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Further proof (as if you needed it) that everyone loves silencers.

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    • Awesome! I have a new goal now. Man, I love leverguns… Kind of defeats the purpose a bit, but I love the sound of those suppressed supersonic rounds ripping their way through the atmosphere.

  1. A lot of guns come to mind when somebody says suppressor. A .30-30 winchester is not one of them. neat anti varmint rifle for a long island estate.

  2. Roosevelt the First was the most badass President you folks ever had. I hold him in the same high regard I hold John Moses Browning (PBUH).

    And so it irks me to hear that gentleman refer to him by his first name. We know from history that President Roosevelt hated “Teddy”, and I imagine that unless you were in the tent next to his and six days out from the cabin at which point you might be able to call him “T.R.”) most would refer to him as “Mr. President” as per accepted decorum.

    I can’t see calling any head of state, alive or dead, by his first name. Seems too damned familiar.

    But maybe that’s the old stereotypical Canadian politeness coming through… 🙂

    • For those who insist on overly familiar forms of address, Mr. Roosevelt was sometimes called “Theed” for short.

    • TR was a snake in the grass. PR loving egomaniac of the John McCain model. The prototype for the modern American progressive statist.

      Browning was a GREAT man of actual accomplishment.

      • Exactly so.

        The more I’ve learned about TR, the lower he has sunk in my estimation.

        TR was early in the seemingly never-ending plague upon the American public of inbred, Little Lord Fauntleroy know-it-all pecksniffs out of the Ivy League schools. TR ran for office when he was only a year out of Harvard – in other words, he never accomplished anything of actual note on his own before he started planting his snout in the public feed bunk.

  3. I went to the Firearms Museum a month or two ago. The Petersen gallery is particularly mind-blowing. It’s almost hard to take in there are so many guns with stories in there. The Cafeteria there is quite good (and cheap!) as well. Definitely the highlight of my DC trip.

    • People should study and learn quite a bit more about Petersen. He doesn’t have the PR machine of today that JMB has, but Petersen was a fine gunmaker and designer in his own right.


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