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“We were bored and didn’t have anything to do, so we decided to kill somebody.” – One of three suspects in the murder of Christopher Lane in ‘Bored’ teenagers gun down college ballplayer, Oklahoma cops say [at]

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  1. I was reading about this, this morning. Who was one of the first persons quoted? Why, Pee head Morgan of course! The next quote was from a former Aussie PM. If your into gun control, please, please stay out of the USA. I dont want your foreign values infringing on my natural, God given, consitutional rights. You have YOUR county your way and let us have our country our way!

    • I love Jeremy Clarkson, but this made me love him even more. From Dec last year:

      “Americans. Was the second amendment not introduced to protect you from the tyranny of the British? Piers Morgan in other words.”

    • I stopped watching those youtube videos of (gag, barf) Morgan (spit) getting put down by sane people the time some guy tried FOUR TIMES to “remind” him that all the massacres have taken place in “Gun Free” zones, and the facts just bounced off his head like water off a duck’s back.

      • Inline video really jacks up the browser on people’s mobile phones, just so you know.

        I think that’s why this thread is taking a full minute to load for me.

        • How long have you been a mod here, Matt?

          I thought you were just some dude with a lot of time who annoyed Robert by pointing out all his fu*k-ups.

          On that note, is there a list of words and phrases that are filtered here? We’re all big kids, it would be nice if we could stop typing like we think God is keeping track of our curse word count and telling our Moms.

          It also seems quite inconsistent: One minute somebody is complaining about a post disappearing, two comments later someone says shit.

          Feel free to email me if this has gotten too off topic.

        • Not very long. Mostly it’s about spam management, although I can fix spelling and other errors in the posts if necessary. The inline YouTube thing is a pet peeve of mine, because I browse from my phone all the time, and the videos absolutely nuke it.

          As far as filtered things, well… for your benefit (and others), there are five things I know will get you filtered every single time. Four are words: the f-bomb, c*nt (and that ain’t “can’t”), cock (most commonly seen in “cocked and locked”), and anything with anal in it (analysis, analogy, etc). The fifth is more than two links in a single comment. Two is fine, three will get you filtered. Beyond that, there’s a whole mystical element to the filter that I can’t understand, though I’m trying to learn why it does what it does. For example, it doesn’t like Dyspeptic Gunsmith’s comments where he talks about screws in the Black Diamond 1911 post. Every one of his comments that used that word has been filtered, but I know I’ve seen that same word used elsewhere by other people slide right through. So I don’t know. But I’m learning.

        • That’s just weird, man. Those filters are inconsistent, arbitrary and silly.

          An*lysis is filtered but shit isn’t? Someone has issues they need to deal with elsewhere.

          Not to mention the fact that any person who can deal with a gun should sure as a&nal be able to deal with a “dirty” word here and there, for a?nal’s sake.

          Not to EVEN mention that rather than nuking a post the offending word should be, you know, filtered, a la Fark.

          Not lashing out at you, Matt, thanks for your work, just venting in to the aether.

  2. Since we can’t publicly stone these little bastards they should be held with the pedophiles and required to wear dresses with assless panties while in full drag. Oh and handcuffed face down to prevent the possibility of suicide.

    • Thank you for sharing your sexual fantasies, though next time, don’t bother.

      Now please get back to huffing the emanations out of Bayonne, and leave the rest of us to talk like sane grownups.

    • Naah – they’re to be tried as adults. That means they’ll cop to a plea, and get their sentence for Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm While a Minority in Public reduced to six months due to White House and DOJ interest.

  3. And now the Aussies are calling for a ban on travel to the US because of our gun laws. Piers Morgan gets fuel for his vitriol. But what isn’t mentioned is that these utes broke many many many laws. I have looked for, but not seen it mentioned if they gunned down their target with handguns. If they did, they could only procure them illegally. Regardless of what they used, they could only be purchased illegally as these minors could not go to a store, or gun show and make a legal purchase. An article today says they were either in a gang or were “wannabe” crips.

    I say try them as adults and execute them. Imprisoning them for long periods of time costs too much for the American tax payer and if they do get out they will be more than likely to commit more crimes.

    • “Witnesses told Australian television that Lane staggered and collapsed on the road after he was shot in the back with a .22-caliber revolver…”

    • Please spell it yoot, a great word for these hoodlums.

      Ute is a native American people, like Navajo, Lakota or whatever.

      No reason to malign that group on account of the actions of an entirely different demographic.

    • The only reason that this is getting so much traction in Australia is due to the federal election next month. It is a distraction from our current PM’s political gaffs and the leader of the opposition’s lack of gaffs!

  4. And Piers Morgan tweets: “When an innocent Australian student is shot dead in Oklahoma for ‘fun’ – America’s gun crisis becomes the world’s problem.” So our problem is not that our children commit murder for fun; our problem is one of a thousand inanimate object which they might use as the instrumentality of that murder. Take away our guns so at least our children will be (slightly) disarmed psychopaths. Then tourism in Oklahoma will really take off. Good thinkin’ Piers.

    • A culture — subculture, really — in which life is considered cheap and in which consequences aren’t readily apparent can be a great enabler for this sort of sh¡t.

      That we are inundated by images that normalize these types of crimes does not help.

      We as a people do not learn by distant example; we have to be kicked and carved. Surgery.

      These little subhumans should be subjected to the most rigorous of medieval execution rituals, and they should be so subjected on live, prime time media.

      And of course, in an armed society this woud likely not have happened.

      Had we never been disarmed and neutered, this assh0le gang culture would never have arisen — or would be at least limited to the fringe.

      However, even now were every li’l Mustafa deciding to “earn” some cigarette money in the customary way to be summarily killed by his intended patron, these turds would turn pretty quickly to compost.

      We’re not finished, but we’ve not a second to waste.

      • That’s interesting. Granted, I’m sure said mother is biased. I wonder if the parents are able to take responsibility for their actions…or lack thereof. Nature vs. nurture and all that.

        One of my friend’s younger brothers ended up in juvie for a, well, juvenile offense. (Broke into an abandoned store for the heck of it. Nothing sinister, just stupid.) His mother is one of the kindest, most loving and morally upright women you could ever meet. Her response? “How long can we leave him there?”

      • Stay calm. The novel was the product of an addled and disheveled imagination (Anthony Burgess’s, I mean–look up his bio). His drunken/constipated brand of conservatism, coupled with the addled liberalist values of Stanley Kubrick–who thought that individuals should be allowed to practice violence in whatever extreme, but institutions like law should not be allowed to do the same to rein them in–can generate only nightmares.

        Fortunately it is possible for people of healthier minds to think about healthier options.

        Mostly I feel sad that Mr. Lane had been taught Down Under that when personally targeted violence rises up, just run away from it.

        Which goes to show you that you can be an athlete in the prime of your life, and running away from trouble is no solution.

        • I think he was unaware of the trouble until it killed him. I don’t think he was running for anything other than exercise.

  5. These three “suspects” prove that pure evil lives in some people. “We were bored and didn’t have anything to do, so we decided to kill somebody…”. It’s almost unimaginable.

  6. And now there are some Australians who are calling for a U.S. boycott because of our “lax” gun laws. Personally, I think they should shut up and eat their Vegemite sandwiches.

  7. I was debating saying this, but given their total numbers versus their involvement in crime, the obvious danger they pose to society, and the general fear they invoke in the public eye… maybe it’s time we banned young black men. There’s certainly a better case for THAT than gun control.

  8. Let’s see, murder in the first degree, conspiracy to commit murder, underage minors in possession of a handgun and handgun ammunition, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, Yep, definitely upstanding youths in society;)

    • They will get out on a plea deal because Holder does not have the manpower to trace the weapon, so it never happened.

  9. We could go on forever listing all the laws these pieces of excrement violated. The anti-gunners have one response – MOAR LAWZ!

    Because at some point these punks would say “You know, I think we’re breaking one too many laws now.”

  10. The PM of Australian should STFU and look in his own backyard

    It’s not unusual to wake on a weekend morning to hear of another innocent young person fighting for their life in a Sydney hospital following an alcohol-fuelled assault. The latest man to fall victim to a random act of violence on our streets is 33-year-old Matthew Blackmore

    My tin foil hat says it was the Obama administration putting words in the AU PMs mouth

    • Sigh. Again, it’s not necessary to bring Obama into every goddamn thing. This is not Obama putting words in his mouth. The guy that spoke is the former Deputy Prime Minister, one of the two guys who ramrodded the Aussie gun legislation through in 1996. He doesn’t need anyone to put words in his mouth.

      • I think we further confuse the issue by suggesting that Obama is some super evil, extreme form of liberal. His ideas are evil, but they are no more evil, and no more extreme than your average democrat’s. He hasn’t said anything outside of the typical statist garbage that I’ve had to wade through since junior high.

        He just actually implemented their daydreams.

      • Point to note folks, I sat my firearms license in New Zealand at 16 in high school and could own long guns at that time, not sure if Australia is the same, if it is then two of the three shooters in this case would have been able to own a long gun unlike here in the US

      • Matt, you are correct. And the story I read was wrong because they did not say he was not the current PM. I should have researched it more. As far as Obama, if he is planning for another gun control agenda, he will soon speak up.

      • They are seriously calling for prohibition? And the comments are all patting each other on the back for being sensible and supporting it while shouting down anyone who disagrees. Gun and alcohol bans = roaring 20’s. Australia really seems to want this.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say, “I think…” Everything he says is Gospel Truth in whatever he’s using in lieu of a mind.

  11. Hey, somebody else make the Obama’s son joke! It’ll be hilarious this time, really!

    Jesus, the way some of you are obsessed with the President… it’s just sad, really.

    • It’s even more hi-larious how Obama feels the need to gratuitously inject himself into situations where his intervention can only exacerbate tensions and make the conflict even more political. But I guess that’s the Chicago Way.

      • Whatever. This is not directed at you specificalyl since i dont know if you do this or not, but there are plenty of them on this site; Assigning blame for every bad thing that happens in this country to Obama just makes you look like petulant children, so cut it out. It’s just as bad as the people on the left who were blaming Bush for all the world’s ills a few years ago.

        Also, that snotty little “joke” is tired as hell, so get some new material.

  12. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: 1 public hanging broadcast nationwide would clear up a lot of these problems….

    • No trapdoor. Slow lift, no hood and loose hands and feet. Let ’em dance.

      In sequence; drag it out.

      The Constitution prohibits “cruel and unusual” punishment, but linguistically cruel should prove no problem if it’s not unusual.

      They could hold a $5 per ticket lottery for the privilege of pulling the levers. Three levers, and three winners.

      And no, I am not kidding.

  13. Both black kids say they didn’t do it and the white kid says he pulled the trigger. The black kids are being charged with murder and the white kid is only being charged as as an accessory. That is fucked up.

  14. [Witnesses told Australian television that Lane staggered and collapsed on the road after he was shot in the back with a .22-caliber revolver on Friday afternoon.]

    What’s that statistic about .22 being the caliber most people are killed with?

    Terrible tragedy for the family. My condolences.

  15. Back in the 90s, when I was in high school, some kids here threw a large rock off an overpass onto a major state route (520, for you Seattle area people). Predictably, it smashed through the windshield of an oncoming car, killing the driver.

    Why do something so dangerous and stupid? They were bored. Of course, I was bored a lot as a kid and it never occurred to me to do anything like that, much less out and out first degree murder.

    • Even as a 6 year old I would have thought “gee I may be bored now, but prison would be a lot more boring. I better stick with something legal to pass the time”. There’s clearly something disconnected in the heads of these people.

    • If they don’t get the death penalty, I would hope they get Life sentence in in one of OK’s fine State Pound Me in The Ass Prisons.

  16. I’m thinking none of those sh¡ts had ever touched a 4473.

    I can think of some ways (many involving honey and ants) in which they could relieve my summer boredom.

    A reason why there’s little public outrage about this crime is because we actually expect to occasionally see this sort of behaviour from these types of “people.” We’re actually accustomed to it.

    A source of outrage in the TM&GZ case was that the police didn’t deign to do anything at all ’til the case went viral on the ‘net several weeks after it occurred.

    This case is of course far more ugly, but it’ll not provoke nearly the outrage — and that is sad.

    Seldom do I actually wish I were the one to pull the switch, but this time, yeah. Big time.

  17. Can you hear it? The crescendo of silence rising from the maniacal media.
    Jesse Jackson pulled out all the plugs and responded with a full-blown
    media assault to express his indignant rage at such a cold-blooded murder.
    From the @RevJ.Jackson tweet: “This senseless violence is “frowned upon”
    and the justice system must prevail.”

    Which part of this senseless violence is frowned upon, I wonder?
    Was it the motive, that they were bored, or that two black teens planned to kill
    somebody, or maybe that they profiled and stalked their innocent white victim,
    and shot him in the the back? Does this sound familiar? It should, this is the
    narrative Jessie Jackson used to describe the actions of George Zimmerman
    the night he shot and killed Trayvon Martin. From one of Americas “so-called”
    black leaders, we get a Thorazine tweet about how cold-blooded murder is
    now only “frowned upon” where once it was a called a despicable felony act
    of premeditated violence. And people still address this person as Reverend?
    People still address this person as a black leader? He fails on both counts.

    Trayvon Martin shooting: forget about the gun, just concentrate on the race.
    Christopher Lane murder: forget about the race, just concentrate on the gun.
    The hear no, speak no, see no, evil liberals in the press pit, hush in unison.


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