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If money was no object and I had infinite patience, this thing would be next on my to-do list. A rifle in 45 ACP with an integral suppressor? Sign me up! But alas, if I want a copy it’s going to cost me about $2,000 for the gun and $400 in stamps — one for the barrel and one for the can. Oh well, until I have that kind of cash I can lust after the one this guy has….

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  1. I think you mean $400 extra – $200 for the SB and $200 for the suppressor (NEVER MIND – I SEE YOU FIXED IT)
    Valkyrie Arms makes a replica Delisle. One with a real suppressor. Another with that’s fake, for those who want the look but can’t have the real thing.

  2. Preaching to the choir here, but there”s no valid reason for SBR’s and suppressers to need xtra fees and paperwork. They should be commonly available at any gun store.

  3. If it’s a replica anyway, there’s no good reason not to make the supressor non-removable, and the barrel/supressor combo over 16″. You’re just throwing away $200 otherwise.

    Very cool gun. I’ve seen one for sale with a fake supressor.

    • I don’t know how many are in the country, but from what I can gather there were fewer than 200 originals made during the war. If your buddy has an original that can be proven as such and is legally on the NFA registry as transferable, I would think it would be quite valuable.

  4. No one will belive it but when I was a young man, after I’d left the service of Uncle Sam, I was exposed to a logistics system that still cataloged the above as a special issue item. The place that passed as an OC/NCO Club had one and we would shoot various sized bottles to see who would shout the round including whiskey bottles swinging from a string. There were obvious safety meassures in place, though I could not recall what those were,, Oh Yeah, guns were off-limits 30 minutes after the bar opened.

  5. I believe Valkeyrie Arms makes a suppressed and non-suppressed version for sale for some serious coin. About $1900 for the former plus the sundry (ownership infringing) stamps…

  6. I received a very nice and detailed email from Valerie Johnson, founder and president of Valkyrie Arms, when I inquired with some questions about her reproduction DeLisle offering, but when I did some reading on her and her company I was scared off. I read nothing but bad things about the Valkyrie Arms DeLisle. While I wish I could read more reviews of these guns, I’d go with Special Interest Arms if I was to purchase a reproduction DeLisle today. I get the impression they made a higher quality product. It is modified from the original design to accept unmodified M1911 magazines, which is handy. They also make a version with a synthetic “tactical” stock with quad rail, adjustable stock, and pistol grip. Pretty cool but I’d go with a 300BLK AR-15 for practicality, I’d get a classic walnut DeLisle for fun.


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