several generations already. I teach these indoctrinated masses now in college. As individuals, some of my students are truly great people, but many more are broken, confused, angry, and ignorant. As a group, overall, they are a mess.

      The left needs to be rooted out of education completely. Oh why won’t somebody think of the chiiillldren!?!?

  2. She knows D.A.R.E. is considered a failure, right?
    Besides, the slogan was “DARE to resistance drugs and violence” so DARE was Project Unloaded before Project Unloaded.

    Idiots spinning their tires accomplishing nothing but sucking up monies through grants, donations and the re-routing of tax dollars.

    Scammers and snake-oil. All of it.

    • The only sensible way to handle firearms education is to start teaching firearm safety to preschoolers, begin range time with kindergarten and first graders, and make sure every child over eight years is fully aware of gun safety and is a competent shot. After that, every child should be allowed to decide whether to participate in extracurricular weapons programs like match shooting, sport shooting, and hunting.

    • I was thinking the same thing. DARE shirts where popular to wear to drug parties and raves. project unloaded stickers will be plastered all over 3d printed FGC9 builds on YouTube.

  3. Yeah . . . because D.A.R.E did such a good job keeping America off of drugs. (SARC)

  4. This stupid woman Vinik is correct about one thing. We need to teach these young kids early about the benefits of firearm ownership. Steer them away from drugs and gangs. See if they are interested in shooting sports. Grab these kids before evil harridans like Vinik get their claws in them.

    • “If kids take up guns as a hobby, they won’t be able to afford drugs.”

      True story – First neighborhood I was in after pop left the USAF was comfortable upper-middle class ‘hood in New Jersey in the early 80s, I was a freshman in HS at the time.

      The high school I was in was a mirror of the high school in the movie ‘The Breakfast Club’. The building itself, all the cliques, the whole deal. The jocks, the freaks, etc.

      The kids who had the money for the Heineken beer (nasty crap) weed, and blow they drank and inhaled on weekends were…

      A drum roll, please…

      The go-getter kids making good grades with after-school jobs making their parents oh-so-proud of their little darlings.

      They could afford their favorite poisons…

  5. And this is why the left hates and wants to destroy faith in God and traditional values. They want to derrogate, wipe out those values so they can fill our children’s minds with lies. The left wants to replace critical thinking with slavish obedience. The left wants to become the new, world religion.

    Hey, do NOT take anything I have said as being critical of atheism and agnosticism. Those schools of thought are in no way antithetical to solid values and critical thinking. Leftism is the enemy.

  6. The D.A.R.E. program uses lies and brainwashing to get the point across. They claimed any drug would make you an anti social monster. who would be hooked for life. All drugs are different. When the kids in these programs realized they were being lied to, many jumped into the drug life with both feet. Sadly, many got caught up with hard drugs. Maybe, if they told the truth, things would be different.
    Teach with the truth. Show that a firearm is a tool, misuse can be very dangerous. Take the mystery out of it, pretty soon, firearms look like any other possession

  7. Tampa-based gun designer (and NFA ‘toy’ manufacturer) Mark Serbu has a short video describing the weapon used to assassinate ex-Japan P.M. Shinzo Abe.

    A good pic, and little else :

    • An unfortunate wording on that title/heading. If that’s Serbu then he should know better.

  8. Meanwhile in ILLANNOY an ASSault weapon ban is on the horizon. Register yer rifle & you can be “grandfathered”. How special. How’d that work out in several other states?!? SCOTUS already rendered it void dummies. I will not comply scum. Vilify gun’s all you want. Soy boy’s will applaud…

    • I thought you were going to hop the border! Escape to Indiana! Screw that registration bs.

  9. … and drugs are more of a problem than they’ve ever been. Great logic s* for brains!

  10. Don’t want your kids using drugs? Don’t want them misusing firearms?? Teach them responsibility. Take them to church. Spend time with them. Teach them to appreciate not only their own lives, but those of others, as well.

    But no, careers, large houses, garbage culture, you own libido, and vacations are more important than spending time and money on your own children!

    Notice how everything started to go down hill in the Sixties?? It’s not a coincidence.

    • Attending church is not in any way a prerequisite for being nor becoming a responsible individual. Jus sayin.

  11. “Project Unloaded started to run campaigns focused on reaching young people on social media with the simple message that they’re safer not using guns.”

    In other words, indoctrination into the anti-gun cadre.

    Lets see…. The Nazi Party in 1922 started indoctrination of young people telling them they were safer without Jews, gays, blacks, a host of other ‘undesirables’, and even their own parents and relatives if those did not toe the Nazi party line. They called it a “youth organization” and named it Jugendbund der NSDAP and later it was commonly known as ‘Hitler Youth’.

    • But what about the D.A.R.E drug part? That’s been so wildly successful that over 100,000 people annually use drug overdose to commit suicide and the country is awash in drug abuse with either ‘illegal’ or ‘prescription’ drugs and people think its a great thing to drive intoxicated.

        • “Nothing wrong with driving drunk as long as the telephone poles stay in their lane.”

          “Whisky bottles, and brand-new cars, oak tree you’re in my way…”

        • Geoff, damn it. Now I need me some refreshment and a bit of Skynrd. Thanks. Sincerely.

      • The D.A.R.E program would be one of the very programs I would want to keep my kid away from. Although their goals were ‘well intentioned’ in words and scope, in actuality they don’t really make much of a difference and end up making kids even more curious about ‘trying it’. You know kids, for most of them you tell them they can’t or should not do something and the next chance that comes along they are gonna want to try it anyway.

  12. Does the author really believe it’s safer to be robbed, raped or murdered than to shoot your assailant? I suspect her objection is that shooting such is cruel and unjust and that victims should sacrifice themselves to protect the criminals who harm them.

  13. The idea that there can be any inference or suggestion of any political ideology put forth based on NICS checks or the number of firearms purchased has never made sense to me. Just because more people own guns now, that doesn’t translate to more Republican votes.

    I think it’s a very good thing that more Americans are choosing to arm themselves. But that only means just so much.

    • Well, it’s almost always good for a laugh.

      From the article:

      At the same time, the demographics of gun ownership are changing, with more young people, women and people of color buying guns than in the past. And they’re buying guns at an alarming rate.

      Always a hoot when a lefty lets their true colors fly. Those POC are buying guns AT AN ALARMING RATE!!!!

      • That’s what they are really afraid of. Hard to enslave that armed black man or woman for that matter.

  14. Translation of article for Leftist/fascism: “If we get them when they are young and naive enough, we can indoctrinate them with ACCEPTABLE lies, that promote our narrative. If we let them actually learn about firearms, they’ll be lost to us forever!”

    Yep, pretty much. Once people learn, actually LEARN, about firearms and their use, the lies of the Leftist/fascists become obvious to them, and they ignore Leftists babbling incoherently about “common sense gun control”. Vinick is correct in that observation, even as she is absurdly wrong in her lies about “gun safety”. But she, like dacian the stupid and MinorIQ, couldn’t tell the truth to save their lives – “Everything for the narrative; nothing against the narrative; nothing outside the narrative.” Lying liars must lie. Leftist propagandists must spew propaganda.

    • Pretty astute for a mere possum there, buddy. You sure there maybe isn’t more that yer not telling us?

    • They sure are, that’s why I make my own. It’s easy and you can too.
      Can of FixAFlat, can of spider spray ,a hot plate, and some battery acid.
      Timothy Leary ain’t got nothing on me.

    • “Cocaine is God’s way of telling you you have too much f***ing money.”

      Robin Williams knew whereof he spoke.

  15. Go to the article link in this article entitled “Nina Vinik in A New Approach To Prevent Gun Violence” and read it.

    such gems as :

    “In 2000, gun ownership had been steadily declining for a quarter century, and most Americans knew that having a gun at home would make them less safe.”

    1. “most Americans” did not think that “having a gun at home would make them less safe”.

    Its was the media driven by anti-gun that told the public “most Americans knew that having a gun at home would make them less safe” and then did surveys/polls of the specific demographics who thought “having a gun at home would make them less safe” and said that was “most Americans” when in reality it was only those specific demographics and the survey/poll excluded other demographics if they did not have that sentiment. Its a favorite anti-gun tactic used to create an apparent consensus doesn’t actually exist to hammer the public and courts and government with.

    But lets look at that statement a little closer. It implies that “In 2000, gun ownership had been steadily declining for a quarter century” because “most Americans knew that having a gun at home would make them less safe.” – that is not true. Gun ownership rates declined ON AVERAGE, because states with may-issue juntas started refusing more and more firearm permits and were changing their firearms laws as the democratic party became more infused with more radical elements.

    The desire to purchase and own firearms was still there but states were making it too burdensome to purchase, and as constitutional carry and shall-issue started to flourish more people started to purchase so the rates started going back up. The author conflates this decline with desire not to own because “most Americans knew that having a gun at home would make them less safe.” when in reality the desire to own was still there but people were not able to act on that desire. That’s why it was on that decline.

    2. “The data is clear that we can reduce gun deaths and injuries if fewer people carried guns and had them in their homes.”

    No, it isn’t. Not in this statement context, it isn’t clear. The reason its not clear is because the author relies on the studies that have already been debunked by independent third party researchers who used the same methodology but did not specifically exclude that which did not fit the per-designed outcome of the original study.

    anti-gun is very crafty.

        • And you “fire two blasts”, apparently through the door or “in the air” – both highly illegal, by the way – with your double-barrelled shotgun. Joe Biden is so stupid, he makes dacian and MinorIQ look SEMI-intelligent.

    • No, they aren’t. They’re just bald faced liars counting on the stoopidity of the masses. Nothing more, nothing less.

  16. Although Nina is correct in everything she said she must be still a rather young woman or she would have known that brainwashing children and young adults is nothing new, the militaries of the world do it all the time to recruit robotically brainwashed young men to kill for their politician masters.

    Nina is correct, every accredited study done proves that when you have a gun in the home you are way more likely to become a victim of a homicide or an accident than if there were not guns in the home.

    Every accredited study done has proven that having a shootout during a robbery makes it way more likely you will not survive the encounter. One study done showed that only 7% of people used a gun for self defense in a robbery but suffered 51% of the fatalities.

    Here is another very lengthy in depth study (not the Harvard).


    Of course when dealing with the Far Right you are spinning your wheels in attempting to give them solid verifiable information as they suffer from advanced paranoia which destroys their ability to think logically and clearly and accept facts that run contrary to their Dirty Harry fantasies. Real life is not a Dirty Harry movie.

    • I might add that even with the increase in gun sales last year only 37% of the American people even own a gun and the majority of guns are owned by only 3% of the population. This 3% are the ones who have succesfully blocked even common sense gun laws like Universal Background Checks and Safe Storage laws. Because we do not have these laws any criminal or nut case can buy all the firepower they want.

      Its tragic and horrific to contemplate but last year Japan had just 1 firearms death compared to the U.S. of Capitalvania (where life is considered cheap and expendable) where the country averages 40,000 firearms deaths per year. Any sane person can understand the U.S. has a very big problem with guns and its become a shooting gallery were everyone now is a target to be shot by a madmen and/or armed to the teeth criminals.

      I think Albert from Britain said it all when he said he does not even know anyone in Britain who was killed by a madman or criminal and Ditto for the Japanese people. In the U.S. practically no one can make that claim. That should tell you everything you need to know about the current insane asylum the U.S. has become in a madhouse awash in assault rifles and high capacity weapons.

      I can still see the look of horror on President Clinton’s face when he looked directly at the camera and said “For God sakes stop the madness”. His statement as well as a similar statement made by President Biden fell on deaf ears.

      You can always count on the armed naked ape to follow the rules of the jungle which is death by claw and fang because an armed society is not a polite society. Ask all the road rage victims to verify that statement. Armed to the teeth Law abiding citizens one minute and savage naked ape killers in the next instant. Just make sure you never cut someone off in traffic or let your dog piss on someone else’s lawn. Death by gunfire is the result.

        • So Yoda said. dacian used to make an effort; now he just does his verbal emesis, and expects the rest of us to treat it as pearls of wisdom. He produces more thoughtful commentary out his arse then ever emerges from his fingers or (ewww!!) mouth.

      • You must place no faith in your studies. You claim to own firearms, even an AK47 that you scoped.

        Something fishy about you, and I don’t mean the smell.

        • To Storm Trooper

          I shot NRA “across the course” for over 20 years and could outshoot you with my eyes closed. I shot Expert in my first year of competition and I shot High Master in my last years of competition.

          Remember Komrade, the Red Army did not beat the White Army by throwing cream puffs at them. Ura!!!

          And Khrushchev did not say “We will bury you”. It was attributed to him due to a mistranslation. He actually said. “Socialism will replace Capitalism”. And he was mostly correct as today every Nation in Europe today rich and poor is Socialist. The U.S. is already halfway there. Ever hear of Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid and aid to education, just for starters?

          And the Socialists will eventually absorb the U.S. of Hey. Do not think so? Guess who defeated Nixon and his jack booted war in Vietnam? It wasn’t Ho Chi Minh, it was the Socialists here in the U.S. of Hey. Uncle Ho knew everything that was going on here during the war and he did not find it out by gazing into a crystal ball.

          There is currently a book being written called “Ho Chi Minh’s Secret War In America” by (shall we say) “Anonymous”.

        • Pppppppfffffffffttttttthhhhhhllllllll. Pppppppfffffffffttttttthhhhhhllllllll.

        • dacian,

          Are you TRYING to sound like a lying moron??? ‘Cause if that’s your goal, you’re doing well.

          “I shot NRA “across the course” for over 20 years and could outshoot you with my eyes closed. I shot Expert in my first year of competition and I shot High Master in my last years of competition.” I smell liar and bullshit, in equal proportions.

          Your Marxist idiocy is noted, with amusement. Strange how “conservative” governments seem to be so ascendant, lately. Care to put any bets on the 2022/2024 elections, dacian, you lying sack o’ shite???? But, then, collecting money from yo’ mommy’s basement might be difficult.

          You’re a 20-something, basement-dwelling, uneducated @$$wipe, dacian. Just go crank one off with MinorIQ; you’re boring the s*** out of us.

        • Ok, I will take your challenge. When I am in Ohio again we will arrange to meet at an appropriate range. We can see who is the better shot. I do insist you kep your eyes open, I tolerate no safety violations with firearms and a professional as you confess yourself to be would not make such eyes closed challenges.

          You will also be expected to show your “High Master ” Certification. I will cross reference it to verify authenticity.

          For the rest of your post, you are clearly an insurrectionist. Your whole hearted embrace of far left ideology shows you support the overthrow of the US Constitution.

          Btw, i am not your Komrade, save that for cosplay friends.

      • dacian….

        I’m not sure where you came up with this but its false…

        “I might add that even with the increase in gun sales last year only 37% of the American people even own a gun and the majority of guns are owned by only 3% of the population.”

        First, the majority of guns are not owned by only 3% of the population. But ya know what, i’m not even going to spend the time on showing you how stupid this is and why its wrong. Have you never heard of math and context? I’ll just say that 22% of gun owners own only one gun with the rest having an average of five guns which means that 78% of gun owners owns the majority of guns held by gun owners. In context with the population 32% – 33% of the American population personally own guns.

        anyway, when all the math is done in its proper context this means that 11% of the American population owns the majority of the guns and not 3%

        As of Jan 7, 2022 —- 32% of Americans say they personally own a firearm according to the 2021 National Firearms Survey, this number only includes adults over 18 and when lawful access use is considered due to living in a household with a gun owner that number goes up to 41% of all Americans. Gallup polls place these numbers a little higher.

        Pew Research; Places the number at 33% of Amercians (over age 18) that personally own firearms and another 11% living in a household with a gun owner. This pretty closely matches the national firearms survey and the gallup surveys. And among those Americans that don’t own a gun now about 50% say they will or would buy a gun in the future and about 33% of those who do not already own a gun say they would never own a gun.

        But an odd thing happened that completely baffles the anti-gun. That odd thing is of the Americans that did not own a gun, the about 33% that said they would never own a gun… that 33% the anti-gun call the ‘majority of Americans” for their surveys is declining and in the past two years has eroded and now of those 33% about half say they are going to buy a gun.

        All this together means that the country is ~75% pro-gun. So look forward to more gun sales on the way, and indeed its already started.

      • Wow, dacian the stupid, does your arse hurt, after pulling all those “facts” out of it???? (Nah, probably not; I’m sure your arse has had so many things pulled out of it . . . AND put into it . . . that it is without sensation.)

        ” . . . only 37% of the American people even own a gun . . . ” Citation, please???

        ” . . . the majority of guns are owned by only 3% of the population.” OK, won’t even bother to ask for a citation on this one, as it is just total horseshit. If you are going to lie, at least try to make your lies SLIGHTLY credible. (Simple math, dipshit – 400 MILLION guns, roughly 340 million people, times 3% . . . hmm). So your abjectly STUPID claim is that (i) about 10 million people (that’s your 3% number, dumbass) own OVER 200 million guns, or more than 20 guns per person???, and (ii) the remaining 34% (less than 120 million people) own . . . fewer than 116,000,000 guns???? Make that math work out, dacian the stupid. That doesn’t even come out to ONE gun per person.

        You are too stupid to insult. You fornicate small children and stray dogs. You abuse yourself with sports equipment. You are an abject and total fool of a lying, Leftist/fascist POS. Please go expire in an excavation.

    • Your “accredited” studies? WTF “accredits” them? I suppose the socialist party? Whatever, that is one of the most common lies we hear from your side.

      You’re an idiot dacian. But everyone here already knows that.

  17. Project Appleseed
    Great training for kids and adults alike with a generous helping of American history. Perfect as a prevention against leftist antigun propaganda!

  18. Is there a factory somewhere that manufactures Vinik things and turns them loose on the country?

    • Yes, her level of sanity and rationality is on par with dacian the stupid. That tendency is apparent in wild-eyed hoplophobes (c.f., Shannon Watts and “MiniMike” Bloomberg).

  19. The Democrat method of combating illegal guns:

    Using gun control, create criminals by turning law abiding gun owners into ‘criminals in possession of illegal guns’ then arrest and prosecute them so the numbers reflect how successful their gun control was at reducing the number of criminals with illegal guns.

  20. If children are positively engaged, nurtured and educated, they will likely live better lives and be a net positive. Whether they are adopted, raised by a sinle parent , most will be fine.

    There will always be exceptions. We see some here daily. Even children raised by crack heads can grow up to be better people than their parents.

  21. So, you discovered that teens are interested in guns and particularly interested in guns for self-protection — and your article says that this is the group we should be talking to and explaining responsible gun ownership.

    What you omit is that these teens are perfectly correct about needing a gun for self protection, BUT they are not allowed to have one legally at all, and they especially are not allowed to have one the main places where they actually need it: at school and going to and from school.

    So, what happens? The more resourceful and independently-minded of them get a gun (which is a crime), and take that gun with them to and from school (another crime) — until they are caught and branded as criminals who can never be allowed to have the gun they know they need for their right of self defense, so their only choice is to accept being second class citizens at higher that average risk or to be a criminal (yet again) by illegally obtaining and illegally carrying a gun.

    OK, you’ve identified the target audience that we need to reach — BUT WHAT THE HELL IS OUR MESSAGE?? Are we supposed to convince them that they don’t need a gun to defend themselves against armed criminals their own age? Are we supposed to convince them to join us in supporting our campaigns telling state and local governments to enforce the gun laws they have now? Do we tell them that if they survive long enough, eventually they will be able to have a gun legally, but that even then they won’t be allowed to take the gun where it is needed?

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  23. The best part about this is that DARE was shown to increase drug use in many studies.

  24. The most simple, and at the cheapest cost to the taxpayer’s, would be to teach NRA’s award-winning Eddie Eagle program. NRA would gladly make it available to any and all locales that would ask for it. It is available in age-specific volumes as well.

    Eddie Eagle is only an “indoctrination” in that it teaches 4 basic principles to be ingrained within young people’s minds. 4 is about as many “rules” as most people can keep straight, like the 4 Basic Rules of Firearms use Jeff Cooper promoted years ago. Even Christ Jesus boiled down the Ten Commandments into 2 basic ones.

    If ever encountering an ADULT unsecured firearm, kids should:
    2. DON’T TOUCH

    No where is there any implication that guns are either “good” nor “bad”. As an inanimate tool, they are incapable of anything by themselves, and can only be put to a purpose by the person in possession of them.

    At the earliest ages, kids are curious about anything that appears to be “adult only”- guns, vehicles, booze, drugs, sex, inflamables, etc. Providing them with some sort of unbiased direction only increases their awareness of various possibilities should they proceed with something which they know little about.

    Firearms safety, as well as security and training was the job of parents, especially fathers when the 6 of us were growing up. It worked. We kept our guns and ammo in our bedrooms from around age 12 and never had an incident. Our neighbors came into the house all the time and they respected our firearms as well, since they’d been exposed to similar rules by their own parents.

    With a lack of engaged fathers (and mothers) in the home today, huge vacuums concerning all manner of dangers are being left to public ed (!) or law enforcement to try to mitigate. It hasn’t worked, and it cannot work, except to pick up the pieces of injuries, substance abuse or unwanted pregnancies after the fact.

  25. “3 Reasons Why the DARE Program Failed”
    “Was DARE Effective? ”
    “Why the DARE Program Failed”
    “DARE Program Has Been Ineffective;”
    “D.A.R.E. Was a Bigger Failure Than Most People Realized”
    “Why Did the DARE Program Fail?”
    “The effectiveness of DARE in altering students’ drug use behavior has yet to be established”
    “Why “Just Say No” Doesn’t Work”
    “DARE: The Anti-Drug Program That Never Actually Worked”
    “peer-reviewed studies conclude the D.A.R.E. program is ineffective at preventing kids from using drugs.”

  26. First person shooters games will “kill” this program. They will have to ban gun games in the future.
    I look forward to Liberals doing that.

  27. I like the D.A.R.E idea.
    EXCEPT it should be DARE to LEARN about gun safety.
    DARE to find a firearm instructor so you can LEARN about the SAFE OPERATION of a firearm.

    Teenagers especially want to buck the system, and do the things people say they shouldn’t do. If you stop the stigma of firearms being taboo, they will not have the unhealthy illusion/fascination with them, and they will be normalized.
    The trend of losing everything not considered academic in schools is what causes these issues.
    We need:
    Gun Education classes
    Drivers Education classes
    Home Economics classes
    Human Health classes
    Shop classes

  28. Weren’t there two D.A.R.E.Programs?

    One about not taking drugs, and the other was D.A.R.E to Keep A Cop Off Donuts.

    Uvalde’s Fattest showed how well the second DARE program worked.

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