Sheriff Alex Villanueva
Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)
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[O]n his first day in office, Gascon issued a memo listing 13 crimes that the District Attorney’s Office no longer would prosecute, including driving without a valid license, drug possession, loitering to commit prostitution, resisting arrest, and trespassing. 

The results of such changes are “creating a dystopian society as we speak,” [Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex] Villanueva said at the Heritage event. 

Violent crime in Los Angeles is up over 11% since Gascon’s election, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.  

Grand theft auto is “up 60% in two years,” the sheriff said, noting one individual was “arrested three times in one day for grand theft auto.” 

“There were no consequences,” Villanueva said of that case.

Crime in Los Angeles largely had been trending downward since 1993, according to the Los Angeles Almanac. But in 2015, violent crime began to increase following passage of California’s Proposition 47 the year before. 

Prop 47, which Gascon co-sponsored, decreased the consequences for many crimes and made some felonies into misdemeanor offenses. For example, the threshold for misdemeanor theft went from $400 worth of goods up to $950. 

“That’s why [in California] you can walk in the Nordstrom, grab an entire rack, and walk out with it, and it doesn’t go anywhere,” Villanueva said. 

Villanueva, 59, said Gascon’s changes to prosecution policies in Los Angeles are being driven by a belief that the criminal justice system is racist. But when you look at “the hard facts on the ground,” he said, “my county jail is filled up by violence, not systemic racism.” 

— Virginia Allen in Under Top Prosecutor’s Policies, Sheriff Says, ‘It’s Profitable to Do Crime in Los Angeles County’

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  1. How to destroy the most lovely, attractive, prosperous, State in the Union. Enact every LibTard Pipe Dream they can come up with!

  2. This is just fine when the elite liberals in the state can afford bodyguards and household security behind wall and gates.
    They can be racist and never have to admit it. The minute a middle class white man tries to protect himself from the criminal element, he is labeled racist, even if he has an interacial family, children and grandchildren.

    Someone who is black can refuse to live near black gangbangers, refuse to put up with the street BS and can run off loiterers and they do.

  3. I never ceased to be impressed by the mental gymnastics.
    In a city that’s 70% non-white and Dems outnumber Repubs three to one everything is the fault of white racists and repubs.
    For such a powerful block of people they can’t seem to gain any traction in LA.

  4. “…driven by a belief that the criminal justice system is racist…”

    No, Sheriff, it’s not. Sure you can find examples of racist people in the system, but the system itself is not. That’s just what the puppet masters are telling you and the other progressive foot soldiers. That’s a red herring, and it’s distracting the country’s attention away from what the puppet masters are really wanting to accomplish. Pull your head out of the sand a little and peek around.

    • It seems to me that you might have misread his statement. He’s citing (and refuting) the excuse used to relax criminal penalties.

      • An excuse predicated on little more than that blacks are over-represented in prison populations in terms of percentage of the overall population. Overall, 34% of the prison population is black, although blacks make up only 13% of the general population. In 12 states, over half the prison population is black.

    • @hawkeye,

      EWTHeckman’s comment above is correct. Villanueva publicly and vocally disapproves of Governor Newsom, L.A. Mayor Garcetti, and D.A. Garcon. He’s upset with all of them and is vocally up front about it.

      LASD uniformed employee count was at 10K a couple of years ago. It’s now down near 9K.

    • Yep, you guys are correct, mea culpa. The multiple reference citation threw me off. Is it safe to apply my comment to Gascon?

      • You certainly have my permission. 😉

        Now, if only we could get the voters of California to apply that in their voting habits. (Not holding my breath.)

  5. Racism as an idea is being used against people simply because of the fact that most people have such strong reactions to it. It does not need to be real or even all that prevelant or even particularly organized in any real or meaningful way. It is just another example of how people (especially blacks) are being manipulated by the left.

    The insanity of the left is driving everyone crazy as it fuels destruction in everything.

  6. Wasn’t Villanueva standing in the way of gun buyers during the COVID lockdowns, seem to remember him as the bad guy in that episode…gun stores weren’t essential unless in service to the regime.

    Wasn’t he also vocal in his ghost gun critique, as in no ghost guns?

    • Umm, yes, that would be him. He was sued for it too, case still pending. He also has, shall we say, an “interesting” past in his career. However, he has “loosened” up the CCW permitting process, which still takes MONTHS, such that allegedly 1 in 4 is approved (as opposed to 978 total permits issued for a county with millions of residents).

  7. “Gascon issued a memo listing 13 crimes that the District Attorney’s Office no longer would prosecute, including… loitering to commit prostitution, …”

    I think if I were an LA cop I might consider adding a side hustle of pimping…
    Better retirement plan.

    • That Gascon is moron of epic scale. Read the rest of his list of not a crime crimes.

      Disturbing The Peace
      Criminal Threats
      Drinking in Public
      Under the Influence of Controlled Substance
      Public Intoxication
      Resisting Arrest

      How to of gateway misbehaviors for wanna be thugs.

    • California was in hell before they arrested Charlie Manson. They just were not as organized about it as they are now.

  8. Well, welcome to the party Alex. For years you’ve been an anti-gun, pro liberal zealot. Now that the consequences for these beliefs are coming home, you’re not liking the result. Well, we dont either. So, better late than never. No how’z about you starting working at cleaning up the mess and not just wingeing about it.

    def of Wingeing: complaining while your lips are moving.

  9. I agree with your viewpoint of wanting to have a rational discussion on the gun control debate. Unfortunately, there are still racists who believe that one race is superior to all others. I’m a student with a homework assignment to write an essay about racism. So my father informs me about the website which contains a lot of Racism Essay Samples. You may be aware that racism is the concept that distinct groups of individuals have different behavioral tendencies according to hereditary characteristics and may be segregated based on racial supremacy.

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