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Full write-ups coming soon, but until then enjoy this video montage of the team in action in Bend this past weekend.

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  1. I had to stop and rewind the part with the MK-48 a couple times, SICK. 3-Gun needs more belt fed machine gun stages.

  2. Is there a way to stop the ads from overlapping the vid clip frame? Just a glitch??

    Awesome footage!

  3. Is fine now. Hmmm, wonder if the comments section being opened does something with the frame borders?

  4. Video clips on the iPad are awful. I love what you guys have done to make the iPad viewing better over the last couple of weeks. (But lose the moon tabs. Still interfering with the text.). Videos? Half the video is hidden under the ads on the right. I can send a screenshot if that helps.

  5. Wouldn’t some low-light Tron suits enhance the visual of this night event?
    A fiber optic suit would give a better display of motion for spectator viewing.
    Tron with a gun? Hell, you could sell tickets to an event like that. TV too.

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